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New Book Advocates Domino Formula to Replace Dieting

In his new book The Domino Diet: How To Heal from the Inside Out. She advocates for a more informed perspective on weight loss and overall health that is less about calories and diet and more focused on the big picture of self-healing on multiple levels. Instead of succumbing to the effects of yo-yo dieting where you lose a few pounds, then gain it back, then try again, Cassell recommends using his Domino Formula, which helps you focus on several areas of your life. correct yourself. When all those areas are taken care of, they will fall into place like a domino effect.

As Karie explains, the reason diets often don’t work is that when we lose weight, the subconscious may try to regain it, leading to inevitable plateaus and little success from yo-yo dieting. However, we will be much more successful when we trade yo-yos for dominoes. We will start healing from within, freeing up conditions and diagnoses to enjoy better health. As Karie reminds us, within 120 days, we can regenerate at an optimal cellular level. The Domino Diet Formula will allow you to release what ails you to create a newer, healthier you.

The Domino Diet is divided into six sections, each focusing on a specific domino or area that we need to adjust to gain and maintain our body weight and stay healthy. These dominoes include our thoughts, feelings and hormones. Karie walks us through an examination of all six dominoes and the conclusion that when we line them up properly, we will achieve freedom – not just freedom from excess weight, but freedom from many of the troubles that plague other areas of our lives.

Domino’s Diet is much more than a diet book. In fact, Karie is quick to point out the problem with too many diets. As a dieter, he knows it makes more sense to recommend a range of caloric intake based on active versus inactive days on a fixed calorie approach. After all, as he points out, we don’t live in a fixed world. Otherwise, we need to reinterpret what the bathroom scale tells us. Overall, as Karie says, restrictive diets are the opposite of true healing, and “It’s time to lose your diet mindset and start your healing mindset.”

One important way to heal is to look at why we eat. If we don’t eat because we’re hungry, chances are we’re engaging in emotional eating. We need to examine the failure, guilt, chaos and stuck emotions that make up our emotional eating patterns. We also need to change how we feel about our bodies. Research shows that 80 percent of women and almost as many men are dissatisfied with their bodies. Karie wants us to change our relationship with our bodies by changing our thoughts. She offers positive affirmations throughout the book that we can use to appreciate all our bodies do for us while also raising awareness of where it all begins.

Some of the ways we can achieve weight loss that Karie points out really surprised me. An example is her discussion of the importance of breathing. He says “by combining deep breathing (for more O2 in and CO2) and proper sleep, weight loss can literally happen in your dreams.” He also recommends that we look at how and where we eat. Many of us eat while watching the news, which is often bad news versus “good news.” It results in a stressful eating environment, and stress increases weight gain. With the action steps that guide you in the book with examples like the Power Pause before a meal, you will “Best and Digest” and enjoy eating again.

We also need to consider the psychological reasons behind our food choices. We live in a pluralistic society, but just a generation or two ago, that was not the case. Our grandparents lived through food rations through the Great Depression and World War II. They didn’t always have enough to eat, and this allowed them to easily resort to marketing strategies that taught them to buy two for the price of one, basically hoard food, and pass that behavior on to us. We need to adapt to modern times, let go of our beliefs that we have to eat everything on our plate or stock up on food when it’s on sale because we might not have enough later. Perhaps my favorite point in the entire book is when Karie said that we need to stop acting like every meal is “the last night.” It’s time to rid yourself of scarcity thinking and embrace abundance, guilt-free!

Another problem that I never thought about is the effects of menopause and “menopause” on our eating habits. Karie suggests that we retrain ourselves to think of this period not as a midlife crisis but a midlife awakening. He says that it would be unusual for there not to be an awakening in middle age, so we should celebrate this time, not just eat our way through it.

Other factors that affect our weight include holding grudges. As Karie says, “Forgiving is like vegetables—good for you or not.” Otherwise, we may be worried about what weight we want to be – in short, we are worried about success. We create scary scenarios, like we think that if we stick to a health program we will never have fun, and if we lose weight we will have to spend a bunch of money on new clothes. Karie reveals that we can still have fun; we just need a little flexibility: “It’s not all or nothing. It’s not about Christmas. It’s about Christmas being a month long, camp being a season long, and Friday for life.”

Those are just a few details from The Domino Diet. Karie writes in a dignified, honest, and fun style that’s heavily filled with insight, plus reflections, affirmations, and great quotes that will motivate you to make the changes you need to experience the full potential of your mental and physical well-being. . I hope you will read this book and start your dominoes in a row to create results you will love.

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