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Talk Security – The Advantages Of Pepper Gel Versus Pepper Spray

There are many advantages and disadvantages of self-defense products. Today we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of chemical irritants commonly known as pepper spray.

Which Pepper Spray to Buy?

First there are a few things to consider before choosing a self-defense spray such as your environment, what are the laws in your area regarding the possession and use of self-defense sprays; will the protective spray be hidden by you when it is carried?

Types of Protective Sprays

Protective sprays come in different formulas, sizes, nozzle types, and spray patterns. They usually contain one or more of the following chemicals.

CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile), also known as CS Tear Gas, is a chemical gas used in riot control by the military and police. The mixture is distributed as an aerosol or as a fine powder. Exposure to CS causes severe pain in the eyes and upper respiratory tract; the pain spreads to the lungs and gives a feeling of suffocation. CS may cause severe skin rashes in humid weather.

CN (alphachloroacetaphenone), also known as CN or CN tear gas, has been around for a long time. It was a popular defensive spray in the past until the introduction of pepper spray into the law enforcement community. CN tear gas is an irritant that irritates membrane tissues. It causes severe pain and excessive bleeding.

Disadvantages of CS and CN Tear Gases CS and CN-Tear Gases irritate the membrane tissues and cause tearing and tearing. They can take anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds to take effect and may not work if the person is intoxicated, drugged, psychotic, or intolerant to pain. The effect of CN and CS gases does not take immediate 30 seconds to affect the attacker. These chemicals are not effective self-defense weapons unless formulated with a third chemical listed below OC or Oleoresin Capsicum.

OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), also known as OC Pepper Spray, Pepper Spray, OC gas, or cat spray, is a body spray or (repellent) agent used in riot control, crowd control, and personal defense, including protection against dogs. is used . The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical extracted from the fruits of plants in the genus Capsicum (hot pepper plants), including chillies.

Pepper Spray can be purchased in formulas that contain between 1-20% of the active ingredient OC. Exposure to OC Pepper Spray may cause eye irritation. A person may be able to open their eyes after direct exposure, however; OC dilates capillaries and causes temporary blindness. In addition, immediate inflammation of the respiratory tissues limits all but life-support breathing. They double over coughing uncontrollably; this situation is temporary, but very weak.

The heat producing capacity of OC Pepper Spray is measured in Scoville Heat Units or (SHU’s) Peppers have a range of 0-300,000 Scoville Heat Units. Pure OC can have a measurement of 15 million SHUs. The type of pepper used to make the pepper determines the heat generation capacity. Basically the higher the SHU the hotter it is. Formula ratio has no effect on the heat generating capacity of OC Pepper Spray. The higher the amount of OC in the spray the thicker the formula, resulting in a slower penetration rate. This is why the 1% OC Pepper Spray formula penetrates faster than higher percentage formulas and thus has a faster effect on the attacker. The downside to subtle OC formulas is that the attacker will heal faster.

Always check with your local law enforcement regarding the ownership and use of any self-defense firearm. Protective sprays can be purchased in CS or CN Tear Gas, OC Pepper Spray or CN/OC and CS/OC.

Protective sprays come in several spray styles: spray, spray, mist, foam, and gel.

The Spray Pattern spreads in the specified direction and does not have a wide spray pattern. The disadvantage of using spray is blowback. Blowback is when you spray your defense spray directly into the wind and it hits you or others and contaminates both you and others in the area.

The Stream style spreads over a wider range than sprays, which is typically 15 feet. Radiant sprays are as unaffected by wind conditions as sprays, making it unlikely to backfire. However, OC does not spread from the carrier as much as sprays with spray patterns.

The Fogger Pattern is widely distributed and is the preferred choice for defense against many attackers. The fog stays in the air and reaches 20 meters.

The foam formula spreads in a foamy manner and is good for use in high-traffic areas as secondary exposure due to build-up is minimal. The pattern is not very extensive and police reports indicate that the assailants wiped the foam off their faces and threw the foam back at the officers. Foam board is fine as long as you can’t subdue someone for arrest or detention.

The Gel formula spreads in a regular gel and really sticks to the attackers face or body. This formula is new to the industry and eliminates the possibility of it being thrown at you like foam molds. With this new formula, recoil and secondary withdrawals are rare.

Oyster sizes range from 2oz. up to 9 oz. and for easy unannounced access there are several types of weight carriers, cubaton (striking device), key chains and even pagers. Protective sprays are a great non-lethal way to protect you or your loved ones. They don’t need to interact with an attacker like guns and batons and are an excellent choice for ranged defense.

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