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Paint Jobs – How Much Does it Cost to Paint? Estimating Paint Jobs

No one wants to work for nothing, but many painting businesses do when they don’t have to pay for all the things that are part of every job. If you intend to do a perfect job, and your client asks for a perfect job, then you should pay for a perfect job. Leave anything to chance and you’re working for nothing. Doing a complete and thorough estimate includes everything that takes time, whether it’s re-lining the switch plate cover or painting the altar in that church. Many painters boast of what they describe as an almost mystical experience, like walking into a room and being struck by a price. I never liked it because it’s inaccurate, lazy and likely to end up weak, at best you’ll just miss something and work for nothing on that part of the job. Another reason why this collection magic is bad is that someone is always surprised when the customer sees something that has not been done and they thought it was part of the job. And they tell you to do it or not get paid. I talk about this when I discuss the Proposal itself.

Installation – Whether it’s driving 100 miles to work or spending 2 days setting up scaffolding or spending 20 minutes hauling down droppers, ladders and paint, it’s part of every job. And since it is part of the job it is included in the cost of the job and needs to be estimated. Some thought should be given to the specific situations described above, or percentages should be used as a formula for each task. For example: if you are going to scaffold and paint that church steeple, then you need to consider everything related to this phase, including demolition. This type of installation can be much more expensive than the actual paint job. While painting the interior of your average client’s home can be done as a whole room in hours. For example: if you are gutting a room, removing switchboards, moving furniture, etc. Then an easy way is to paint the total hours and divide by 1 or 2 or whatever you think is an average time. . Estimating setup, preparation, and cleanup as a percentage of average jobs saves time when estimating.

Preparation – This often costs more than the paint job. For example: we did a paint job on a large 1840’s monster of a house. 15 weeks of paint removal before a drop of paint went on the house, the painting itself took about 3 weeks. Not only the time, but the many washing discs, respirators, disposable clothes, daily cleaning, and removing all the dust and chips was all a big job because of the size of the job and because of the old leading paint. Average indoor contrast can be estimated using percentages as in the setup example above. Most of the time, interior preparation is just minor surface repairs, and some caulking, things that are the same from job to job. Specific repairs or problems should be noted.

Painting – How long does it take to paint 5 wood windows at ground level without a ladder? How long does it take to paint the same 5 windows 40 feet apart on a hill when each window is 8 feet apart? Probably 2 times more than it takes to paint the ones at ground level, every time they move and install the ladder on uneven ground, most likely 2 people are involved to move and install the ladder for each window. do it So a simple formula to use on heights above 25 feet would be 2 times or 2.2 times or the time it would take to paint the same window without the coating. Most of the time, estimating painting costs can be done with a formula that works well from job to job.

Cleaning – This part of the paint job can be washed or neglected from a guessing position. This is a big mistake because it can take more time than the actual painting, depending on the job. If this part of the job is not done well, the customer may view the entire job as poor. And if done really well, it might just put the crowning glory on the job. Estimating the correct cleaning time after each job is critical to your estimate. If you skimp on this part of the estimate, by not allowing enough time, then something has to give and the result could be an unhappy customer. Medium jobs can use a factor to estimate time. For example, an 8 hour indoor job can be cleaned in 8 hours x.1 =.8 hours.

I laugh when I watch some of these “home improvement” shows slide through the table like it’s nothing but then I think about how much ignorance they create. When Norm works his forest magic, it’s an event to behold; but, when Carlos spends 3 hours vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the windows after a paint job, that’s nothing, not to mention. A lot of homeowners get into painting jobs and are completely unaware of what is actually involved. Like the time we got called to put up walls in this multi-million dollar mcMansion after a $25,000 audio system wiring job where technicians cut holes in 11 different rooms. Each room had a different color, so we used rollers, brushes, buckets, etc. after each color. The owner gave me a great argument about paying her for the time to clean our appliances. If it’s part of the job and you won’t do it except for their job, then they should pay for it.

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