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Getting Older and Staying Healthy

I always say “You grow old when you quit, no matter how old you are.” I have sometimes noticed that 25 year olds have less energy and drive than the 80 year olds I know.

That said I know I usually write about fitting your Skinny Jeans, the best accessories to get and improve your confidence. But today, I want to write about my growth and care. Because my siblings and I just celebrated the 10th anniversary of my father’s death. He would have been 93 years old on April 4. In retrospect, I certainly realize how much I missed him, but I am also proud of his many special qualities that I possess – such as his joy in life, his enthusiasm, his love of dancing and his ability to work hard for desire.

Next month is of course Mother’s Day and I want to focus a little more on my lovely mom then. You may still have parents and they are healthy and active even though they are getting older. Today, I thought about staying healthy in the “golden years”.

My mother will be 87 years old in June and struggles with her health every day. After a month long stay in the hospital last year after suffering a severe bout of pneumonia, and I have since noticed a marked decline in her vitality. He lives in Canada and is well cared for by my sister – a retired nurse. He lives alone though, and we all worry if he gets all the food, social interaction and exercise he needs.

You may face a similar situation with your elderly parents or relatives. It can be a long and lonely journey for them as their health continues to decline. It’s important that the seniors in your life get the right nutrition to help them – physically and mentally.

You may find that they complain about lack of appetite or that they just can’t eat like they used to. This is usually because their digestive systems lack the proper amount of enzymes and stomach acid needed to properly break down foods – especially raw vegetables and proteins. I would recommend that you encourage them to eat steamed, fried or sauteed vegetables, boiled or baked fruits and to eat leaner proteins like fish, chicken, turkey and seafood. I usually recommend at least 6-8 oz. a day of protein. Adding a digestive enzyme will also help them. This helps them break down their food so they can get nutrients from the food they eat. This digestive aid may also keep them away from easily digestible and nutrient-poor alternatives like pasta and highly processed breads and pastries. So it might be a better way to get their digestive juices flowing again.

As we age, our bodies often weaken – so elimination can also be a problem. Diet alone does not cause this problem but medications can also be very guilty here. Taking them on a supplement is essential to help the bowels function properly. An herbal formula called Triphala works well to balance the bowels, or 500-1200 mg or Magnesium at bedtime is also beneficial. You can suggest that they try adding more fiber to their diet as well – bran or a fiber supplement will work well. And always wait for the old one – prunes.

Exercise is good for everyone—even with the increasing limitations your aging loved one may experience—a little movement is important. Whether someone is confined to a chair, has arthritis or faces other physical problems, there is always something – even a small one – that can be done. Also, for seniors with arthritis, there are many “safer” alternative anti-inflammatory supplements to the many prescription drugs commonly found in their medicine cabinet. However, always check for an interaction between the medication and the supplements being used.

Amazing new research in neuroscience is discovering that the human brain actually expands as we age and not the other way around, as we once believed. Just think what we could achieve with a little bit of that new knowledge – a chance to really change the way we not only see the elderly but the way we actually age – extraordinary.

Finally, studies have been conducted on the world’s tallest population in Okinawa, Japan. They attribute their healthy aging not to their healthy diet primarily from the sea, or to exercise like Tai Chi or good genes. But it is because of their social connection with other people. It seems that staying connected is very important for longevity. When we think of many elderly people who are considered “closed”, it would be a wonderful idea to encourage them to connect with others – family, new and old friends and churches and synagogues. This will not only increase their intelligence but will encourage a long and healthy life.

Or how to get them interested in the internet – why not? These days there are many social networking resources online that yes even your elderly parent can be interested in. Over the weekend, I saw a news story about a group called “Young at Heart”. They are a group of seniors who travel all over the country and sing – not Country or Classical or Folk but Rock and Roll and not even Elvis Presley but Led Zepplin or the Stones anyone?… And they love every minute of it. .

Again, “You get old when you stop moving no matter what your age” So keep going and stay ACTIVE – physically, mentally and spiritually.

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