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OTT Webseries Blues In India: Tandav Just A Beginning Of The Tandava?

It seems, reasonably, that outrage was expected. The growth of Over-the-top (OTT) media services platforms that distribute video streaming over the internet has been tremendous in India over the last eight years; in 2018 its market value was more than 21.5 billion INR which reached 35 billion INR in 2019 and is now around 40 billion INR. The market value is expected to grow at a rate of 45% to reach around INR 138 billion by 2023 and over INR 158 billion by 2024. The platform enjoys a viewership of more than 1.7 billion subscribers now, which may reach the top 5. billion this year, making it the second largest OTT market after the United States. Apart from the launch of Reliance Entertainment’s BIGFlix in 2008, more than 40 major OTT platforms like SonyLIV, Disney-Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, JioCinema and Zee5 launched in India in 2013-18. done with works.

Initially, OTT platforms broadcast feature films, documentaries, short films and the like, but over time they branched out into producing their own video films, short films and most importantly, Web Series, and then streamed them to their subscribers. . which can be enjoyed on their phones, laptops and desktops. Herein lies the problem: regulatory bodies have been established for print and electronic media; for advertising spaces; and for visual media including feature films, documentaries and any other theatrical releases; however, there were no regulatory frameworks for OTT platforms, the so-called Digital Media that includes social media and all other online expressions, and this gave them a distinct advantage over others.

After watching the published videos, especially the Web series with 9-10 episodes, one feels again that what the filmmakers cannot do in the accepted film productions, they can do in the most autonomous ways in the OTT productions. This means: they can allow their actors to drop all the slang/exploitation with an absurd abundance, they can show explicit sex scenes with graphic pleasure and they can also do violence out of scale, in absolutely brutal detail. This huge advantage sooner or later was bound to raise concerns and raise the alarm of vigilante extremists.

While other forms of media, despite being regulated, are subject to attacks by extremist groups and fringe elements, Web-series productions, despite displaying much bolder content, enjoy a kind of immunity except for the occasional PIL. This scenario may be explained by the fact that OTT platforms are mostly aimed at urban users who have the necessary facilities, and viewing is primarily personal with attached headphones. and internet services, and the consequent collapse of mobile and internet costs everywhere, opened the doors of subscribers to the large sector of rural India as well.

Naturally then, the Government of India began to consider bringing the burgeoning digital media entirely under its own regulation. The mandarins of OTT management also noticed, and they worked out a self-regulation formula, coming together at the beginning of 2020. But the government rejected the proposal, and finally in November 2020, the Government of India signed the Gazette notification. by the President of India, he brought all the digital media under his control, i.e. under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. After volleys of protests and concerns, the picture is still unclear as to how this regulation will work in practical terms.

And finally, all hell broke loose Hindutva groups strongly protest against new Amazon Prime Video series, Tandav (Flaket), objecting to certain scenes in the Serial which are supposed to mock Hindu Gods. The Uttar Pradesh government went to the extent of lodging an FIR against the producers Tandav, and threaten to arrest. The national ruling party, as usual, came out with full chorus support for the action with some of its leaders promising to bring those producers to book at all costs. Also, the Ministry of Communication and Broadcasting called the producers for an explanation. The steering turned into a full Tandava As objections were also filed against Amazon’s most popular Web series ‘Mirzapur’-seasons 1 and 2, months after its release.

Whatever the basis of the objection, the relevant Web rule should be indicated here Tandav a very bad and ridiculous one, and not worthy of discussion and free distribution.

We can give two funny examples here: first, the Prime Minister of India who is shown in the Series, is having dinner alone in the great hall without a single official in uniform around him, and obviously outside There were no guards or reception halls as he was political. the competitor moves in, sits next to her, takes her foot and starts eating herself while delivering dialogues; second, a woman carrying a bag of INR 10 million in her car enters the most protected VVIP area of ​​the suspected national capital, gets out of the car with the bag, walks to a street bag and puts the bag inside, then moves into another campus , encounters another dust, pours it back on things, picks up his designated object and leaves it in his car, and while he does all these actions, not a soul appeared around the large area, forget about safety. personnel or other cars. In contrast to many other scenes, objections can also be made by neutral scholars of art and cinema. But why not? The best thing is to sink a bad work of art without flowers.

However, this does not mean that it is now dominant. Amazon Prime and all team members Tandav apologized unconditionally, and the offending footage has already been deleted. But not! The voluntary defenders of religion and culture will be arrested and punished so that others do not dare! In a society that is already polarized and deeply divided, this is not possible for the future of the country’s art and creativity. Unfortunately, this Tandava, is not related to the revered Lord Shiva at all, it is only meant to be strengthened. It is time for the Government of India to come out with specific details of the targeted regulatory measures.

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