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Yogi Says "Eat Your Grapes" Or Implementing the Bambeck Defined Warrior Diet – A Personal Story

“…I like jam and I don’t like shoes…” Louis Jordan, Nat ‘King’ Cole

“…Lions, squirrels and bears, oh my!” Dorthy, a Pre-Doc Oz Whiz, and a Derivative

I would like to present some of my personal experiences in my attempt to implement a Bambeck specific Warrior Diet. I’ll start by saying that, unlike Greg Bambeck, I’m not a scientist by training and, to some extent, I’m just riding along for the ride of these co-written papers. I’ve tried to read some of the more complex research and see what ideas I can contribute. In addition, I suggested some fundamental, analytical and structural changes where I saw fit. But Greg contributed the lion’s share, especially in the field of science. I would also suggest (and I know Greg would too) that a number of people at our favorite restaurant contributed and inspired ideas, thoughts and suggestions, including Robert, H., Lee, Rachel and Tina.

I took to heart many of the practical suggestions made in the new article as referenced/linked above. Basically, he recommends diet and exercise, some vitamins and other supplements and minimal fasting. These simple ideas are good, but timing and dosage seem more important than I ever thought possible. For example, one doctor recently scoffed at the suggestion of taking supplemental resveratrol before admitting that he had, for years, recommended a glass of wine with dinner. This reminds me of the old Johnny Carson joke: Would you sleep with me for a million dollars? Yes? Well then would you pay $1.49? What do I think you are? We have already introduced it and are only asking about the price. Dose and timing, as with value, can really be critical and face the challenge.

Before I continue, I want to disclaimer that the information contained in any of Greg’s articles, as well as mine, is in no way intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice. Nor should it. Any use of the information contained therein is at the discretion of the reader. We specifically disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in any of these articles. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your specific situation.

Take the above advice seriously as your health may be at risk. Greg and I are not doctors. Anyone seeking or needing medical advice or having a condition or considering a lifestyle change should see their doctor to assess his/her unique needs. As an example, as far as I know, various diet, exercise and fasting strategies can be potentially dangerous, so if you do the things we talked about without first consulting a doctor, you do them at your own risk. they do If you have been prescribed by a family doctor etc. Don’t blame us for not checking who is fully aware of everything you plan to do. Greg is only relating the way science points. I am only telling a personal story of my experiences which, in my mind, have been a degree of success.

Another thought. Do not violate the law. Do not take prescription drugs without proper documentation from a doctor. Do not take contraband. If you need to consult an attorney for legal advice in this regard, do so.

Personal Experience

Of late, I have seen some positive changes in my life. I seem to feel better with a lot more energy. I now run 27 miles a week without effort, but I used to struggle to do 10 miles a week. I’m doing 150 pushups with no difficulty compared to my previous 40’s. My blood pressure is now in the low normal range and not in the normal range. HDL is now up to 84. TC/HDL ratio is great. Resting BP is now at 95/55. The pulse is at 68. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything in terms of food. No sugar high and low. Sleep seems like a little noise. A more relaxed and positive outlook. Things really seem to be getting better. Could it just involve a lifestyle change? Let’s think.

Lately, I’ve become a sort of Warrior Dieter, doing intermittent fasting, which often just consists of not eating between meals and skipping the occasional breakfast. I mix in some resveratrol and some antioxidants and try to watch my glycemic load and saturated fat intake. I drink a glass or two of red wine a day for medicinal reasons that have ruled out all other forms of alcohol. No exceptions. I consider myself a balanced dieter whose serving size adjusts to nutritional value. Therefore, I can allow two or three molecules of transfat per year. I hope my taste adjusts accordingly.

I see my life as a work in progress because of what I do, how I relate to others, etc. My next plan is to make some natto in an old yogurt maker I have lying around. I believe that a positive and reasonable opinion is a net plus. In the old days, I attributed the change to changing my doctor’s prescriptions for proper nutrition and some exercise. Now, my new line of thinking falls more into this pattern: Is my increased strength and endurance resveratrol/exercise/moderate fasting a neogenic mitochondrial effect and, if so, how can I best recover from a chronic neo status? avoid significant ROS damage? Would a large dose of antioxidant supplements be a good idea, just in case? Also, could I get some health benefits by forcing a normal recovery state through a mini-fast with a subligal dose of wine-dissolved resveratrol combined with a cardio workout without calorie restriction? And are these ideas consistent with my other views on healthy eating?

Now, I cannot categorically rule out the possibility of true interaction effects. Nor is it possible that some of the ones I’ve experienced may have discovered intrinsic motivation, a placebo, a midlife crisis or a second adolescence. My instinctive reaction is that my exercise/speed/combination strategy is having a huge positive impact. Some other benefits of insurance occurred to me. I brush my teeth every day to remove the remnants of plaque with resveratrol from between my teeth. Also, I don’t have the time/opportunity to indulge in junk food or indulgence.

Nobel Prize for Greg?

I personally believe that I stand for greatness. Gerg for his research on the modified Warburg hypothesis in 1980 or for summarizing the current state of science in various fields of research, including, at one point, molecular biology, cancer research, diabetes research, calorie restriction and resveratrol studies, and heart disease research in a large unified theory of impotent? I am not on the committee and although some people think he deserves an award if his theories are fully proven, I will await future developments and the committee’s decision. I think his lack of direct clinical testing over the last couple of years should make little difference, given his rich history in science. Besides, the lack of references in the articles is of little concern to me, as all these references are readily available on the internet and interested parties can do their own research. As an example, Einstein’s Nobel Prize was without clinical trials and his result is probably a less mammoth vision, especially for postponing human suffering.

Suffice it to say that Greg, humble as he is and without trying to pay for it here, will not enjoy the revenge or sadism of watching the scientific community crumble when they finally admit that it was true of many years ago was the time of his work. snubbed and the research community decided to escape the hen house. (In a future article, I will elaborate on how I was similarly challenged by a former Nobel laureate. Those warnings I had about the lack of economic substance in some sources and related instruments preceded the Capital Management contagion. Includes the long-term made-up scenario, which almost caused a global financial meltdown, and the subsequent NINJA debt/joint debt liability/sub-major mess we’re still recovering from. Pieces from the “I told you so” clubs. fruits and pleasures would indeed be appropriate, but that should be left to the appropriate ethicists.)

Short song:

The Warrior Diet basically restricts eating to a very limited amount of time each day. No doubt many Yogis practiced such methods with little hunger pangs from the Bear and a few NINJAs around. I’ll summarize Bambeck’s modified version of Warrior Food as follows (courtesy of Yogi Bear, it might be sung to his theme song):

I’ll fast until noon (and go for a brisk walk/bike ride), but before it gets dark (and when I finish my next fast), I’ll grab a picnic basket (looks more like a picnic basket than a picnic basket) that in Stone Park is NoFlimFlam. (Jam is low in resveratrol grapes though. Nat King Cole and Louis Jordan actually had metamorphoses from jammer to vocalist, both considered serious business. Like Jelly, the quibbler mentioned above may have had a similar metamorphosis, in memory of Julia. Lee square entender lyric. Like Stone Park, I came across this hopelessly tortured and twisted parallel while walking the cement path of Towner’s Woods Park this sunny morning, as I entered a NINJA(?) cage. which seemed very likely to actually teach me something about prolonging life.)

Sorry folks for the whining and whining ad nauseum. A good rid-dance with your mouse may improve the forecast. But I doubt the resveratrol caused me to lose my mind or focus. This is really important. Good luck and happy endeavors on your research and lifestyle choices.

Michael Wolfson JD, MBA email:

Copyright © Michael Wolfson June 11, 2010.

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