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Arthritis -Start the Healing Process

Arthritis was the first western disease I was introduced to as a child. My beloved grandmother, Bertha Cooper, suffered from this pathology for many years. Her hands and joints were very bad. I remember her asking me if I would go to the corner liquor store at the corner of 101st Street and Avalon Boulevard in Watts, California, and buy her some Ben Gay, a white pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory cream. She would beat Ben Gay on his wrists and joints and tendons.

As a child, I did not understand the disease. I had no idea how my grandmother got arthritis. All I knew was that she had it (and claimed it too).

However, when the Universe gave me her Akashic Records of health science in the late 1990s, I finally understood why Grandma Sis (Bertha) developed and suffered from arthritis. You see, my grandmother was originally from the South, Mississippi. The ideal dinner was “soul food”. My grandmother was an excellent cook and in all my deaf, dumb and blind days and years I have never eaten any food that was more delicious and delicious than my grandmother’s cooking/cooking.

However, while this so-called soul food tasted good, I now realize that taste is not the standard or measure for what is healthy or nutritious. It was grandma’s delicious soul food that she associated with arthritis and tendonitis. Yes, whole wheat bread, cabbage and mustard greens, salt pork, candied beets, fried chicken, liver, pork fish, pork, Cornish hen, neck bones, ham, white rice, etc. Not to mention eating white, refined Webber’s and Wonder breads, jack (pancakes), syrups and biscuits, bacon, sausage, jelly cakes, jelly sandwiches, saltine crackers, Vienna sausages, pot meat, Spam, hog’s head cheese, liverwurst, etc. And what about all the hot cocoa, coffee (sweetened with white sugar and cream), buttermilk, dairy, Kool-Aid, and soda pop that she drank?

She did not smoke like her five sons, but she smoked hers with Prince Albert brand tobacco and Zig Zag papers. My childhood friends thought my grandmother smoked weed. It was a little embarrassing until they found out he actually smoked.

I have mentioned all these things above so that you all know that my grandmother’s arthritis was caused by ignorance, tradition and habit due to the things she ate and drank on a daily basis.

All that flesh turned into uric acid in my grandmother’s joints and ligaments. The stars broke through the carbonic acid and came out through its joints. And so the lactic acid from breaking down the dairy products that she consumed.

Smoking also caused hyperacidity in my grandmother. Along with gout, which is nothing more than arthritis, she also had flare-ups.

You see, arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints. That’s all. The Latin word “Arth” means “together”, and the English suffix, “it” means “inflammation”. What is inflammation? A burning! What causes this burning or inflammation? Bitter!!! Plain and simple!

Sis’ grandmother was lucky, eventually dying of degeneration (what doctors call a natural death). However, her sons (and sons-in-law, nieces, nephews and grandchildren) were not so lucky, dying of insidious cancer, including my father from lung cancer in 1994 and my mother in 1999. from pancreatic cancer.

My family couldn’t, didn’t want to, and to this day still won’t believe that what they put in their mouths causes their pathologies and eventually kills them. When I became a Muslim and a member of the Nation of Islam in the early 1990s, it was easy for me to write, simply saying “that guy is crazy about white people and the world!” But today as Naturists, what is their reason? Nothing but traditional ignorance and paralysis! Eating spirits is a tradition, Djehuty! Yes, a tradition that leads to an early grave!

One of the biggest contributors to arthritis is mustard greens. Sorry Black people, Negroes, and soul food lovers! But this is true! Greens are rich in oxalic acid and this oxalic acid is produced in abundance when you cook greens. Is that true! And for you chocolate lovers out there, your precious chocolate also contains oxalic acid.

Now, I don’t want you to think that junk food is the cause of arthritis, because many white, Mexican/Latino and Asian people also suffer from arthritis. Like soul food, the Standard American Diet will cause arthritis. Arthritis is an American disease!

If you understand arthritis, you should understand tendonitis and gout. They are acidic fluids that cause problems in the joints that cause inflammation (pain).

Most modern day arthritis (and tendonitis and gout) medications are used to combat the symptoms of these inflammatory diseases with pharmaceutical grade medications. Although God commanded the believers in the Bible to heal themselves with herbs (Revelation 22:2, Ezekiel 47:12, and Psalm 104:14), they, in their amazing obedience to God, used the medicine of the enemy. They hold the long neck. Why and how? Because pharmaceutical grade drugs, even though they are made from alkaloids, eventually break down in the body into ACID (especially acetic acid, which eats away at your red blood cells, and the acid causes inflammation, so how smart is it to take something to which sign to show that ultimately prolongs and worsens the initial situation?

Mother Nature has provided the cure for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. To heal from arthritis, all you need to do is eat some herbs. Herbs that are anti-inflammatory in nature are best for curing arthritis. These herbs include Meadowsweet, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Birch, White and Black Willow Bark and Balm of Gilead.

However, some other herbs work synergistically with the above herbs. Personally, no arthritis recovery can be effective without the following herbs: Devil’s Claw, Boswellia (Frankincense), Uva Ursi, Mullein Leaves, Saffron, Cayenne Pepper, Feverfew, and Guaiac Tree.

Devil’s Claw, Boswellia, Uva Ursi, and Mullein are the most important arthritis herbs. It is very resistant to mucus, which is the production of acid, which causes inflammation.

Organic sulfur, commonly called MSM Sulfur, is also very important in curing arthritis. Noni juice too!

You can also make a healing balm from an essential oil or oil such as shea butter or cocoa butter, coconut, olive, or almond oil (or another good oil) and add a few drops (10-15 drops) of essential oil. the following essential oils: Peppermint, Clove, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Birch, and/or Spearmint.

You can apply this salve directly on your joints or other problem areas. It is very soothing and healing.

And of course, as a herbalist, I have my Common Formula which consists of all the herbs mentioned above, a powerful little formula that does wonders for me when my hands hurt from typing too much (writing all the legal requirements).

I can’t forget the magnetic therapy for arthritis too. Magnets alkalize a problem or injured area and also increase circulation to the problem area so healing can begin.

My good friend and brother, Mark Lomax, a musician, recovered from severe bouts of gout, another acid condition. He has been suffering from goiter for several years. What did he do? First, he detoxed his body on our Whole Body Detox. Then, he did a daily regimen of Electric Green Cell Food (pure alkalinity), Joints Formula and Black Cherry Juice Concentrate. If you met him 3 years ago, you wouldn’t know this brother. He also lost over 70 pounds from these herbs. This man is an example of the healing process!

I should also mention the importance of pineapple enzymes called Bromelain in healing arthritis and other acid conditions. Bromelain or pineapple enzymes are anti-inflammatory in their nature and effect and are therefore good for arthritis. They taste like candy and are chewable and you can take as much as you want, although 3-6 tablets after dinner should do the trick. You can find Bromelain at most good health food stores.

Soaking inflamed body parts in hot water and essential oils of Pepper and Eucalyptus is also beneficial for arthritis.

But the most important thing in fighting arthritis is a modified diet. Cut out or reduce meat and dairy products. These are two of the biggest culprits in causing arthritis. A herbal cocktail consisting of celery, parsley, apple and/or carrot (for sweetness and base) 3-4 times a week will greatly eliminate acid in the joints. By all means, avoid all acidic drinks (beer, soda pop, milk, orange juice, wine, coffee, etc.).

Man, life is so wonderful when you know how to cure and prevent disease. Understanding the diseases is so important. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my knowledge and know that people suffer from lack of knowledge (and even madness). See Ecclesiastes 1:18 and Hosea 4:6

However, the future children, including my son, Asim, and my daughter, Leyla, and the other children of Conscious Mind – Nadya, Najee, Elijah, Asar, Sunshine and the newest edition from Melia and Obea, and others (here on the West Coast in Los Angeles) will all benefit from this in-depth knowledge of proper nutrition as well as my pain and suffering, as well as their parents. I am also very sure that many children across the country will also benefit from their parents reading and using this freely distributed health information and knowledge.

As much as I (Negro) loved to eat my soul and eat my kin in my dying days, you couldn’t put a gun to my head and force me to eat a piece of chicken or pork today, and I mean it! I love myself too much to harm my temple of God. My children are beautiful (and very talented and precocious) because of what their parents ate before and during their conception. You can do it too!

Make a change people! Not exactly the measure that is healthy. It’s food content!

Peace and love, readers!

Products that can start the healing process: MUCUS BUSTER, MSM SULFUR, ACID BUSTER.

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