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Top 10 Tips to Balancing Work and Personal Life

In the Information Age we live in, it’s easy to get consumed with work and forget about your personal life. After all, there’s always something to do, right? But as the old saying goes, “No one ever lays on his deathbed and wishes he had spent more time at the office!”

Below are some tips to achieve the right balance between your work (especially for knowledge workers and infopreneurs) and personal life:

1. Decide what is important to you in your life – long-term. One exercise that can help focus this is to write a compliment – literally! What do you want people to say about you when you die? Whatever it is, notice how much you are chasing that quality or purpose or cause in your life. If you’re not doing it now—or not as often as you’d like—how can you start more?

2. Create a vision for your ideal lifestyle. They say “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Until you create a vision statement for your work and personal life – just what you want it to be – you won’t know when you’ve arrived! You will find yourself “trying but never getting there.” So write a descriptive statement about what you want your schedule to be like, your workplace, your home, your clients, your relationships, your body, everything in your life—just as if you were writing it for a movie producer. Then, focus on the production business of your life!

3. Work when you work; play when you play. If you’re constantly thinking about work every time you leave your office (even if it’s in the spare room!), leave your work cell phone, or check email later in the evening, you can’t cross the boundaries between work and work. and introduce the game. This means you’re not taking full advantage of your “down” time…and you’re not recharging the internal batteries that allow you to do what you do well. When you are away from work, take time to work and play to the fullest… that way you will have more energy and joy.

4. Avoid multitasking. I know, it’s hard! But research shows that people are only 40 percent more productive when they multitask than when they focus on one thing at a time. Give your full attention to what you’re doing – or who you’re talking to (!) – then move on to the next task. Intentionally, live one task and chapter at a time. Your quality of life will improve, you’ll get more quality work done and you’ll build quality relationships that thrive in the light of your unwavering focus.

5. Plan your time in advance. How many days a week do you want to work? How much vacation will you take this year? If you don’t prioritize it, chances are that work tasks will eat up the time you had. Most infopreneurs should schedule at least two to four weeks of vacation during the year—even the first year. Build it into your budget and take care of it. You’ll be glad you did!

6. Do at least two or three “power hours” every day. The typical coach and infopreneur is distracted most of the day. “Power hours” are when you write down a list of at least 5 tasks, set an hour, and focus on nothing but those tasks for that hour. No email, no phone calls, no distractions. And you make them happen! Start each day with at least two of these goals.

7. Set goals for both your work and your personal life. Take a moment to review your day planner (Palm, Outlook calendar, wall calendar, etc.) for the past month or year, noting how many of the entries relate to your work. If you’re like most people, 75 to 90 percent of your content will be business or job related! Start a daily practice of setting at least one goal for your personal life and one for one of your relationships—along with work goals. That in itself will instantly add balance to your life!

8. Delegate everything you can. If you’ve used our fee calculation formula in my book, Start Your Practice to set your fees, then you know what your time is valued at – that’s the Hourly Labor Rate. As long as you’re doing something that can’t be counted on at that rate, you should look for a way to delegate it as soon as you can! These include running to the post office, office supply store and Fedex; updating your website; answer routine questions; clearing spam from your email account; answering the phone; and many other works. Your goal is to have as much income generating time as possible during your dedicated work hours.

9. Exercise regularly. When I interviewed the people who mastered the movement for my Simon & Schuster book on the subject, a theme emerged: each of these people exercised regularly during normal times in their lives, and even more so during stress and transition. Almost every successful infopreneur shares this trait – and that’s why major hotel chains have improved their working facilities for travel infopreneurs.

10. Think and activate a relationship with the God of your understanding. Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself can help put everyday work and life challenges into perspective in a way that nothing else can. By implementing a daily meditation practice to achieve a state of calm, centeredness and connection with your Higher Power, you will find that you can maintain this state even when life gets difficult. It has been proven to improve health too!

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