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Is Empower Network Real Or Is It Just Another Fad?

It is clear to me that you are here reading my article because you are looking for valuable information about Empower Network. You may have heard about the Empower Network opportunity as the latest network marketing company that most people are talking about.

You may have read the recent press release about me joining the Empower Network. While this may not seem like a very smart idea to someone who knows nothing about this Network, I tell you that learning about it deserves your attention. While everyone else is taking a big leap of faith to sign up as a member, it pays to know what’s going on because it might just be the opportunity you’re looking for.

The Humble Beginnings of Empowerment Networks

If you’re already doing your research on the whole Empower Network thing, I’m guessing you’ve already stumbled upon some interesting things about getting it started and some of the challenges it may have in the beginning. However, let me explain the same for the benefit of those who are reading an Empower review for the first time.

The network went live on Halloween 2011 via the Internet. It was one of the most shocking surprises of the World Wide Web especially for those who have been in the field of Internet and network marketing for so long. People’s interest in the Empower Network was at an extreme level, creating a surge in website traffic. Founders David Wood and David Sharpe were surprised by the overall reception they received from online users. About 10,000 applications were received in the first 2 days of its launch, which had an adverse effect on the overall performance of the site.

The promoters of this network did not anticipate such a warm reception by online buyers and were not prepared to generate such a large traffic so quickly. The online activities of users who want to become members, the site has been temporarily closed. The technical team of Empower Network had to fix the technical error and resort to mobile applications for a while. It meant they had to manually accept a bunch of faxed membership applications which caused some headaches.

The same scenario caught Facebook’s attention that it had to shut down EN’s Facebook page as well due to the incredible amount of traffic it was receiving. Great thing though, the network was able to create a web system that can handle a huge online reaction. They came back live shortly after the initial technical issue.

Why the Founders came up with the Empowerment Network

David Wood, who is the main person behind Empower Network’s genius (along with co-founder David Sharpe of course) was exposed to the network marketing industry at such a young age. His parents were active members of the popular network marketing company called “Amway”. He used to attend Amway meetings with his parents, which piqued his interest in this type of opportunity. He even joined Amway separately and tried other network marketing opportunities. However, not all network marketing companies can promise sunny days. He was disappointed at a young age, but that didn’t stop him from finding the best opportunity for himself.

On the other hand, David Sharpe experienced life’s blows at a very young age. He had a child when he was in his early teens and even got addicted to drugs. This early pain caused him to miss the greatest opportunities in life. He worked as a construction worker, dealing with the heat of the sun every day. However, he was invited to check out a network marketing opportunity that he was told would be life-changing. He signed up as a member and dealt with his embarrassment. He even remembers turning red when asked to speak in front of a large number of people. It was great that he was able to overcome and even discovered that he had some great sales skills. Today, David Sharpe is one of the most trusted sales letter writers and copywriters in the industry.

David Wood and David Sharpe’s passion for network marketing saw a better opportunity when the Internet was first introduced. They were among the first to harness the power of the Internet in network marketing campaigns. Bouncing from one networking opportunity to another, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe bumped into each other and soon formed a relationship. Then, they hatched a network marketing idea that had never existed before. Along with other creative authorities in the Internet and network marketing industry, the two friends looked at the best, if not the perfect, network marketing opportunity.

Understanding the Basics of Dynamic Networking

Empower Network may be too broad a system for some. Others may be afraid to check it out because they don’t like to deal with elaborate technical requirements. Let me assure you that these ideas are completely irrelevant because Empower Network offers a simple yet effective Internet and network marketing system that even newbies can do with grace.

It starts with your $25

This $25 is not a big deal for someone who spends more on lunch. Amazingly, this small amount is just your initial investment to become an Empower Network member. Sounds great right? How exactly does your $25 work?

Your $25 gets you into Quick Start Training. For such a low amount, you can get Empower Network’s “Ultimate Instantly Customized Blogging Solution”. Reading the word “blogging” in this $25 offer might give you an idea of ​​what you can get out of it. You probably understand that blogging is an essential tool for Internet marketing success, so I bet you won’t miss out on this strategy. With a blog, you generate traffic and leads, improve your brand and profit from this marketing strategy. However, blogging is not as easy as it seems. You have to work hard to get the amount of traffic you want. This is where Quick Start Networking Training comes in handy.

For $25, Empower Network gives you its own search engine optimized blogging platform, so you don’t have to worry about doing all the SEO work to get traffic to your site. This $25 blogging platform can even earn $625 in sales. I would say it is a good investment.

The Products

• $25 per month Empower Network Viral Blogging System

• $100 per month Inner Circle Marketing Training Audios

• $500 one-time – Costa Rica Mastermind Training Intensive

• $1000 one-time – 15k per month Webinars Formula

• $3,500 one time- Costa Rica New Masters Course Videos

The Figures Matter

In just about 72 hours of its launch, Empower Network has directly deposited over $250,000++ in affiliate commissions into its members’ bank accounts. As of October 2012, a few weeks before Empower Network turned 1-year-old, it has deposited a total of $14,455,603 into its partners’ bank accounts. Here’s a breakdown to see which product companies are making the most money from:

1. Viral Blogging System ($25/month):… $3,650,703.00

2. Inner Circle Membership ($100/month):… $4,945,675.00

3. Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive ($500 one-time payment): … $2,967,182.19

4. 15K Every Month Formula ($1000 One Time Payment): …$2,892,043.00

Why Choose Power Network?

Search engine optimization is one of the most difficult problems that most Internet marketers face. Aside from the time and effort it takes to get online, SEO can be a tedious process to begin with especially if you don’t know what it is. That’s what’s important about the Empower Network. They have already developed a search engine optimized platform that is customized for each member, so you don’t have to worry about SEO for your blog. Empower Network gives you instant access to a search engine friendly blog that is fully optimized! At the time of writing, Empower Network’s website is ranked 1,200 worldwide, and one of the top 200 websites in the United States.

100% Commission – Is It Even Possible?

You might be wondering how the company can pay 100% commissions to their affiliate when they don’t even get a percentage of the sales. The answer is simple. Instead of Empower Network taking a portion of your revenue, it has a one-time fee of $19.95, which is enough to take care of the programmers, graphic designers, support team and customer service representatives. This method allows the company to pay 100% commission for every sale.

Do I Need a Business Account to Get Started with Empower Network?

Empower Network makes it easy for you when you use a merchant account to launch your products or services on a hosted website. You only need to sign up for an e-wallet account, costing you an additional $19.95 per month. This is an unknown fact unless you opt for the $25 monthly virus blocking system.

The e-Power Network e-wallet works exactly like PayPal. It handles and processes all orders and refunds and deposits 100% of your earned commissions into your e-wallet once a week. Your e-wallet can then be used to send you a check or transfer your (sales) money directly to your bank account.

Ready to get started with the Empower Network?

Choosing the Right Team for the Job

Joining forces with the right team is probably the best decision you can make when partnering with someone in any business venture. Team Take Massive Action is a leading community within the Empower Network. Focusing on the 3 C’s of Online Marketing: Create, Capture, Convert. You will learn how to create content, capture leads, and convert these leads into sales.

The training you will learn with Take Massive Action can be applied to any business. Team Take Massive Action is on a mission to create a REAL community of online marketers who have REAL success with their business.

We invite you to join us…

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