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Fractal Leadership

Fractal Basics

Fractal geometry refers to repeating patterns in nature. The concept is simple, yet so vast and far-reaching. Some Scientists say that life itself is built on Fractal Geometry. Others say it is the “Finger of God”. You will find fractals or repeating patterns in all aspects of our universe. Fractal geometry is found in everything from sea patterns to plants to sound waves. Life as we know it is built on this structure and life has flourished for billions of years. The concept of fractal geometry permeates our existence.

Perhaps one of the simplest explanations is looking at a tree. The main trunk supports the branches, the larger branches branch off into smaller branches, which again branch off into smaller branches and this pattern repeats down to the leaves.

In human and animal reproduction, cells reproduce and divide from one cell into two cells, then into four, then into eight, and so on and so forth.

The structure of the temple is seen in patterns of geometric shapes. The mountains are repeating triangles of different sizes. Clouds in the sky can also be seen in Fractal Geometry. A small piece of cloud looks like a large piece of cloud.

Although Fractal Geometry has always existed since the creation of our universe, it was “discovered” by Benoit Mandelbrot, a Jewish scientist living in France. He later became an employee of IBM in the 60s and discovered that repeating patterns in nature could be assigned to a mathematical equation. With this mathematical equation, he assigned digital colors to the numbers, and when he was a computer, the repeating color patterns came to life. The amazing thing is that the mathematical equation, colors and patterns are unlimited. You can zoom in on the pattern forever and even though the pattern is constantly changing, the same familiar patterns emerge over and over again. This example was called “The Mandelbrot Set”.

The scientist took the mathematical equation and applied it to many things. One of their advances was in visual technology. They designed software, which helped them take a big step forward in the aviation industry. The Imaging software they designed could now show endless patterns in nature that aided in visual simulation software for pilots in training.

In the legal industry, they applied Fractal Geometry to their video surveillance technology to achieve much clearer images and videos by applying repeated patterns of the same image to the original image.

Fractals in Business Structure

If you look at history, you will see fractal patterns. Military ranking systems, Kingdoms/Kingship Structures, Egyptian pyramids, family trees, the telling of ancient stories passed down from generation to generation and even the structure of a song.

Based on the Fractal Geometry model, businesses set up this way will be self-supporting and grow at the same time. This is how humans are designed to think, live, work and thrive. Like the human body, a business organization is like many parts working together to thrive.

Often when business systems fail, it is because the leadership structure is flawed. Usually when there is one boss and many employees. This type of structure is ineffective because one person cannot effectively manage such a large number of people. Many employees leave based on their boss’s performance when the boss cuts ties with them. When the connection is lost, vision and motivation quickly follow.

With a fractal leadership system, there is a natural correction that takes place. As skills are enhanced and passed, the employee can easily and seamlessly become the next level manager. There is a natural adjustment that takes place. New managers are put in place, employees are reassigned and the organization undergoes change that makes the business more efficient. In life, healthy organisms are constantly growing and changing. The same should apply to organizations.

When building a business structure based on Fractal Geometry, there are a few key points to remember.

1. The structure must be scalable.

2. All the members of the organization must have the vision/DNA of the Company.

3. Members must work within their chain of command.

4. Skills should be shared and enhanced to the next level.

5. 2-4 members per line is best.

When rebuilding an organization to use Fractal leadership, things naturally fall into place. Below is an example of a fractal leadership structure. This is a 1:4 model

One thing to remember when making organizational changes or restructuring: Keep the main fractal structure in place. If you are using the 1:4 structure, stick with that structure. Don’t “cram” a group of people under a manager who already has 4 full layers below him. This will burn out the manager and cause damage to the building. Organized changes associated with structure lead to growth while chaos creates decay.

Everyone is a leader

Using the fractal leadership structure, everyone is or will be someone’s boss. For example, a warehouse manager manages different parts of the warehouse. There will be a Dry, Chill, Frozen and Will Call storage manager. Under each section, those managers will have a fractal under them, such as receivers, loaders, selectors and loaders. If you’re looking at one branch, like Receivers, they’ll create their fractal the same way, with 4 staff under their care and so on down to the starting positions.

In order to cultivate growth, a relationship must be established with each fractal. Short weekly meetings with your fractal are important to boost morale and motivation. These weekly meetings should be about the personal needs of the employees, not so much about the work. Talking about how they’re doing, their family, hobbies, etc. lets them know that the company cares about them, not just what they were hired for.

Progressive companies allow these meetings to take place outside the office. Cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are perfect places for fractal meetings.

Large company wide meetings are important for capturing the vision and scope of the company. Having these perfect staff meetings will allow new vision in all fractals. Communication from the top level is essential for the overall organization coordination. The company’s “DNA” should permeate all layers.


When looking for employees to add to your organization, don’t hire those who can do it well, those who can facilitate others to do it well. The organization must build a company made up of leaders. Leadership skills should be on the list of skills for every hire. You might be thinking, “How will work get done if everyone is a leader and no one is a follower?” A good leader leads by example and gets into the trenches and inspires others to do the same. A good leader also has a heart and mind to teach and will be open to advice from authority.

This brings us to the Character of potential tenants. Training can be used to refine employees but good character should be the foundation of every hire. How do we find good character and leadership skills?

A good employee will get the company’s vision and buy into it. They are enthusiastic and proud of the company they work for. Hiring managers need to be good judges of character. Many new hires are coming from companies that are unable to meet their needs. They leave their other jobs for a reason. New hires have a mindset that might be guarded against, like a bad breakup. These employees will need to build morale so that they can build trust which in turn will create pride in the company. If the new employee has a feeling of appreciation from the manager, it will make him or her to build a sense of ownership in his or her job.

Another feature to look for is a handy player. If you get efficient players who are skilled in different areas, it gives you more options during periods of growth or if you need to move people around when someone retires or resigns. An employee may need to wear multiple hats for a season until a suitable replacement can be found to help. An organization should be flexible and adaptable.

If one member of the organization struggles or suffers, the organization as a whole struggles or suffers. Imagine when you break your finger. Your whole body reacts to the pain. Your finger is not a separate organ. During an injury, other body parts reach out and help the person in distress. When this happens in business, other people in the organization should be sent to help that person or department struggle until it is resolved. It may be an “All hands on deck” situation. When the problem is resolved, members return to their normal responsibilities.

One of the biggest problems with new hires is recruitment. New employees try it for a few weeks and decide they don’t want to work there anymore. If there are multiple instances of this, it’s the manager’s job to find out why and try to fix the problem. Is it wrong expectations? Bad management? Poor relationships between partners? Maybe the manager needs to explain the job description better, maybe with a video. To reduce turnover, look for those with similar experience, conduct an interview tour with prospects to see what they’re in for. Building success is a journey based on correcting the mistakes in your system. Below is a chart of some formulas for successful recruitment.

Use it

When adapting your company structure to the Fractal leadership structure, be sure to do it in stages. Take it slow and work towards the correct fractal pattern. The restructuring changes will be gradual to give everyone time to adjust.

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