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Certainty and Comfort Can Make You Stuck

If you don’t extend what you are sure of, you won’t experience anything new. You see, defending your life from the perspective of comfort or doubt is really a sure fire way to get stuck in life. If this is true, then why do so many people refuse to get out of their “security” and move on to life? The answer is very simple – fear of the unknown.

Success in anything involves an element of risk. It is impossible to succeed in life without risking something. Ask any successful person and they will tell you many stories about how risk was part of their formula for success.

Many people are fooled into thinking that risk is irrational and something to be avoided. Well, the risk is unwise if you are not ready to fully commit. If you’re only half-hearted about something, it’s almost too early to fail. But if you are completely committed and willing to risk everything it takes, you will always succeed.

Now I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m just saying you will achieve the level of success you desire. How can I be so sure of things for you or anyone else? Well, I’m the so-called “Wizard of Oz” myself. Please allow me to explain this off-the-wall statement.

I was blessed with a good mind and heart. Together, these two have allowed me to write many books, create a variety of programs, and present many seminars around the world every year. In my 53 years of dealing with millions of people, I have recognized specific patterns of failure and success; for love and solitude; for joy and sorrow; and for power and medium.

I am very happy with some of my discoveries like “Mental Codes” and I am glad that some of my books like Breaking Money Barriers have helped many people. But to be completely honest, my biggest discovery of all, the one that led me to write my title on my business card, “The Wizard of Oz,” is that true success is always something within the person. , and not in what he learns. .

I always say that it is not important to learn, what is important is the knowledge that is applied in everyday life. College classes don’t affect me – I have a bunch of them myself. People who attend a lot of seminars or read libraries of books do not impress me – I have done the same. What impresses me the most? I am most impressed when someone learns a simple knowledge or life technique that I can share with them and begin to implement it in life regularly.

Applied knowledge always results in the expansion of life. Life extension always results in greater success in some areas of human life. The only way one can apply the knowledge learned is to step out of one’s trusted comfort zone and into unknown territory. Sometimes the uncharted areas of life can seem very scary and dark. This is where committing to the courage to live a bigger life comes into play.

Everyone can have the same level of life that is being lived now. A successful person must willingly step into a new dimension of life and be ready to face the darkness if necessary.

As the philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “We must consciously walk one way to our goal and then walk in the dark to our success.”

A guy I know, James, did exactly that but it wasn’t easy. James worked as a government employee for over twenty years. He did not like his job but was afraid to leave it for something else. After all, Jacob, like many of us, had a family, bills and financial responsibilities to attend to. How can he do anything else and make a living?

Besides being stuck in his job situation, James hadn’t saved much money in years. He lived paycheck to paycheck almost every week. His limited finances gave him a great sense of “belonging”.

One day, Jacob told me how he and his friend thought about a business. This was a great idea for a business. You see, James and his friend talked about opening a pizzeria in their hometown. After all, a town of 50,000 and not a single pizzeria within fifty miles seemed like a good idea to me (of course I love pizza).

After James excitedly told me all the details they discussed, I stopped and asked, “Why don’t you do it?” At that question, Jacob gasped and turned really pale. He replied, “We don’t have that kind of money and we both have jobs anyway.”

I said, “James, now that you’ve explained the reasons why you can’t do it, why don’t you tell me the reasons why you should do it and how it’s possible.” Once again, but this time a little sad, Jacob said: “Didn’t you hear me? We have neither money nor time.” I replied calmly but firmly, “I heard you well but I don’t think you heard me. Why don’t you tell me why you have to do it and how you plan to make it happen?”

James finished speaking within two minutes and I could tell he was a little worried. Anyway, three days later I got a call and James was almost singing on the phone, “We figured it out and we know exactly how to open a pizzeria.”

James and his wife opened not one but three very successful pizzeria restaurants. One day, I visited one of their restaurants and the two were very happy to sit with me. James looked across the table and said, “All of our success is a result of what you told me that day.” I corrected Jacob and clarified, “No Jacob, what I said may stir some things inside of you but your true success came from what was already in your heart and mind.” As he continued to try to thank me, smiling, I said to myself, “Once again, I have the greatest job in the world – The Wizard of Oz.”

You too can achieve your successful life whenever you want – it is always within you.

Thank you for our time together and I look forward to our five minute mental break.

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