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Hypnotherapy Returns Us to Our Mother as an Infant: Hypnosis Heals Allergies

In this series of articles I have presented hypnosis

strategies for dealing with allergies and other immune systems

diseases Today I am talking about the main reason for our westernization

Civilization is full of this type of disease. By the way

millions of Americans suffer from asthma, pollen allergies, and

autoimmune diseases in which the immune system appears

Indiscriminately attack harmless dust, pollen and even

our own body cells. Why here? Why Us?

The human immune system is similar to that of all mammals

programmed at birth with their biochemical signatures

microorganisms that present a real health risk and

special chemical antibodies are needed to fight them. that one

the newborn is also programmed with which food proteins are safe,

and which pollens, molds, etc. are safe in infants

the world This information helps the immune system to develop

the newborn adapts to the biochemical environment in which it is located


The thymus in babies is relatively large

vestigial appearance in human adults. That’s how big it is

the heart of the child sitting next to him. The duty of

The thymus is the building block of the infant’s biochemical defense system.

After the first few months of life, the thymus begins to develop

becomes smaller, so it is clear that this process develops the fastest in

the first few months of life.

The biggest help for this process comes from mother’s milk.

or, more specifically, her colostrum, a sticky clear fluid

which prevents milk production. Scientists have seen this

This clear liquid is full of antibodies

chemical signatures of all microorganisms that are mother

Your immune system has learned to fight. I believe so too

This chemical program may determine which foods are safe

pollen etc. can be safely trusted by children. In this way

A baby’s immune system “learns” what is safe and what is not.

So it is logical to conclude that when the baby is

formula fed and not nursed, it’s the babies immune system

very serious concessions. The immune system does not know

How to tell friend from foe, harmless dust or molds

dangerous pathogens. Many babies and small children suffer

from allergy and asthma attacks caused by

this confusion. Other babies may seem unaffected,

but years later, when stress occurs in their adult lives,

the defense system panics and goes on the attack. There are doctors

It has been known about this danger for years, but few people have mentioned it.

Part of this may be because they don’t want their wives today

the freedom to choose parenting styles is compromised by them

medical science. Maybe a few doctors are willing to take it

on the pharmaceutical industry, which has such power

control over our health care system and for whom

is a very profitable business formula. Also, nothing

Traditional medicine can treat this problem when we have it

He lost this basic gift of health from his mother.

Hypnotherapists see no such limitations. When the client

suffering from allergies, here’s what can be done. a customer

mine had moved to a house he loved in a tropical forest

the sea. He was soon disappointed to discover that he was allergic

reactions, both in the bronchial passages and in the lungs, in patterns

in his environment. I pushed it back to childhood, when

suggesting that it will now be born to a new mother. No

only it will be less hostile and superior than his

the original mother, she was a native of this tropical forest. i am

instructed him to roll over in a fetal position, i.e. nursing.

Then I instructed him to smell his sweet scent

mother, who smelled of mold and pollen

forest house I explained in detail what his new one was like

Mom held him, so close, so safe. I kept stressing

the good smell and good taste of mother’s breath, her milk, her

skin, smell and taste like these patterns. As we progressed

His symptoms cleared up quickly, and in two sessions he was

no sign The key here is to use hypnotic language

create a vivid physical experience of being held for the baby,

love, and nursing, with a special emphasis on breathing

Mommy’s sweet smell, which in this case was smelly

from the forest This is how the nose and lungs receive the message

subconscious level that this smell is safe. I doubt that

this process can be used to desensitize us to any allergen.

Although we use an ideal image of the perfect mother for this

improving the immune system, it is usually not necessary

client to process angry feelings about his original mother

or “burn” her for not being a good enough mother. some

clients need to process feelings about their original mother

in the context of achieving other therapeutic goals. However

I usually encourage my clients to figure it out

the original mother just didn’t know what she needed

children, so we call a divine mother or an angel to take

take care of this baby. I recommend that this process not happen

it must in any way affect the relationship we have with them

their current mother.

A customer said her son contradicted my theory

there were many allergies that were very debilitating, but,

she insisted, she was a nurse. I encouraged him to investigate

conditions of this nurse. Were you under weight?

repeat? Did you smoke or use prescription drugs?

is your milk poisoned? Yes she said, all of the above. No one should be

blame a mother for doing her best to take care of a child

in our civilization, which seems to be of very little interest

baby in us. But the subtle but fundamental step

the biochemical cord that binds us to the security of this

It is the duty of every healer to heal wounds

re-establish that connection.

Another factor in the creation of food allergies in particular

it is the mother’s way of introducing her child to solid foods. At the

In traditional cultures, a mother takes care of the food

presents to his child. In this way, your mother’s digestion

Enzymes are mixed with food to give the baby the tools

for digestion. In addition, the mother is patient and loving

her baby and both enjoy the experience of eating as play,

filled with laughter and fun. This is how the child learns

this food is good. When feeding babies in a

in a hurry, by the mother who is late for work or stress

in the phone, what message do we expect from this child

digestive system to receive this new food? dear,

in hypnosis we can use regression to go back to childhood and

our new experience, the divine mother teaches us that corn, or

Peanuts are safe. Where it is safe to do so, I encourage myself

client to bring the food they are to my office

are allergic to it, so when I walk, taste it in your mouth

them with this experience. Hypnotherapists can also use it

gustatory hallucination to create taste.

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