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Work Ethic (Consistency, Repetition, Staying Power and Hard Work): Recipe for Success

Continuity: When we start an initiative, project, program or process that we are sure of its impact on our lives, and will definitely lead us to our destiny, and become our legacy, we must complete one particular aspect of ourselves. . behavior and that consistency in the implementation of our plans. This does not need to be formal and in writing. This is more in our thoughts and attitude. If you have clearly defined and/or understand the logical steps towards the goal, there is no debate, argument, doubt or betrayal about it. You just have to go for it. Be unscrupulous about yourself. The results you have predicted are so fundamental that you cannot imagine the opposite, i.e. failure. The universe will never let you down. What you give, he gives you. So, not ego poison, but ego food. He will take care of you. Be persistent in implementing all the logical steps that you have either set or are given by practice to achieve the set goals. Be consistent at all times. Don’t find yourself arguing with yourself about whether you should stay up or sleep longer, or whether you want to put off doing the activity until the next day. Do what is required today, because tomorrow has its activities, and they deserve your full capacity and your full attention.

Repetition: As you pursue your life and/or professional goals, you will make mistakes and let yourself down. This is how we learn in life. You should never be so critical of yourself that you give up trying again. I grew up in Jane Furse, Sekhukhune Region, Limpopo Province, South Africa. In the village of Ga-Sekwati Mampuru there is this football club called Sekwati Try Again FC. I like them a lot because their name is very motivational. Life is about repetition and retesting. If you fail to do something, you have to try again. You grow from your mistakes. All you need is a positive attitude and the drive to try again. I think it’s Jimmy Cliff who sang the song, Second Time Around. There are always second times and many more times in life. We must take the opportunity to try again, and get a second chance. Sekwati Try Again FC was a very good football club. They never gave up. You win against them, they will come for you again. They would have studied the previous game, recognized your strengths, and their weaknesses, and figured out how to approach the game the second time around. This time, they will beat you to the punch. Therefore, repetition is the key to success.

Staying Power: Success in life depends on your perseverance, i.e. your staying power, persistence and drive to keep going. Nothing comes easy in life. You better get used to the practice of staying on course until the end of the trip. I have never heard of anyone being killed by persistence. What kills people is the dislike of work and the problems caused by colleagues at work. It is also because of our lack of connection with the confusion caused by our friends, or our attitude towards it. Therefore, you must have staying power. Never take personal problems. Otherwise, it will cause stress and eventually kill you. Always be rational. Do not be sensitive to the challenges and problems faced by your colleagues, managers, leaders and/or subordinates. Be aware of the language your superiors use when dealing with you. Answer them in the same language they use. If they use command language or instructions get it right the first time and respond accordingly. Don’t respond in the language of emotions, because it will offend them and they will see you as a cry baby and an evil bee. If they use the language of facts, make sure you get the facts and stick to them. If they use the language of reason, make sure you convey the intelligence they have in the way they talk to you. Therefore, always be consistent with the language of communication with your superiors, colleagues and stakeholders. Therefore, your staying power is not only physical, but also emotional and mental. You can make your own terms.

Hard Work: at the end of the day, it’s all about hard work. This is not to suggest that your life should stop, no. You just need to understand that every action needs a little extra if you want to be better than others. Nothing beats hard work, especially if the hard work is accompanied by creativity, innovation and ingenuity. We must love what we do. We need to divest and invest before we collect. When we find ourselves wanting to reap where we have not sown, we are on a dangerous path that will lead to self-destruction. It is good to reap the fruits of our salt. You can enjoy such fruits guilt-free.

Therefore, work ethic is based on consistency, repetition, perseverance (staying power) and hard work, according to the entry above. Nothing less, nothing more. You must develop a work ethic to achieve success. It’s a winning formula. Of course your natural talent always comes in handy. But as John Maxwell wrote in his book: Talent is not enough, indeed talent is not enough. It requires the right personality, attitude, hard work, willpower, etc.

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