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How the Real Money in MLM is Made

“Everyone wants to believe they already know something about what you’re talking about. It’s an ego thing to fill the void that ignorance creates. So, know that everyone you’re talking to probably already knows before you speak.” make up your mind about what you’re about to open. do it.”

About 1 1/2 years ago, my boyfriend Eric and I came back from a night on the town hanging out at our place in LA and got into a heated conversation at my house around 5am after he looked at me. kitchen and found a new load of my company’s products (for my personal use).

Eric is what most of us in the industry would describe as a “negative person”. To say that he despises the MLM industry would be an understatement. He’s seen loved ones and acquaintances get ripped off and spit out by this industry and lose money in the process. (Nothing new, right?)

Over the course of my time in MLM, I’ve learned to block out negative feedback and, for the most part, avoid being around people who are critical of a business that I take very seriously.

There’s one more thing you need to know about Eric. He is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met. He was my partner and fraternity brother at MIT. He and I got along really well during my time there and I looked up to Eric for a lot of reasons – he’s a NO BS guy, very knowledgeable about almost everything, a computer/electronics geek, he’s grown up It helped me a lot. someone in college and dude knows how to have fun.

The only thing that bothered me about Eric was that when he believed he was right and you were arguing with him, the only acceptable outcome for him was for you to believe he was right. and destroy any trace of your self-esteem. …. even though he was actually completely wrong.

He was a master at doing exactly that and he would actually make people cry after an argument with him. It’s definitely awesome!

That was his goal that night at my house when he began to break down the MLM industry and how he believed the money was actually made.

The debates were not new. All you need to do is do a few Google searches on topics related to MLM and company names and there are conspiracy theories for everyone to read.

Fun “True”: Did you know that the Republican party is in cahoots with the Amway corporation to take over the world? Interesting.

But there was something Eric said that had a lot of truth to it. It’s a hard thing to deny, because it’s well… true… sort of.

What is it?

He said “the real money in MLM is made with tools – books, seminars, tapes, etc.”

This is a hangup that many people rely on when criticizing the industry, but the fact of the matter is that selling tools and training is NOT something that is unique to this industry.

In fact, the idea of ​​training someone to become an expert in some specialized discipline is not rare at all. At the most basic level, anyone who paid $160,000 for an MIT education was sold information and education, with no guarantee that they would make that money back or enjoy their career.

If I had actually paid for it, I’d feel a little smug. (To God for financial help.)

But let’s assume that a university education does not count as an information marketing business.

There are many situations in many other industries where professionals will pay non-accredited companies for training in sales training, marketing, personal development, business systems, etc.

My Chiropractor is a Walking Talking Sales Letter

One of the best things about my chiropractor, Dr. He is one of the most talented sales people I have ever met. In fact, the only reason I walked into his office was because my clerk was one of his patients and talked about his powerful ability to convince people to become his patients.

Since I was in MLM and doing sales, I was curious about his sales process. Long story short, he sold me big time on the benefits of chiropractic care and I have been a loyal patient ever since.

Over the past two years, I have discovered that Dr. G has invested thousands of dollars in books, CDs and seminars on how to improve your practice, increase your income and maintain personal development.

I once asked him if he developed the sales process himself and he replied, “Fernando, do you really think I’m smart enough to figure this stuff out on my own? No. I learned this process from Dr. David Singer and other trainers. I learned.”

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. David Singer is a former chiropractor who now teaches millions of chiropractors how to market and promote their practices through books, CDs, DVDs and seminars.

If so, am I correct in saying that the real money in chiropractic is in selling equipment, tapes, seminars, etc.? Not really, because Dr.

He is a marketing consultant.

Dr. G is a chiropractor and he is familiar with what Dr. I even asked Dr. G also suggested that as he gets older, he should consult because he is so knowledgeable about the industry. But he’s perfectly content with his practice making a 6-figure income as a chiropractor, while also paying Dr.

Recently, Raymond worked for Dr.

LOL. By the way.

What critics are missing

Now this comes back to the world of MLM. The mistake most critics of the industry make is that they fail to differentiate an MLM business from an education business.

The fact of the matter is that someone like Mike Dillard as the CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring is a marketing consultant for MLM.

When it comes to his network marketing business, he is a distributor and connects thousands, while Magnetic Sponsorship has a potential market of millions.

The business of education and its distribution are two different things.

Now the beauty of it all and something that is unique to MLM is that once you are recognized as a world class trainer and marketing consultant, it becomes very easy to sponsor new people into your business because of the many networks. do you believe marketer

Your leadership and skills are proven and people will naturally seek your advice. It’s your reward for investing in yourself and applying what you’ve learned.

It would be foolish for Mike to limit his training to only those in his basement. By providing his Magnetic Sponsorship system to the industry as a whole, his market share as a trainer goes from a few thousand in his downline with one company to potentially millions of network marketers across multiple companies.

Not to mention that it has affected the lives of people like me and Raymond, who are NOT part of his download.

Are Real Money Tools in MLM?

Now, would you still say that the “real money” in MLM is in the tools?

Not exactly. At least I don’t think so.

The fact of the matter is that when you sell training to network marketers, whether it’s to your line or to other network marketers, you are a sales and marketing consultant.

That business is not MLM at all. It is counseling. And to be successful at it, you need experience and strong skills. (Many people have tried this and failed.)

When you promote your opportunity or its products, you are a network marketing distributor. It’s part of being an MLM distributor when you personally advise your subscribers what to do. When you host meetings or conference calls for your download, you are doing your distribution.

While I personally give my download advice, I never charge for my efforts. My reward will be for them to produce products, grow their downloads and generate volume, thereby increasing my sales volume and profit.

I mean the choice is very interesting for anyone considering joining my team – become a paying client or mentor as an individual team member?

Hmmm…. a tough one. 😉

When I offer consulting through a workshop, course or audio, I am a sales and marketing consultant. The proof is that we have been able to apply the same marketing and sales techniques to small business owners and other online businesses, in industries unrelated to MLM.

Is there more potential to provide training for the MLM industry or the business world as a whole? Well, the answer is pretty obvious isn’t it?

Of course there is!

In building a network marketing business, your income is limited by the company’s compensation plan and your personal efforts as a supplement.

As if CEO of Attraction Marketing FormulaI can add value to people outside of my downline and grow business, which in turn comes back to help my downline, because they can say that they use AMF and Magnetic Sponsorship as a foundation for their training. bring

Since one of the biggest challenges in recruiting is creating that rapport and trust with your prospect, when someone is already familiar with and satisfied with your training system, getting them to download you becomes a much easier sell.

In fact, it is not for sale – it is interesting! That’s what the Attraction Marketing Formula course is all about… connecting change to REAL skill sets in marketing, lead generation, SEO, etc.

The price I have to pay…

So back to my friend Eric… well, the truth is that he wasn’t the only one in my circle of influence who tried to “save me”. I remember having many heated discussions with colleagues and others.

(In case you haven’t noticed, engineers are a stubborn breed.)

It’s never fun when you have to cut yourself off from friends, giving your mind the opportunity to run the business clearly.

As Mike Dillard once wrote, “[Succesful people] know that the human mind is flexible. It is always changing with the thoughts and interactions that he comes across on a daily basis.

When I would give myself criticism, the only thing that came out of it was a decrease in my performance, procrastination and stress.

The price I wanted to pay for my freedom was the distance I purposely created between me and some of my friends. And without disrespecting any friends, this was absolutely necessary.

I’m not sorry. I have freedom.

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