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Why Only the Minority Are Rich – 5 (The Weird Factor – Secret of Wealth Creation!)

The plain old Weird

I don’t usually use the word xofane because its meaning is very broad. It is one of those words that can be applied to everything, all people and all situations depending on the angle of observation. The reason I am using it now is because EVERYTHING related to wealth, i.e. its path, its inheritance, its use, its distribution, its acquisition and its giving. something that is xofane.

What do I mean?

Here are some synonyms for weird: weird, weird, weird, peculiar, awkward, stupid, crazy, unusual. But don’t get me wrong, wealth itself is none of these things, it is gerr (short or long) that makes one strange and besides I say that all such journeys are strange. So let’s all try to understand this strange journey. To add some humor to our discussion, I will quote what Rockefeller said when he was asked what the secret of wealth was. He replied: “You go to bed early, get up early and beat the butter.”

The real meaning behind this statement, to me always, is that the question is meaningless. There is no secret. It is not mechanical. There is no set of guidelines that will guarantee wealth if you follow it. So the road to riches is ALWAYS, without exception, strange.

Check out the formula below that I created to explain this:

M = ETW – O

You read this a lot like this: Money equal resistance sometimes time sometimes Xofane reduced Come off. The left side of the formula is pure materialist but it is the right side humanist. People give effort and time. We can rate effort as a number between 1 and 10. So anyone with an effort factor of 1 is very lazy but an effort of 10 means they are working very hard. For time, we will set this number between 1 and 24 to represent the average time spent on this activity in a day.

We can do this for anyone who does something to earn money. Let’s immediately apply this formula to someone who has a regular job that pays an average salary. Let E = 5 and T = 8. So for one day we have:

M = 5x8xW – O = 40xW – O

But we will give any possible number to the odd factor. This is really it unknown because it is not limited by the amount of effort possible or the number of hours in a day. So what is it? Well, for this type of activity, i.e. an average job, the odd factor is largely dependent on the market value of that particular job. But without going into all the different types of jobs and how well each one pays, we can put the odd factor in a number between 1 to 100 where 1 representative of the minimum wage and 100 representatives of those who are in the highest department. But we really want a scale that can represent all people in all activities, not just the veteran employee. As it turns out, there are really only two divisions to consider. Those who work for others and those who work for themselves. So we have to consider only two dimensions. Those who have jobs are on a scale of 1 to 100 as we have already mentioned, but those who work for themselves, the scale is, and you will be shocked, -1000 to 10000. Yes, the scale should start from a negative number because working for yourself is risky, which means that you may actually lose money but how much you lose is mostly determined by other aspects such as Creditors are controlled. Also the rewards are potentially phenomenal. All we have to do now is to reduce the withdrawals and we have seen how much money we have earned in a day. So returning to our usual exponent which we might call an odd factor of 6 gives us:

M = 5x8x6 – O = 240 – O

Outliers are not that important because this is probably the easiest factor to control election spent or saved. So for someone who doesn’t save, if they have some debt the daily outgoings are close to profit or even higher.

If you are still wondering where the secret is if there really is one, I can now reveal it. The only thing in the formula that is LESS in our control is the odd factor. It also explains why it is possible for two neighbors to live in the same area, earn more or less the same at their jobs, with a comparable set of financial responsibilities and yet have a huge difference in the amount of money each has. . This brings us to a fundamental question:

Are we born with a high alien factor or can we influence it to rise or fall through our actions, thoughts and actions? It is obviously an individual factor.

If it is fixed at birth, there is no way to change it. In other words, there is no possible chance on this planet that you can get rich if your freak factor is low. No matter how much effort and time you put in, whatever level of affordability you get, it won’t happen easily.

On the other hand, if the extraneous factor is something that is within our control, even if it is unavoidable, we are more likely to act, think or act in ways that can help us in our lives. I think for the non-monetary aspects of life such as love, leadership, influence, power, fame, intelligence, talent, etc. But let’s not go off on a tangent and stick with money.

So Which One? Predestined or Changeable

To answer this question we need only examine the evidence, and there is plenty of it if you know where to look. You will find the answers in a place called history. But not world history. I am talking about the history of each of us from birth until now. Let’s do a little thought experiment using the life of a fictional person as an example. I would like to present you with 5 perfectly chosen scenarios that happen to everyone on this planet. Remember, the individual is the same, only the circumstances are different.

1. Born in 1970, went to school then university and studied business which ended with a thriving business in real estate.

2. He was born in 1970, went to school, dropped out of school, became interested in antiques, became an expert in fine arts and now runs a chain of stores.

3. Born in 1970, he had an accident at the age of 10, lost the ability to speak and wanted to discover a way to help all such people and invented a talking machine. Needless to say, riches were just around the corner.

4. He was born in 1970, lost both his parents at a young age and suffered a lot at the hands of his parents. This led to an internet business that drove all such people to the site which grew to about a million hits per month. Advertising revenue increased.

5. Born in 1970, he left school without any qualifications and started working as a package deliveryman for a small local company. Gained valuable knowledge of the area and business within 5 years. Within the next 5 years a single competing business was established that could do the job more effectively and cheaply. Soon, there were branches in every major city in the country.

It certainly seems that no matter the circumstances, this person is destined to do it one way or another. Should we then conclude who it was, the weird factor was too high. No, definitely not. In each case there was something this person wanted to do but it was never money. It was to help people in a corner of life or some street of interest. Money MUST BE, with no exception a bi-product NOT the driving force. It should be SECONDARY to the action itself. I believe there is a secret law that says if you do something just for the money you will never get much out of it. If you do something for others to help or teach them or in some way make their lives a little easier, this law GUARANTEE unexpected returns and guess what – that return may not be monetary but great satisfaction be that which leads to happiness and satisfaction directly, instead of wealth. And yes, happiness CAN be achieved through wealth.

I strongly believe that the odd factor when we do something, it rises because we really want to help people in some way, even if it’s not important. But the bigger the aid, the more people it affects, the higher this factor will be and there really is no upper limit.

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