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Don’t Be a Day Game Creeper! Master Pickup Artists Know How to Avoid Being Viewed As Stalkers!

For my students in the game of the day, I have one basic message. By day, you don’t have to look like a creep/thug/mass murderer from a club 100 times the expected creepy douchebag behavior. If you’re in a supermarket and you’re opening set after set like you’re in a club, you look like one of the above pies. And security will follow you or send you a letter like this guy on one of the PUA forums…

I am sending this to you because we have received reports of borderline sexual harassment involving female students here at UCLA. We have been informed many times by many women that your actions make them uncomfortable. Our members have noticed that you are harassing new female students in the Ackerman Student Union. We have records of your previous posts and want you to know that if any further incidents occur, necessary precautions will be taken for the safety of our students. These measures may include: deportation, detention, and/or mandatory psychiatric counseling.

We have the best interests of our students in mind and have a zero tolerance policy for harassment.

Here’s the funny thing. This letter was fake. Some female students got together and prepared this letter to turn him into the police. That’s how miscalculated this poor fool is. He decided to try to get out again and again after receiving this letter. Ummmm missed that point.

Guys. Today’s game is different. In one place you can open 1-3 sets before the security guards come after you or the staff report you. This is not a night game where you have 20 sets to open. Everyone can see and feel your mood. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SEEN AS A PICK UP ARTIST. Because if you do, you will be reported to the police. CALIBRATE YOUR GENERATION. Imagine you were a security guard at a place/grocery/farmers market/Starbucks and they see you talking to a woman for 2 minutes and taking a number. Then talk to another woman. And another one. In your head, you’ll imagine you’re going to be a hero when you stop skinning the women in your dungeon after telling them, “Put lotion on the skin.”

You have 1-2 two openings at each location, and that’s IT. The center may vary as there are scattered locations. But CALIBRATE against looking like a stalker or a creep.

At the PUA summit in 2010 we took this to the top. Vince Kelvin had set up a daily gaming workshop at the Hollywood and Highland Center and brought all the VIP and Platinum guys into the assembly at once. Women who were opened more than once? Turned out. “ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE LITTLE ARTISTS?” Vince had obviously done this before at this facility. Or these women were already opened.

Student after student told me, “Yeah, I tried but these girls in Hollywood are so tough.” Of course they are the ones who have been played for their ability to be open with talented guys when the pua teachers and groups like that come out in droves! The 5 students who came with me for the daily gaming bootcamp all had 3 openings (I limited them to prevent rage mode) and 1 guy ended up with a model in an instant date, another guy drew used his new, “Can you tell me where Michael Jackson’s star is? Okay, let’s go on a date, you take me there” gambit and featured a very attractive woman, and 3 others. were successful in opening and drawing (but unaware of the transition). 1 hour was not enough to teach them. But the bottom line was that teaching the day game is more about teaching anti-creepy, anti-pua behavior than gambits. Douchebags dress up as pooches during the day and open millions of sets, and attract security guards and cameras.

So the dojo is a club for social training. You CAN talk to a lot of women there and narrow down your skills. No matter what a guy says, the day game makes learning to talk to women take a VERY LONG time because you have at least 3 sets in each position before you get kicked out. In the club you can have up to 20 sets and end up being the socially accepted handsome man. Also, I couldn’t hear a single word the students were saying at one point. Stopping even 5 feet away from a student convoy creates terrible tension! I had to stay 10-20 meters away to remain invisible.

Learn social skills first at club. Then learn during the day too, but don’t think it’s a club. Walk 1-3 sets later in each position. And make friends with security or the police to make it less bitter.

Addendum: Eventually the guy on RSH figured out the email was a hoax and not from Campus Police. However, he notes that someone found his actions creepy (creepy enough to make a fake email from security), and that several people on campus conspired to tell him to leave. Same thing. And there are some idiots on that forum who LYING to get it out of nowhere because it proves it improves their game. Guffaw stay away from that advice 🙂

rsd’s forum post can be found if you click here to view his letter.

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