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Viral Marketing Success Formula – 9 Winner Tactics For Free Viral Advertising

When used properly, viral marketing or viral advertising is by far the best way to promote your website, products and services on the Internet.

Viral advertising means a rapid viral transformation of a marketing message on the web, as a result of using free viral marketing tools such as YouTube, Flickr or Facebook, which are designed for virality. Successful viral marketing results in this snow factor:

  • A significant increase in users of the free viral marketing product
  • a significant free increase in website traffic which helps in the bottom line
  • improve search engine rankings which leads to results
  • more free web traffic etc…

The level of success depends on the extent to which the 9 success criteria are followed.

9 Criteria for Viral Marketing Success

As many and ideally all of the following tactics should be used:

1. Make a random free offer

You must provide a free viral marketing product or service because “free” is the biggest customer magnet. “Free” even attracts people who might not otherwise be interested.

2. Build a viral marketing product – don’t just try to sell a product virally

A product is not necessarily viral if it has several properties that give it viral properties. Just having a “Recommend a friend” option on one of the web pages does not make your site viral. For a free viral product to be considered truly viral, more than 1 new user should appear for every user who recommends it.

3. Target alpha users

The viral advertising message should target people with a high social network potential, the so-called influencers, ideal for its distribution. In regards to the consumer market, influencers are well connected, influential, active minds and trendsetters.

So what makes an influencer want to go viral? Answers include the need for love (or fear of rejection) and the need for success (fear of failure). For example, think about which messages and free products will earn the sender respect and admiration when received.

Important and effective online influencers take a serious approach and want to pass only useful viral marketing messages, not silly videos, jokes or advertisements without marketing goals and results. They want to be held accountable by their recipients; their network. The product they recommend should be optimally suited to the needs of the users. Talking hard to sell is not the way to go.

4. Be creative and ahead of market trends

Study your market and its trends and learn to think ahead to deliver what really moves people, at the right time and in the right way. Do you have…

  • the ability and knowledge to provide an innovative product?
  • Expert knowledge to share?
  • ideas and a network of peers to inspire and motivate you?
  • the right web business tools and resources?

5. Easy transfer is a must

The viral marketing message should be short and easily transferable through one or more of the following digital media:

  • email
  • website
  • instant messages
  • graphics
  • software download
  • social media means social media sites, including social networking sites, online communities, blogs, wikis, etc. As is

Communication between Internet users is greatly facilitated by the use of Web 2.0, a design standard that makes viral marketing possible. Examples of typical viral Web 2.0 sites are MySpace, Facebook, and Flickr. These sites also have free viral marketing products for the user, so they are viral advertising tools for both companies and users.

6. Use existing Social Networks

The spread of a viral message occurs within the established social networks of those who receive it: about 10 people in their immediate circle and thousands in their wider network, depending on the person’s status and occupation. Affiliate programs often encourage companies to target their network. Once an online influence with a wide network is reached, a snowball effect begins, provided that the viral product is useful and of high quality and the marketing message is interesting. Social networking sites are important viral marketing tools.

7. Use other people’s resources

Spread your viral marketing message by posting articles on other websites (press) and thus reach a much larger group of people than you would if you relied on your website alone. By publishing your message as a newsletter, you target many subscribers who may decide to visit your home page or post your article on their website. An example of effective viral marketing is placing YouTube videos on various websites where interested visitors can copy the video to your website.

8. Allow High Volume Traffic

Resources to handle all the traffic must be added quickly to avoid overload and break the cycle of repeating the viral marketing campaign. To handle the increased number of users, the process needs to be fully automated. For example clients are sent using the respective autoresponders.

9. Measure and Optimize Viral Marketing Success Parameters

To achieve truly successful viral marketing, follow the results determined by certain parameters and then test and optimize them. There are examples of measurements

  • traffic sources
  • % of registered users
  • % of users sending invitations
  • number of invitations sent to a user
  • % invitations received

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