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The Houses in Your Astrological Chart

Our zodiacal Sun Sign is known by the day and month of birth. Rising Sign according to the hour and minute of that day. We then consider where the planets are in the chart in the areas known as Houses.

“Houses” are the names given to each of the twelve 30° segments in the 360° circular astrological chart. Like the slices of a cake, each one serves to mark a part or area in the sky chart and is used to record the position of the planets at the time of birth. This is calculated with the help of Ephemeris. Then, the information should be adjusted according to the actual time and place conditions of the geography of the place of birth.

When an astrological chart is created by an astrologer based on the information you have provided about your date of birth, time of birth and also place of birth, it appears as a large circular disc with a smaller disc in the center containing the person. is symbolic placement. The greater circle or 360° is usually divided into 12 equal parts of 30°. Each of the 12 sections is known as a ‘house’ and the first one is numbered and named according to the following houses which are numbered and named according to the left, the 12th house being the left section, immediately indicates the top of the horizon. . The House division remains consistent although two different schools of thought emerge as to how the 360° should be divided – equally or unequally. For now take the traditional place with the First House as the first 30º in the horoscope below the horizon to the left of the circle.

At the beginning of each house is one of the zodiacal signs that dominates that particular area. The ruling or dominant sign ruling the First House, after being established by astrological calculation, is placed on the Chart on the left side of the horizontal and is called the ‘Rising Sign’. Your Rising Sign will occupy the First House in part or in whole, depending on the degree shown at your birth. The Rising Sign is considered to be of great importance as a factor in one’s chart. It determines your physical makeup and your material conditions.

Houses are actually the places on the ecliptic where the planets are found at any given date or time according to astrologers’ calculations and Ephemeris records. There is little change in position over the course of a day except for the fast moving bodies of the Sun and Moon which have a strong influence on the chart. With the rotation of the earth and a new zodiacal sign rising on the horizon every two hours, it becomes clear that to be accurate, one must know the exact hour and minute, if possible, one’s “first breath.” .

Each house comprises 30° and is seen to influence and represent a number of specific human interests and activities. Dividing the astrological chart into these 12 houses is an important part of understanding how these released energies affect people’s personalities and moods. Such knowledge has been gained through experience and long-term observations of human culture for thousands of years, and its research continues.

Interpretation should be done with the whole chart in mind, with the astrologer reducing some of the complexity to simple factors to clarify the person concerned.

A planet placed in the 1st house was transiting that part of the sky at that hour and will affect the traditional characteristics of that House. It can moderate, strengthen or confuse the energies and events associated with that House. For example, if the aggressive Aries sign is rising and there is a planet like the diffuse and elusive Neptune in that sign, this will be a factor that indicates that the person has a more compassionate and sympathetic personality than is usually apparent. in an Aries person. Or perhaps Neptune’s influence will bring back the adventurous and pioneering Arian nature to explore the subtler, more obscure or intangible aspects of life.

It is important to understand the general signs and effects of planetary positions in different houses or signs. Also a factor in interpretation is whether most planets fall in Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere houses, depending on the individual’s time and place of birth. It is assumed that if the planets in the chart are placed above the horizon, life will be more exotic and active than if most of the planets are below the horizon. Some people find that if the planets fall in the eastern houses, it shows greater self-sufficiency and in the west, it shows more dependence on others. There are many general issues related to this topic and further research is ongoing.

All the natural energies shown in the astrological chart provide an invisible ‘atmosphere’ in which the individual exercises his intelligent understanding of life and his free will. Although in most cases a wise astrologer can predict events, due to the specific powerful influences that are evident, they will be more inclined to help a person to avoid the tools and talents that are superior and the weaknesses. inform them that they should be passed.

Each house has its own importance in human affairs and is said to govern aspects and activities, character traits and even spiritual matters. Their rulership and how the House affects the individual will be modified or influenced by the planets within that House. The relationship between the planets referred to in terms of ‘aspects’ is also important when interpreting signs. There are many factors that make up a person’s path in the combination shown in a person’s astrological chart to consider. It takes a great deal of experience to be able to consider every factor and weigh one energy against another. Specific aspects of the analysis are more easily shaped by the particular interests and concerns of the individual. For example, a common question is about relationships and the topic of marriage. To answer this, the astrologer will tend to the signs of the 5th, 7th and 8th houses. The signs on the cusp of these Houses will indicate what they are facing.

Influence of the Twelve Houses

1st House (This is the first part of 30° rising on the left horizon of the chart representing the east.) It affects the body – appearance – basic energies and motivations of the personality – identity – abilities – external character – external talents – specific characteristics – personal ego – self – initiation – childhood – vitality – issues of personal nature – immediate environment.

2nd House Gains- material possessions- productive works- physical destiny or karma–power – luck-money – passion- emotions – desire – encouragement – investment – financial gain- fixed draft or pattern of destiny – monetary affairs.

3rd house. Immediate relatives – early home and family – writing – speaking – adaptation – short trips – correspondence – siblings – mentality, subconscious mind – travel – activity – relatives – correspondence and communication, talent and literature, education, interests, activity intellectual

4th house House – parents – domestic situations – property – home life – environment – estate – inheritance – end of life – environment – environment of life in general – areas of environment – environment in later years – wealth – inherited tendencies – inheritance affairs.

5th House. Happiness- joy- happiness- creation- offspring- children- institutions- danger- sex- emotions- speculation- – friendship- disappointment in friendship or children- work for children- creative abilities- love- responsibility- dharma- education – theater – youth, newspaper, gambling, risk.

House 6. Health – service – illness – work – sense of responsibility – ways and means – employee – health – nurse – doctor – correction – correction – healing – aunts and uncles – (father’s side) in woman – service.

7th House Consort- marriage- partnership – personality – self out – marriage – open enemies – sharing bond – karmic bonds – male (feminine chart) in general – case adversaries – contracts and agreements.

Death House 8- newness- end- delicate destiny- money- losses- death- spouse’s money- secret- mental awareness– end- end- result- end- inheritance- spouse’s finances- marriage- secret- sex- soul destiny- spiritual limitations- both beginning and end.

9th House Philosophy – travels of the mind – travels of the body – philosophy and religion – desire – religion – philosophy – imagination – long journeys – – expansion – mind and physical experiences – religion – charity – legal profession – vision – science – spiritual matters – devoted

House 10. World status – career – worldly achievements – citizenship, employment – honor — profession – reputation – work – standing in the community – mother (in female horoscope) authority and power in social order – public affairs.

11th House Friends – passion – desire – desire – altruism – renunciation – social – association – companionship – sympathy – brotherhood – step children – social ties – attitude towards people – hope and desire.

Secrets of the 12th House – limitations – effects of imprisonment – loneliness – loneliness – self-restraint – failure – hidden enemies – limitations – obstacles – past life sign – inner self – withdrawal from the world – spiritual matters – meditation – negative attachments – hatred – Negatives karmic – exile – prisoner – emotional breakdown – sacrifice – hospital – mystery – prison – problem! It is the sign of the end of human life.

It is mainly because of the specific references to traditional aspects of human life and human nature that a detailed analysis of the character and prediction of events can be made.

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