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How Larry King Interviewed Tim Sales – The Professional Inviter and Tim Sales Review

Tim Sales is clearly the BEST MLM MANAGER in the ENTIRE Industry. I want you to think of all the educators out there…who could have gotten Larry King to interview them? Many names do not come to mind. Tim did it, and I watched him do it live. Well, I know how this story came about from the inside, but suffice it to say that’s not what I’m here to talk about at all. I am here to talk about why 98% of network marketers fail in MLM. In my opinion it is a mess. Their communication skills are terrible and they don’t know how to market. You can be a great conversationalist but if you don’t have anyone to talk to, then you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go. Also, you can have all the leads in the world but if you can’t connect with those prospects then you’re going to fall flat on your face. I have seen it time and time again.

Just like you should have a system to build your team. A system to generate leads. A system for marketing. You need to have a systematic plan of how you will talk to EVERYONE. I love online network marketing, but you can’t hide behind your computer and just hope people sign up with you without talking to them. You can’t be in a social setting or out and about and screw it up and think you’re going to make great connections in your everyday life. Also, I keep hearing the statement that once you generate your leads you will have to pick up the phone and “Build the Connection.” Well my friends this is 100% true. But “Build a Relationship” gives you no clue on HOW to build a relationship.

Here comes Tim Sales’ Professional Inviter riding in to save your mouth from making the deal go south. Seriously though, the 6 Steps to the Invitation Formula and 10 Communication Skills will definitely polish your communication skills. But you should read it. You have to MASTER it. You can’t listen to it once and think you’re going to cry. These are “motivational” tapes. But really they are motivational because once you know that, you will start getting the success you deserve and that is very MOTIVATING. I have trained thousands of people on this formula. But it should be a part of you and your team. I watch people make their videos online and a lot of the videos are terrible because people are violating the 10 Communication Skills. And if you don’t know what they are… then you really need to get this information.

Over the years I have bought every tool for sale from anyone you can think of that sells them. You have the name of the coach… I had. But then I got my hands on this CD set called The Professional Inviter, I literally went down a huge Hefty (several) dumpster and threw away all those thousands of dollars worth of CDs, DVDs without even an ounce. from hesitation. I realized how screwed I was by buying all these products from people who had NEVER done MLM successfully, but they were going to teach me “sales skills”. Yeah right. Someone asked me why you didn’t put all those CDs in your basement. My response, “You’re IN! Why would I want to mess with those bugs!” All they needed to do was purchase The Professional Inviter by Tim Sales and they would have the keys to MLM advertising mastery.

Who do you take advice from? Listen up….
This one idea will change what you buy and who you listen to and save you a lot of money if you pay attention. Only get advice from people who have successfully done what they are talking about or writing about. Nixte. That’s why hiring a Professional is so important. Tim Sales teaches you communication skills that work for network marketers.

Here’s an example…The difference here is being “interested” with your prospect versus being “interested” in your audience. Interested people will ask questions about your prospect, “How long have you worked at XYZ company? … What made you go into that field.” For your interesting prospect it would be, “Oh I work in corporate America, but I quit a long time ago.” There is a difference. You can do Attraction Marketing all day long and call yourself an expert, but when you get on the phone or meet someone in person, and you don’t have the Invitation Formula and 10 Communication Skills in tact, then you’re setting yourself up. for failure. Get someone wrong and you can be labeled as a complete failure or someone who never lives up to your brand.

People have said to me, “You know Steve, the Professional Inviter doesn’t work.” Then I ask them, “What are the steps to the invitation formula?” They turn around… look shy and can’t answer, and that just proves my point that they don’t know… so how can it work? Learn it. The funny thing is that it shows you how to help people resist saying things like, “Well, you’re not right.” It’s better to say, “Just Focus on Communication Quality #2… Don’t Get Lost in Your Environment Because when you were on the phone with your visitors, you were texting right away and you missed what they were saying.”

So when I trained my key people as experts in communication, then the two things that were missing were Marketing and Leadership. They didn’t have enough people to talk to. Until you know how to market, how to generate your leads, and the PRINCIPLES behind success in marketing… your results will slow down or stop.

I have watched many well-educated people fall flat on their faces regardless of how great their products or companies were because they simply did not know how to market or build their business FIRST. Your job as an Entrepreneur is to EDUCATE yourself first and foremost to develop yourself to ALWAYS learn and grow. And you must learn communication and marketing skills or your business will not be in your hands.

If you want to set yourself apart from all network marketers online or offline then Master The Professional Invite and learn how to start generating leads. This is the true formula for success and will lead to the best in the long run. If you follow that formula and actually USE KNOWLEDGE to market your business like a true Professional…then you will have a huge advantage over most other Network Marketing Distributors…huge. Ultimately, you will brand yourself as a Professional whether you build your business online or offline.

By the way…Tim used the Invitation Formula to ask Larry King about MLM in front of 8,000 people. He simply used the Qualify Step along with Post Qualifiers #1 and #10. #1 Be interested in your prospect. #10 Have the Intention to Improve Your Future Life. “What would you like to do that you can’t do right now?” Tim asked Larry after Hi was established. Larry replied, “Comedy…I like stand up comedy.” Tim was surprised, but then asked, “If I could get an audience of 10,000 people to do comedy in front of you, would you ask me questions about the MLM industry?” Larry said, “Can you do that?” Tim, “Yes sir.” Larry then said OK write down these numbers and gave Tim all his contact details. That’s the fast version. But this is how it happened. Could you have Larry King sit down with you, and if you did…would you really explain MLM to him? Think about this. I can show you how to do it. It’s surprising how many industry leaders fail.

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