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Moving Beyond the Fundamentals

Today’s Quote: “Formal education can teach you many things, but many essential life skills are ones you develop on your own.” Lee Iacocca

I made a sad discovery in my art class this week,

just an hour later make another surprise. Fairly

new to this class – this was my fourth class – it seemed to me that everyone had a formula for organizing their palettes. Everyone

The student had a color chart that he followed very carefully, and

each put exactly the same amount of paint on their palette.

I didn’t notice this until this particular class.

because I was never allowed to walk around

loft painting at the beginning of class before. This class

continued for many years. Everyone knew everyone else,

and Clyde, our teacher, has known his students for years. They ate lunch together after class, joked around while painting, and were generally one big happy family. But I was afraid of them. They were all very New York artists. Most of them were much older than me, each with ten to twenty years of painting experience. I was the child of the class. The one with dozens of paintings under my belt. No one really asked my name. No one particularly cared. So when I was brave enough to ask Clyde about this palette technique, he replied that yes, there was a real way, with very real colors, to lay out one’s palette in preparation for painting.

This is how I learned. Two previous teachers had done it

it is very different. My original teacher, Luisa, is Colombian. A skilled painter, she painted in a Latin style. Boldly, but honestly. We randomly painted students,

by the pool, with frequent intermissions by Colombian Luisa

the housekeeper, who refreshed our tired painters with hot tubs

espresso on Luisa’s finger. We made our pallets

by putting paint on styrofoam plates, and we only put the colors we thought we needed for our painting that day.

My second teacher only taught me six lessons. She hated the idea of ​​a plate, and when I showed up for my first class with a styrofoam pole, she automatically transferred me to the neophyte lap. She insisted that I go out and buy a suitable pallet, and buy a glass cutter to custom cut a square piece of glass to fit inside. It was the perfect palette—and wouldn’t I dare go to class without it! And again, we applied paint as needed for our special solar panel.

So when I got to Clyde’s class at the famous Silvermine

School of Art in New Canaan, with the right glass palette included

hand, I felt safe enough. A couple of rolled up sticks

under my arm, my large art stash loaded with tubes, brushes,

coal, Liquin, turpentine, and the like, I was very settled

easily. And Clyde had never discussed my palette with me. Therefore

This fourth grade, I finally asked Clyde about this palette

things He immediately went to Alex’s box and brought it

on the back of a drawing – looks very formal – oil colors in a

straight line around a square, without variable and with

The oil colors are written correctly. We had to put our colors around a

square pallet every week when we arrived, exactly in it

order, regardless of what we paint. And he hated it

cam idea. He wanted me to take out the masking tapes.

attached to the tray table. Hmmm.

A few hours later, I went to our local library to look it up

paintings by Wolf Kahn. No luck. But I read the last issue

from American Artist magazine, which had an inspiring article about John Asaro. I skimmed over his work – he has an unusual palette of brilliant, sun-kissed colors and a fresh, bold stroke – to get to the bottom of the article and see that he has a very accurate palette, which the author wrote. with a mistake. It was different from Clyde’s.

Why all the fuss about my art class and my palette? Most of you

don’t even paint with oil!

The lesson is: These three were art teachers

very successful All were prolific painters. They all existed

displayed in exhibitions. And John Asaro received the international

acclamation. But they learned all the right basics. After

they went to explore their technique. Their own style.

Motherhood is like that. There are some basics you need

learning You should learn proper newborn care. How to clean

wash her ears, her nose, wash her. there are basics

good hygiene principles that you are not the only one who should do

but teach your children. You have to learn

the basics of good nutrition so you can provide nutritious meals for your family. You need to learn the basic principles behind aerobic exercise and strength training so that you can be a model of fitness for your children as well as help them begin a lifelong commitment to exercise. You should learn about some classic readings so that you can develop your children’s minds. I believe that it is fundamentally important that you give your children’s souls by teaching them religion, and that you allow your children to have faith, respect and love for God. It is essential that you immerse your children in beautiful music that changes their souls and praise the giants that have come before them.

But the techniques you use can be as different as mothers and babies. Because I can get the right fit by having my daughter do classical ballet; you might let yours dance on your kitchen floor. Maybe I can teach my children to appreciate music by playing the classical violin. Yours may be bent, or knocked over in your garage.

It is important that we learn from each other. By direct means

observing, and reading good articles and books about it

creativity and about motherhood, we can come up with great insights

how to make your work even better. I learn a lot from my readers, who send me emails with invaluable stories and anecdotes, who

perspectives have blessed me and helped me grow as a mother and as a person. I wouldn’t have learned the “palette lesson” if I hadn’t directly observed other students. If I didn’t ask.

Motherhood is not a science. It is an art. As you lift yourself up

colors, make sure you have the right basics. But then

release them in your own style. Your own technique. Dare to

paint your days with your new and bold stroke.

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