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The Law of Duality – In the Long Run, Every Market Becomes a Two-Horse Race

At the beginning of the life cycle of a product category, the product mix consists of many levels. Step by step, the ladder becomes a two-step job.

In batteries, it is Eveready and Duracell. In rental cars, it is Hertz and Avis. In hamburgers it is McDonald’s and Burger King. In toothpaste, it’s Crest and Colgate.

The Law of Duality suggests that over the life of a product category, the lower rungs on the ladder will lose market share and disappear; the upper level will lose market share; and the No. 2 ranking on the product portfolio will gain market share and ensure that the market is a two-horse race.

Are the results predetermined? Of course not. There are other marketing rules that can also affect the results.

Additionally, your marketing programs can drastically impact your sales, provided they are consistent with marketing laws. For example, instead of going out and attacking two strong bosses, what you can do is take out an advantageous position (such as Crest preventing ruins as described in No 5, Law of Focus).

Knowing that marketing is a two-horse race in the long run can help you plan your strategy in the short term.

It often happens that there is no clear No. 2. What happens depends on how skilled the competitors are.

What is particularly tragic from an economic perspective are the resources that are wasted in many categories of high-value products, but this is the cost of capitalism.

Take a look at the history of the US auto industry. In 1904, 195 different cars were assembled by 60 companies. In the next 10 years, 531 companies were founded and 346 disappeared. By 1923, there were only 108 automobile manufacturers left. This number decreased to 44 in 1927. Today, Ford is at the top of the product ladder with General Motors and Chrysler fighting for second place on the ladder.

Successful marketers focus on the above two phases. Jack Welch, during his tenure as CEO of General Electric, said “Only businesses that are No. 1 or No. 2 in their markets can succeed in an increasingly competitive global arena. Those that fail to be No. 1 or 2, were fixed, closed, or sold.”

This type of thinking has built companies like Procter & Gamble into powerhouses that are either No. 1 or No. 2 in more than 80% of their product categories.

At the beginning of a product’s life, the number 3 or 4 on the product label looks attractive. Sales are increasing. New and relatively unsuspecting customers are coming into the market. These consumers don’t always know which brands are leading so they choose the ones that look interesting or attractive…hence the interest of many Internet Marketing professionals in MyStory marketing and the You Inc brand. No. 3 or No. 4 on the product ladder.

These customers are increasingly learning. They want the leading brand based on the naive assumption that the leading brand must be better.

The consumer believes that marketing is the product war. This is the kind of thinking that keeps two brands on top. Consumers think that the top two brands “must be the best because they are the brand leaders.”

As an Internet Marketing professional, you need to understand the Law of Duality. To compete, use the marketing methods and techniques of the You Inc brand and MyStory to create your product category or define a position where you can be the leader and the top rank of the product category (as shown in figure 7, Rule described of the Staircase).

Many Internet Marketing entrepreneurs use techniques and tools like mind mapping, keyword research, Attraction Marketing Formula, Magnetic Sponsorship, and MindMeister to conduct market research and plan a successful marketing campaign. They then use the marketing power of MyStory, the You Inc brand, and hypnotic writing skills in their marketing campaigns to really engage with their brand’s positioning in the world that embodies the Law of Duality. The goal is not to emphasize why their offer is better, features and functionality, than a competitor, but to develop a message that is recognized, accepted and accepted so that it entices the customer and convinces that what is offered is true. . and will work for them.

Marketing is not a product war. It all depends on the strategy you use to take advantage of the Law of Duality to ensure that your brand and product are one of the top two brands on the product spectrum as the market becomes a two horse race.

You can learn more about Internet Marketing and home based businesses by reading the updates that will be posted on my blog over the next few weeks.

As a former engineer with General Dynamics and a management consultant at Deloitte… I am on a mission to empower individuals by increasing financial literacy, improving their ability for personal sustainability, and contributing to the program that aims to create 100 Millionaires is by 2012.

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