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Tips For Losing Pregnancy Weight

Diaper bag…sticks, wipes….dogs, strollers…kids, babies…a butt, a stretchy belly and a buffalo butt??? consideration 🙁

If you have kids, unless you have a trainer and chef, or have a crazy high metabolism, then chances are you’ve experienced how difficult it can be to lose weight after pregnancy. With your face… your body just changes. It looks different, it feels different, and you may be fat in places you never knew existed.

Many women simply accept these changes as a part of life. Seriously, who really wants to focus on getting back in shape when you have a new baby? You have this cute little human to look at and play with all day. Who wants to take time away from their baby to exercise???

But does it really have to be? Do you really need to choose one or the other? Do you really need to completely change everything in your life to finally get your body back?

I’m here to tell you that you can have both. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take that many changes to gradually achieve your weight loss goals. The key is consistency; you can’t lose it overnight. And no matter what anyone says, including your OB, you should start your weight loss goals on your own timeline, not someone else’s timeline.

Get the OK from your doctor before starting a weight loss program; 4-6 weeks postpartum is a good rule of thumb.

Here are 7 tips I personally used to lose over 50 pounds after my first pregnancy:

1) Drink water like it’s out of style.

Seriously. Especially if you are breastfeeding. I’ve heard people rave about how important water is saying you can overhydrate yourself, and while it’s theoretically possible, you’re likely to be dehydrated. You basically have to work, HARD, to stay super hydrated for that to happen. Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, and your body can’t heal properly without enough water. Your body also can’t focus on losing all the pregnancy weight without enough water. The water in your system needs to lose water weight. So make sure to drink. If you can stomach it, try drinking just plain old water; It is better not to drink too many calories. Try drinking a tall glass of cold water first thing in the morning right when you wake up. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or not, but I’ve found that doing this can refresh your system and get it ready to burn those calories.

2) Buy a baby and mommy yoga DVD… and use it! 🙂

I know for me, it can be very difficult to get a lot of “me” time. And when I have “me” time, what I really want to do in it is exercise. I much prefer to read a good book or just barely. This is why I absolutely love Yoga DVDs for moms and babies. Then you can exercise while spending quality time with your newborn. And Baby will love watching your face and you stay on the floor with them. It is truly a success. Much better to wait for the alignment of the planets, you can run to the hall.

3) Eat milk if humanly possible.

I was shocked to see how many doctors told my friends, “Why go through the trouble of breastfeeding, formula feeding is healthy, good for your body, and much more convenient,” when the facts never supported it. this I wish doctors would at least tell women all the facts and then let them decide. If they still choose formula then that is their prerogative. But they must first have all the facts.

So, what does breastfeeding have to do with it? pregnancy weight loss? So many. Not only does it contain the best natural nutrients for your growing baby, but it also takes around 500 extra calories for milk production. Also, nursing helps the uterus contract and return to its original size more quickly, reducing how pregnant you still look after giving birth. If that’s not motivation enough, consider this; the only “deficient” vitamin in breast milk is Vitamin D, the vitamin from sunlight (because most mothers are deficient, not because breast milk is insufficient). What better reason to make sure you get out of the stroller and take a walk in the park so you and baby can get your share of sunlight? Best of all, since breastfeeding has been shown to boost your baby’s immune system, you’ll spend less time tending to ear infections and colds, and more days to chase your kids around and take them out. out, to melt that fat.

How easy is the formula? I can’t speak for everyone, but I love the fact that there are no bottles to clean, no brushes to stick with, no formula to mix, no running out of formula, and no need to run to the store. Garbage, don’t clean, and most of all, forcefully spit. Also, once you get the hang of it, you can milk pretty much anywhere without anyone being the wiser.

Ok, I think I’ll stop rambling now… 🙂 It actually really helps keep things moving.

4) Gerrik!!!

Walking is not enough. It really doesn’t get the attention it deserves. That’s why many people will tell you that you need to work out on the bowflex or in the gym 5 days a week to get your butt back in shape. It’s just not true. Believe it or not, your body wants to return to its pre-pregnancy weight. So, just acting is enough to get things going. Be sure to start slowly. Every little bit helps. Try taking more stairs, or parking further away from the store. You can even walk around the grocery store before you start shopping, or explore your living room while the baby naps. If you need an extra boost, why not carry your little one instead of using the occasional stroller. Just one hour of carrying a 15-pound baby burns 246 calories for a 155-pound woman. If you only spend a few minutes during the day, it can be easily achieved.

5) Continue your prenatal care.

With the help of vitamins, it gives your body everything it needs to lose pregnancy weight. With the lack of sleep, and lack of time that comes with being a new mom, it’s easy to not get all the nutrients you need in your diet. Your body needs to know that it has all the vitamins it needs daily before it gives up all the stores it has created for your pregnancy. Taking your vitamins every day helps. Which vitamins in particular help? Vitamin E, Chromium Picolinate, and vitamin B complex are thought to aid in her weight loss; So make sure that whatever you choose for prenatal contains these essential vitamins.

6) Eat more fiber and good fat.

It is necessary to burn fat. Try adding more olive oil, nuts and fish to your diet. Avocado is your friend!!! They are probably one of the healthiest things you can put in your mouth! Adding good fat will help you feel fuller for longer, and help burn off all those fat stores you no longer need.

For fiber, try using whole wheat flour instead of white, and eat lots of asparagus, broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables. Instead of taking stool softeners and laxatives, eat more fruits. No, carbs won’t kill you. 🙂 Fruit is good for you!! Also, try buying some flax seed powder and adding it to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or even pancake mix. When you’re holding back, and you’re burning up, you don’t want to exercise or move around. So, do your body a favor and get more fiber!

7) Get rid of all artificial pollution!!!!

Cut down on low-fat margarine, avoid low-calorie snacks, and ditch the diet coke. Have you ever noticed that most people who eat those things are overweight??? It is much better to eat a little bit of real butter than to slather on lots of low calorie margarine which is nothing more than hydrogenated butter. If you’ve ever wondered what’s actually in margarine spread, here’s a list of the ingredients in Smart Balance Margarine:

COMBINATION OF NATURAL FATS (palm fruit, soybean, canola and olive oils), WATER, LESS THAN 2% SALT, FAT (from milk), vegetable monoglycerides and sorbitan sorbitans, sorbitol esters, red starches, LACTIC ACID (TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS) , NATURAL AND URBAN VEGETABLES, CALCIUM DISODIUM EDTA, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN B12, VITAMIN D, VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL ACETATE), BETA-CAROTEOL

What’s in the oil?

Cream, salt, and milk. Please take the oil. 🙂

On a similar note… a little bit of sugar isn’t nearly as bad as the artificial sweeteners that I truly believe cause cancer. After you have given birth to a new baby, your body needs as much natural food as possible. No chemicals. The same goes for the root of the food. I’ve even heard this supposed “health guru” tell a room full of people that he lost weight by drinking diet coke all day. The calories saved by drinking a diet coke compared to a regular coke may make you lose a few pounds if you consume a large amount of soda, it’s true. However, the chemicals you ingest do not improve your health one iota. If your only intention is to lose the pregnancy weight, then by all means drink the diet coke. However, if you are trying to be both slim and healthy, so you can run away with a new batch of fun and live a long healthy life, then do yourself a favor and stop drinking all the diet drinks. Stick to water, natural tea, or even liquids made with honey. Your body will thank you later.

Losing those extra pregnancy pounds can be very difficult. Hopefully these few points will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Just remember to start slow, focus more on getting in some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes or so a day, not on training for Iron Man. Drink plenty of water and be sure to eat your fat, fiber, vegetables and fruits, especially avocados. Good luck and here’s to losing that pregnancy weight for good!

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