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Curse of the Mysterious Honeybee – Part of the Cadaverous Planets


Curse of the Mysterious Bees

[Part of the Cadaverous Planets]

Part One


(Tfarcevol))Tig)) where did they come from? This was a question that everyone was asking and now there were many conspiracy theories. But they came from Moirommalit, perhaps the most famous intellectual of Planet Moiromma, a planet outside the Earth’s solar system, which runs parallel (year 2016 AD).

Tig, or Tfarcevol, lived his life, as the legend says, on this cold planet called Moiromma, but he was resurrected in a spirit form, he could not completely change himself, I mean this was his 101st resurrection, and he did therefore, so that he can protect the fortress of Haiti. I guess if anyone on Moiromma could find a way to bring about another revival of life, or the future of existence, it would be him, known as Plato, the wise man of Moiromma, the Einstein of his Planet of his day. , he was now on Earth, and had left the fort in Haiti to himself, he had bigger plans. He wanted to starve the world, he was mad, or he was, and he was angry as if the land of Moiromma had wronged him, wronged Moiromma, by hunting his countrymen like missing links. They did that for about 1000 years, thought they were wrong, called them Grendel, and other such names.

And so he prepared his plan, he would first starve the United States, then parts of South America, those areas that supply the world with medicine, such as, along the length of the Amazon, then Canada, and Europe, the major economies of the world. , then the whole world itself.

He made his home in St. , he knew a little about his interest in his planet; he knew that he was in Peru at this time, and his house was for sale, and would stay in Peru for a long time.

In the basement of this house, he created a chemical called HBPV (Honey Pollinate Virus). This would stop bees from pollinating the world’s flower fields, which is probably 90%; including citrus fruits, peaches, kiwis, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and other melons.

It has been said that a third of human food comes from plants that are pollinated by insects, and bees are responsible for 80% of the pollination process. On Moiromma, there is no steeling at all, and no bees. With this, he realized that he would also destroy the cattle that ate alfalfa, and of course the bee is also involved in this process. Thus, it will be several years before the collapse of the world food chain. And the virus will not affect anyone but the bee population. And when scientists find medicine, there will be almost no food supply, and money will not be able to buy meat, fruits and vegetables at once; just won’t buy it, period!.

Part Two


It took Tig several months to mix the ingredients he needed. His spirit form could thicken into an almost corporeal structure, and with his ability to fly, he carried the virus himself in its liquid form, and in the dark of night, knowing the American honey bees, were not prepared to fight him. poison and disease very well, he flew over the American honey fields and opened them with his gray poison, as if he were a parasite.

Therefore, the bees could not overcome this storm, the Tig storm of Moiromma was thrown at them. One by one, every day, every day, 365 days for the first year, Tig filled his body like a balloon, like a sponge, a parasite and planted his seeds, his perfect infection; they didn’t have the luxury of going back.

Then it went to Brazil and Peru, infesting the waters and the insects off the coast, the crisis threatened to wipe out the crops there as it had in the United States, it was only a matter of time. Then he went to Europe.

In the first year, the cost of food shortages was 15-billion dollars in the US alone, the same in the second year, and 10-billion dollars for Europe. The third year he covered all 17,000 species of bees, and the world’s $135 billion food supply, from Japan, to China, Europe and America, and mostly Brazil.

Part three


As the scientists discovered, there were no worker bees in their hives, only newly born bees and their queen. It seems that the bees left the hive, died somewhere else, they were not ready. They looked for them everywhere. What Tig had done was to weaken the bee, and distort his mind as well as shut down his ability to generate internal regret, so he couldn’t return, or even understand where it came from, and he will die in a lonely place. , a few days later, trying to pollinate.

The governments of the world have tried radically to restore new bee colonies to the world, and some of them have succeeded, but it was the fourth and fifth year of Tig’s revenge plan, and he had done a lot of homework and leg work in this continuity. disaster, and the world could not keep up with the demand and supply, and the people of the respective countries, themselves became parasites, as in Moiromma to eat meat, killed, cannibalism became a new hypothesis for the people of the world to think. on (for survival purposes), as was normal on Moiromma (he had made the fungus a single-celled parasite), and spread it around the world.

US captive colonies (as of 2019) have dropped to 100,000 honey bees, from about six million in 1947. What one of the scientists wanted to do, they planned, was to inject the newly born honey bees with genes that would produce the venom. its system, if planted in them, a gene that fights disease, so whatever toxin comes in, won’t affect the bees in the long run.

When Tig got this information, he flew to Troy University, where Doctor Jerry Mayo was doing his experiments, he was dangerous in his lab, so Tig thought, Tig was watching behind him (he had great respect for scientists, he had one, once himself, and so he still marvels and watches Mayo’s progress, perhaps at best a mistake, curiosity always kills the cat, so I’m told), he observed that honey flourishes, he had found the formula for the next generation. , and this kept the honey germ free.

When Tig, feeling safe, Doctor Mayo instinctively sensed that he was ready (and obviously knew something about the inhabitants of Moiromma, and the legends of Tig), quickly doused Tig with a paralyzing solution.

Written on 5-3-2007

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