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Wiccan Tools

Tools Used In Wicca

Like most other religions, there are various tools and objects used for ritual purposes. They are used to invoke the Gods, get rid of negativity and direct energy through our touch or intention.

Many people will turn to each other pot, cauldron and magic wand with witches. While these take place within the Wiccan world, only Wiccans understand the true power associated with each. If you are just starting out, there is no need to spend large amounts on specialized items. These tools are symbolic so you can use whatever you want. You will find by making some of your tools, you will feel more comfortable with the energy within you and your tool. That tool will be purposely designed for its use and for you.

Work with these tools and familiarize yourself with their powers as you add your energies to them, you will find they become obvious and second nature. Achieving them can be very difficult but you will.

When you take any tool, clean it carefully to remove all associations and energies. Dry the device and then bury it for a few days to remove any remaining energies. Then dig and clean. Now it’s ready for your magic. If you want, you can choose to have a consecration ceremony for each device.


Buk is used in magic and rituals. It is sacred to both God and God. Obviously, wizards can’t fly on stilts. Witch bullies invented this story to show their alliance with dark forces. If this was done, it would be considered a devil in the eyes of the Witches.

Buk is used in Wicca today. Before a ritual, before the altar is set up, the area, either inside or outside, may be washed with a magic wand. Moisturizing is more of a physical cleansing. The bride does not need to touch the ground. By simply visualizing, the pocket removes astral build-up to clear the area before a ritual.

The bride is a purifier and is therefore associated with the element of Water. It can be used in all water spells, including love and psychic works.

The old magical formula for making a bee is the ax (protection) twig, the lightning (purifying) twigs attached to the pear (to the holy Goddess). It really doesn’t matter what kind of wood or wood you use. It can be as small or large as you want. Just remember to thank the tree for its sacrifice for you!

Wiccan and pagan rituals often involve jumping on ice during the ceremony.

The Wand

Used for thousands of years, bamboo is used to channel energy, to draw magical symbols on the ground, to signal danger and to shake the cup. The wand is one of the main magical tools. Traditionally, beads were made from various woods such as birch, elder, holly, apple, pear, holly, cherry, etc. Some Wiccans measure from their shoulder to the tip of their forefinger and divide their wand by that size. You can also use a dowel, but I suggest you find and create one instead of buying one. A nut will come to you like most of your tools.

The Censor

Incense is incense. Holds incense during a Wiccan ritual. When an incense is not requested for a particular ritual or spell, then choose your own. Most Wiccans favor granulated incense, but sticks and sticks will be fine. Spirits are sometimes asked to appear in smoke from incense during ritual magic, but not in Wicca. Wiccans often report seeing God and God in the high smoke.

When performing a Wiccan ritual indoors, you must use incense, but outdoors you can use fire. Kunkir represents the element of Air. It can be used for inhalation and exhalation, purification, energy enhancement, tension like states, exorcism, encouragement and welcoming of spirits.


A kettle is an ancient vessel for flavoring and brewing. The flower is very mysterious and in the magical tradition. Wicca sees the cup as a symbol of the womb of the Goddess. It symbolizes the element of Water, reincarnation, immortality, inspiration and the essence of femininity and fertility. It is the main focal point during a ritual. The cauldron is used for burning, fertility magic, moon magic, flavoring herbs and spices.

Cauldrons can be found in all sizes from a few inches to three feet. Ideally, it will be made of iron with three legs. Most Wiccans today, who live in the city, use their own pots and pans and kitchen. Don’t look too hard for boilers, they are very hard to find, but if you need it, be patient and trust God and God that it will come to you.


Athame traditionally represents the element of Fire or Air. It is used for ceremonies with male energy and symbolizes the animus. The most important tool in a magician’s collection and should be looked for with confidence. It would be better to find or buy it instead of buying unless you saw it at a flea market etc and knew you just had to have it. There are some nice letter openers that will do the trick. Athame is used to mix, write, charge, bless, empower, draw lines, choose.

White Handled Knife

This knife is purely practical and not a ritualistic knife. It is used for cutting wood, grass, cords and writing candles or wood etc. It should be kept separate from the rest of the household and used only for ritual preparation.

Crystal Sphere

The crystal quartz sphere is an ancient magical tool and quite expensive for its size. There are many cheaper glass and leaded glass on the market today. The crystal is used in a contemplative sense, where the wearer looks at the ball until images are either visualized in the mind or projected into the depths of the crystal.

Sometimes, in Wiccan ritual, a crystal sphere is placed on the altar to represent the Goddess. Crystals may be used to store energy stored in a ritual or even to receive messages from the Gods. Some Wiccans chant into the crystal to store images of past lives and of the Goddess. It is a magical thing that must be guarded closely.

Exposure to moonlight, infusing the crystal with mugwort, will increase its ability for our psychic powers. It may also be the center of Full Moon rituals.

Flower / Cup

Simply a cauldron with a stem. There may be ritual drinking or just water. You can place it on your altar to remind you of your blessings, wash and refill it from time to time as the water flows.


Usually a piece of brass, gold, silver, wood, wax, clay or even glass inscribed with symbols. The most common and the only one needed is the five-pointed star, which has been used for magic for thousands of years. The pentacle represents the element of Earth, and can be used to place objects that are ready for consecration. It can be used to invoke Gods and Goddesses.

For protection, pentacles can be hung with the star pointing upwards over doors and windows.

Five dots represent one of the following:

  • birth, beginning, end, rest, death
  • love, reason, knowledge, law, power
  • spirit, air, water, earth, fire
  • spirit, water, fire, earth, air

The Book of Shadows

The Wiccan workbook contains invocations, rituals, spells, oils and notes. Some Books of Shadows are passed down but most are made by anyone. Traditionally, a Book of Shadows was written by hand, but nowadays computer writing is fine. Use a Book of Shadows as a collection of notes you want to keep for reference as you move forward in life. Never rely on other Books of Shadows, they are not “scripture”. You are free to use and change anything you want.

The Bell

The sound of a bell has powerful effects depending on its volume, tone and construction material. The bell is often used to invoke the Goddess during ritual. The ring can be used to ward off evil and channel good energies. Hanging a bell above the door protects the house. Bells are sometimes rung during rituals to mark the beginning or end of a spell.

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