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A Good Letter Can Make You a Fortune in Direct Mail

Now let’s go back to Maxwell Sackheim. Sackheim is also known for founding the “Book of the Month” club. So what can you learn from Sackheim’s Book of the Month Club? More than you think. People are lazy. Getting people to do all kinds of activities is not easy. That’s why most advertising uses deadlines and long-term offers. Sackheim used this human trait to his advantage. Each month, members of his book club will be notified of that month’s book selection and unless they say they don’t want the book – it’s assumed they’ve asked for it and it will be sent to them later. Travelers!

Sackheim came up with this idea and now every “month” club works like this. Have you experienced this?

Maybe you think: “this won’t work for me” or “my business is really different” then you are missing the point and just not creative enough.

You can use Sackheim’s “Negative Option Plan” for your business. If, for example, you have a basic business, you can have a membership or subscription site that brings regular, monthly income.

Your customers’ credit cards can be charged each month to renew their membership. People who are lazy will rarely cancel their subscriptions and bring you a nice recurring income.

Sackheim’s Negative Option Plan forces people to take action to cancel their renewals. Most people just can’t be bothered. you can benefit from this bit of human psychology. Of course, you have to provide a good product or service that gives value for money.

In 1917, Sackheim met a young man named Victor Schwab who hired him as his private secretary. Schwab, who worked with Sackheim, soon established himself as a good writer.

Maxwell Sackheim also wrote a great book on marketing called: “My First 60 Years in Advertising”. This book is out of print (like most of these classics) but if you are interested in the works of Maxwell Sackheim there is a book by Jerry Buchanan called: “Billion Dollar Marketing”. You should be able to get this from your high street bookstore or on Amazon.

Lines like the “character” formula are called the “open letter” technique.

In 1921 Publisher AWSaw collected 5,063 letters which made a huge sale for their starters. Publishers reduced this list and published 72 of these letters. These 72 were analyzed and classified. The result was their publication: “72 Letters and What It Gives Them”.

This book includes chapters on letters that open doors; letters that increase sales; letters that turn prospects into your friends; in fact, letters for many times. 72 of them.

There are examples of letters that return 18% to 20%. Letters that deliver 61% return. What would you pay for such returns?

Take for example this opening sentence: “There is a man in Boston who has an unusual way of making a living.”

Now who wouldn’t be interested in that? Many people, and so they continue to read the rest of the letter.

Even if you have to give something away to entice your prospect to respond, the letter still needs to be effective.

There was a good enough “hole” in the opening sentence above for the reader to read. But the letter had to reveal the “Big Idea” sooner or later. Suffice it to say that this particular letter got results (a 61% return) and the pulling power of such a letter makes it worth reading.

“72 Letters and What to Give Them” will help you put together a heartwarming letter for any situation, no matter what line of business you’re in.

In 1923, John Orr Young and Raymond Rubicam founded Young and Rubicam in Philadelphia.

In 1928 BDO merged with Garry Batten Co. merged with and formed BBDO with a bill of 32 million dollars.

In 1928, Victor Schwab and his partner closed Sackheim’s agency, after Sackheim decided to ‘call it a day’. He was responsible for creating commercials for Dale Carnegie; Charles Atlas; and Sherwin Cody courses (as was Sackheim).

His famous works include the 1930 best-selling classic: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

He wrote a series of articles titled: “How to Write a Good Ad” and introduced a 5 step formula.

His series of articles later turned into a book called: “How to write a good advertisement”.

In 1930 James Webb Young worked as a professor and used his lecture notes to publish his first book: “How To Become An Advertising Man”.

In the 1930’s the Advertising Age began in Chicago

Another master writer in 1934 was Robert Collier. He went to New York for his uncle’s publishing house. His first success was when he sold thousands of Harvard classics. These books were collected by Dr. Eliot of Harvard and sold by Collier as “The Famous Five-Foot Bookshelf”.

Collier had the idea of ​​writing a series of books on psychology. He worked day and night to finish them. Books named: “Secrets of the Ages.” He sold over 300,000 copies of that title and continued to write more titles and self-help books.

He was a talented writer but his best skills were in writing deadly letters.

In 1934, he wrote, which is now famous: “The Letter Book of Robert Collier”.

Here are just a few of his secrets for writing sales letters.

Collier was particularly famous for one type. He: “Will you do me a favor?” letter He got the idea when he read about a manager who asked one of his competitors for a favor – he wanted to know how to deal with customers who took advantage of their terms. And this technique helped bring the two companies together.

Collier thought this technique could work well in print. He wasn’t wrong!

One of his letters was responsible for selling 20,000 bars and more than a dozen other products.

There are some strong psychological principles in the letter.

At the same time, people want to help. As Collier knew all those years ago, people like to give ideas.

If you’re running your business offline, ask people for ideas in your direct mail or newsletters.

If you are working online, a good technique to use is surveys. If people aren’t ready to buy yet, they like to give feedback.

It makes them even stronger if you give them something free in return. Something valuable, like a report with some useful information. But what you give them, it should be useful.

Now you might think, OK, his letter was written 70 years ago. Of course, this technique has been around for a long time. Think?

Just before his death in 1950, Robert Collier was asked to choose his 15 most powerful and hypnotic letters. These were collected and sold: “Robert Collier’s Million Dollar Sales Letters.”

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