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What You Are Seeking is Also Seeking You

For the last five years on NBC’s DAYTIME I did a segment called “Fact Check”….. Every week I took live calls and dealt with viewer issues. Regardless of the problem, the dynamic was always the same when people felt stuck. Whether it’s an emotionally abusive relationship, hating your job, having problems with your boss, or being in debt, when people feel stuck, i.e., doing the same things over and over again that don’t work, they often feel feel victimized. They ask me: “Why do all these things happen to me?” We all have things and nobody’s things are better or worse than others. Only mine is mine and yours is yours. If it happened to you, it belongs to you, so you can accept full responsibility for it even though sometimes you may not be able to fully understand it.

When you deny full responsibility for what happens to you, you will feel vulnerable. And in feeling victimized, you really lose your power. So, the reason why you need to take full responsibility for where you are right now, not 50% responsibility, not 90%, but 100%, because when you take 100% responsibility for where you are right now are, in the same moment you take it upon yourself, you immediately take back your power and know that you too have the full power to create the life you want. The same way you created this life is the exact way you can create the life you want, that is, if you want to do things differently.

We all know that when our lives don’t work out and we keep doing the same things we’ve always done, we’ll get the same results. Remember, time passes nothing. It is not positive or negative, but a neutral background against which we live our lives. Over time, things become more of what they used to be: the good things get better and the bad things get worse.

Our life is like a big jet plane with all this development behind it. In a way it is maintenance and has a life of its own. That’s what got us here, but it’s not where we have to stay.

You have the power to turn that big plane around. The same amount of energy that got you here is the same energy that can take you in a new direction. It may take a little while for the jet to turn around, but once it turns, so much of its momentum goes in a new direction.

How do we change what isn’t working? The fastest way I know is to change your thoughts. You have the ability to change the way you feel and in the process change the way your life unfolds, just by changing your thoughts. You create your world, moment by moment, by what you think and feel. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions create your life.

For example, when you dye your hair and you look in the mirror and your hair is out of place, you don’t go to wash the mirror. Why? Because the mirror is a REFLECTION, not the real thing. It is the same with the world. The world is a reflection. You create the world from the inside out, not the other way around. We mistakenly think that the physical world determines our state of mind but it is actually the opposite. Our thoughts create the physical world.

I want to talk to you about quantum physics for a moment. It just means that the universe is governed by universal laws and these laws are always in effect. For example, if I drop a pencil, it will always fall to the ground. Gravity always works. Werner Von Braun, the father of space travel, said the laws of the universe are so precise that you can figure out how to launch a spaceship in real time.

Another law of the universe that works all the time is the Law of Attraction. I’m sure you’ve all heard of “Mystery” by now. She’s been on Oprah and she’s done two shows on The Law of Attraction. In simple words, what we think, what we feel, we attract. In other words, we attract a competitor for our vibration. When we enter a room, our energy hits us. Just as you can feel another person’s energy they can feel yours.

Your emotions are your meter. Your inner voice speaks to you through your feelings. It says to stop when you are positive and your emotions are aligned with what you want and when you are negative and your emotions are not aligned with what you want to continue.

The Law of Attraction is:

  • He draws like himself.
  • Birds of a feather flock together.
  • What you want, you want.
  • What you reap, you reap.
  • What you put out is what you get back.
  • What goes around comes around.

I’m sure you all know Albert Einstein. His formula E=MC (2) basically means that the world is made of energy. This means that everything is always moving. When you look at your hand, it looks solid, but it’s actually a mass of moving molecules, and so is everything else in the universe. Everything in this universe is energy and everything flows. The law of attraction says that you will attract a match for your energy, or vibration. If you always think negative thoughts, your vibration will be negative and you will attract a match for that vibration. This is for positive thoughts.

It is only thought that PERMEATED in all time and space. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions set a frequency of energy that goes out into the universe and provides an alignment to that frequency. It is said in the Bible: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

The first step in understanding the Law of Attraction is ASK. A few years ago I was going through a difficult time in my life when I needed to make some changes and a good friend of mine said to me, “Do you know how to get what you want?” I looked at her and said: “Tell me”. “Ask, she said, you must ask for what you want.”

Do you remember when you were little – a genie came out of the bottle – I think it was Aladdin – and said: “Your wish is my command”. Also, “Ask and it shall be given” and “The door is open to him who knocks.”

How many of us go to a restaurant and order something off the menu and expect to get exactly what we want? This is no different. Do it at your command. Ask what you want. Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. The universe has a lot of meaning so write it down on a piece of paper and write it in the present tense.

Instead of saying “I hope to have a good relationship someday” or “I don’t want to be in an abusive relationship” (the energy you are sending out is bad relationship energy) instead say, “I deserve to be in a healthy relationship. , a loving relationship with a friend who loves me unconditionally.” If you are in debt, instead of focusing on the debt, say, “I am financially independent.” Say what you want to say in the present tense, as if you already have. Like you have and believe that it is possible. Remember, we create from the inside out.

Now that we understand how this law of attraction works, we need to be alert and uncover all the underlying emotions that are still in the dark. What’s in the dark always comes to light sooner or later, so we might as well invite the demons in. Don’t run from demons gets rid of the discrepancy between what we think we are creating and what we are actually creating. Remember, we attract the way we really feel – not what we want or expect. If at the deepest core of your being you don’t feel that you deserve to be financially free, or truly love it, it won’t happen. Often it is the subtext that creates, thoughts and feelings that we have not yet allowed to come to mind. Acknowledging all of our emotions creates a powerful vibration that sends a strong, clear message to the universe.

How to Create

  • How do we create? If the first step to creating your world is to ask for what you want, the next step is to let the universe respond. This takes time. Don’t be impatient. Put the right ingredients but don’t mess with the result. You are responsible for the ingredients but not the result – that is the work of the universe. The universe has a way of fitting all the pieces together and delivering in a way you can’t imagine. Once again – don’t be impatient. Here you are trying to change a dysfunctional life – it takes some time. When you plant the seed, the tree bears fruit.
  • You don’t need to see the whole picture at once to know that things are changing. For example, you can drive 3,000 miles from Florida to California even though the car’s headlights illuminate only 200 feet of the road.
  • OK. Then, you should be able to TAKE IT. Now you have to align yourself with what you want. Remember that the way you feel is everything. How can you bring joy into your life if you can’t feel joy? Similarly, if you focus on hate, you will attract it, and if you focus on anger, your life will be filled with that emotion.
  • And most importantly, what can you do if you feel negative? There is nothing better to create a positive feeling than RELATIONSHIP. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for? Just think of something: a good friend, good health, a loving child, supportive parents, a place to live, a great pet. And when you think about what you are grateful for. , you immediately get a feeling and that feeling goes out into the universe and finds a match to your vibration.

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