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How to Attract Women Like a Wealthy Man

How to Be Strong.

Yes well, money can help you become powerful and increase your attractiveness level with women. The key word here is “help”… if you’re anything like my ex, you may find it easy to make excuses for your lack of success in your dating life. I will teach you proven methods to attract women like a RICH, POWERFUL man.

How to Attract Women Using High Social Status

What makes rich and powerful men more attractive to women?

Money is the easy answer that comes to mind but what if money doesn’t flow freely in your life?

It all depends on the social situation.

Simply put, women are attracted to men who have a high status. Many men will automatically assume that this means that you have to be rich or famous to have a high status.

I think everyone can agree that wealth or fame is one way that helps to achieve a high status, it is not the only way to achieve a high status. So if you and I are not rich or famous, what are our options?

There’s a lot more to thinking about high status than just your bank account. There are many different levels of status. Here are a few different types of status that ANYONE can achieve.

High Social Status

A situation within a SITUATION

So what am I talking about here? Of course, having a fat bank account or a successful TV show will help you have a higher social status or status in a situation, what can you do if you don’t have a chain of dollars or your own TV show?

Think for a moment…

What can you do to achieve a higher status?

There are many things you can do. Number one is the HEAD of the situation.

Never be the guy who gets into the scenario of, “What do you want to do tonight?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

High status means carrying. High status men are not afraid of a decision and lead the group. It doesn’t mean being stupid, it means getting things right. If someone comes up with a good idea, rally behind it. Be a leader, not a follower.

Don’t be afraid to change locations and check out different locations within a location. If I’m going somewhere with a woman, sometimes I’ll just go to the other side of the room.

“I want to go there, let’s go!” It’s really that simple.

What else can you do?

Be the person who knows what’s going on. Make sure you know about the secrets in your city. Any good ghost stories? What is the best new ice cream shop? Make sure you know exactly why it’s the best. What’s the best bar or nightclub for any night of the week? Make sure you know why. Talk about the last time you were excited there. Gossip or local scandals?

What am I getting here?

You don’t have to be rich, very beautiful, or famous to be informed about what’s happening where you live.

Think, what is more interesting?

A person who doesn’t know what to do, what he’s done, or what’s going on?

Or the guy who has tons of ideas of fun things to do every day or night of the week? He also has a story to share about the last time he did it and/or is happy to share his excitement about the next step.

For example, for every day or night of the week I want to know what is happening. Where I live there is something called an Artwalk downtown on the first Thursday of every month. It’s free, and there’s tons of stuff going on. Cool art galleries, free wine, and all kinds of gourmet food vendors.

If I talk to a woman and she’s been there, we can share excitement and stories about her. If she’s never there, I can say how nice she is and invite her to follow her with me.

There is a great farmers market on Sundays that I like to go to in my neighborhood and they serve the best coffee I have ever had.

On Sundays, there’s a club I dig that offers free drinks from 9-10:30.

On Mondays, there’s a restaurant I love that has an incredible happy hour drink special for $3 and tacos for $1. It’s a nice place with a busy and fun atmosphere.

There is a local house that has been turned into a city park that most people don’t know about. It used to be the owner who was responsible for bringing electricity to my city. He donated his estate to the city and turned it into a really beautiful park in the mountains. It’s a beautiful place with spectacular views, magnificent history and it’s NOTHING.

Most people don’t know about it, even if they do, they don’t know the story behind it. There was a big scandal/murder that happened in this park in the 20’s, the point is, it’s always a good story to share.

These are just a few, out of many, things happening/happening in my city and stories related to any night of the week anywhere that I can always share.

Things like this happen wherever you live. Find out what’s going on, what happened, and share your experiences there.

A man of high status PAYS more than he is worth. I’m not saying he’s handing out $50 bills to everyone he sees. What I mean is that he gives women a pleasant, interesting and enriching experience when he stands with them. Women can let go and have fun in this moment, without pressure, without labels, without expectations. Just a solid, great time.

Which brings us to the next rule.

Hyping everything.

Everything you do is amazing and every place you go is the best place. The condition is just like the cold and flu, it is VERY contagious.

If you start laughing, more often than not, other people will start laughing too. If you are very excited and having fun with whatever is going on, it will likely come out on top of that.

It’s a wonderful time because you are a HIGH STATUS MAN who enjoys fun.

Think about this. In every situation you are in, ask yourself, “Who has the highest status here and why?”

A great simple formula is this. Women are attracted to men who have more status than them.

If she’s managing the situation, making plans, and everyone is hanging on her every word… what do you think that means?

This means that you get what you value and you don’t give value. It’s meant to WORK to make you happy. This means it will NOT attract your attention.

Be a man and take responsibility.

Women love nothing more than being “in the moment” with a man. Things “just happen” you will often hear a woman tell a story.

To make things happen, let her disappear in the moment of a high status man….YOU.

Think about your situation and what I talked about today. Ask yourself, “What can I do NOW to raise my status?”

Better luck there!


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