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Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business When Marketing Direct



When it comes to selling a product, nothing is more important than its quality

the product itself. If you have a good product, promote it and attract word of mouth

advertising will be easy. Customers will recognize that it has inherent value

as a product; and they will buy it and distribute it to their friends.

However, when it comes to selling the same product, the next most important thing

The thing is the quality of your sales pitch. Even if your product is great, you won’t be

get lots of word-of-mouth advertising unless at least a few brave souls want it

to buy the product in the beginning to start things. And the only way that will

maybe if you convince them. And that’s where copywriting comes in.

Copywriting, for the uninitiated, is the art of using sales to persuade readers to take action.

I’ll give you a complete list of “fill in the blanks” titles for all time.

Creating a Winning Headline

There are five important elements of a successful headline.

 Talk to Your Audience

 Use Psychological Preposition Words

 Use a Good Headline Formula

 State a Great Benefit or Suggest a Topic Question

 Read News Headlines for Inspiration

Headline Templates

we will review some “fill in the blank” titles. All you have to do is select a headline from the right category, fill in the blanks, and add it to the top of your newsletter or page. Shape the rest of your copy around your chosen headline.

1. The Reclusive Internet Tycoon Finally Reveals The Secret To Success [Name of Niche]

2. [Your Business] Powerful New Product Launches That Promises to Change the Market [Product Niche]

3. After [# of Years] Year, [Product Niche] It will finally witness a major innovation

4. New Product Shakes Up the Market for [Product Niche]

5. Hiding Time Helps People Be More Successful In Their Jobs [Profession/Hobby]

6. He says, Getting Rich Doesn’t Always Have to Be Hard [Your Name]

7. Pioneer, [Your Business Name]Providing Solutions Where Other Businesses Can’t

8. Shocking developments are on the Horizon, says Internet Mogul

9. [Your Business] The Master Plan reveals that it is for the Market Revolution [Product Niche]

10. The Internet mogul claims he knows why you will never succeed [Task/Hobby/Profession]

11. News Flash: This Innovative New Idea Might Just Change How You Live

Business … for good

Question-Style Headlines

1. Are You Ready to Get Serious? [Job/Product/Task]?

2. If you could become a millionaire in just one year, what would you do? If you

receive [Your Product]You May Just Answer That Question.

3. Do you know the secrets? [Hobby/Profession/Task]? Find out what

You Were Lost.

4. Your Colleagues Know Nothing About You. Are You Ready to Learn?

The truth?

5. Is Your Business Living Up to Its Potential? Find out why it might not.

6. Are You Ready to Transform Your Hum-Drum Life into a Positive One?

The winner, the worthy one?

7. Are you sick and tired? [Problem #1] and [Problem #2] Your prevention

From Acquisition [Goal]?

8. Do You Think Progress Is Elusive? Like You Run on a

The Hamster Wheel? Learn how to move forward [Profession/Business/Hobby].

9. Are You Ready to Take Your Future into Your Own Hands?

10. Did you know that Two Little Problems Can Kill You? [Business/Love-Life/Career]?

Benefit-Style Headlines

1. The Top Five Things Science Suggests You Should Learn

Be successful at [Career/Business].

2. Use My Tested Methods [Achieving Goal #1] and [Achieving Goal #2]

in Just days!

3. Finally Experience the Benefits of Real, Effective, Real Use [Type

of Product].

4. There is an Important Difference in Interval [Your Product] and All others:

[State Biggest Benefit of Your Product].

5. Changing your life overnight [Name of Your Product]!

6. Improve Your Energy Level, Get Healthier, and Take Charge of Your Life

Completely Using My Proven Strategies

7. Steal My Ideas to Make Your Business Stronger, More Effective and More Profitable


8. He took me [# of Years] Years of Learning. But You Can Learn It In

Small as [# of Days] Days.

9. Sick of the Rat Race? Learn How To Break Out Of Your Cage Using My

Patented Strategies For Success In [Name of Niche].

10. Tired of Being Incompetent [What Product Does]? Make the switch

to [Your Product] and Change Everything in Just Days!

How-To Style Articles

1. Learn How to Change Your Life and Career on Your Own [# of Days] Days

Using the My Proven System.

2. Don’t despair. Learn how to simply explode your profits [# of Steps]

Simple Steps.

3. See How Other, Ordinary People Can Be Wild Like You

Good luck at [Career/Hobby/Task].

4. Learn How To Triple The Traffic Coming To Your Website

Adil [# of Days] Days.

5. Learn How to Transform Yourself [Career/Hobby/Relationship] in Just [# of

Days] Sun and [# of Steps] Steps!

6. Learn How Professionals Do Things. Thank You for Changing My System

How do you do it? [Whatever Your Product Promises].

7. How to Build an Empire From the Scraps of Your Failed Business

8. How to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself [Spouse/Kids/Family] come

Your pain [Career/Other Goal]

Trigger Word Style Headlines

1. Seven explosive secrets that are guaranteed [Product’s Promise]

2. Sick to pay outrageous amounts [Niche Product]? Download Your

Copy for Free.

3.You might be shocked to learn what science says about it [Niche]

4. Warning: If You Think Your Business Practices Are ‘Good Enough’, You

It could be a sick surprise

5. The Fast Win Big and Slow Fade Over Time. Find out why

Revolution in [Your Niche] Your Business May Render [Slow].

6. The world is changing around you. Adjust on Time or Face

turn off Read On To Learn How [Your Business/Your Career/Your

Family Life] It Will Change… Forever.

7. Learning 10 Dangerous Secrets That Anyone Can Succeed With [Your

Niche/Career] He knows, but you don’t know.

8. Create an income storm [Niche] Using Van Secret

Strategies that include some of the best [People in Your Niche/Business]

I do not know

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