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How to Handle Formula (Bottle) Feeding

If you’ve already weighed in on your feeding options and decided to go bottle-feeding, this article is here to reassure you that bottle-feeding your baby is perfectly fine! You might start to get overwhelmed with all the “Important Notes” you read everywhere that breast is best.

It might be the best, but don’t feel guilty about choosing a formula if you feel it’s not for you.

There are several reasons why some women cannot breastfeed. Your milk supply may be low, due to low iron levels, poor diet, busy lifestyle etc.

If you have tried it and found it difficult to cope with the initial pain associated with breastfeeding, with the tiredness of waking up frequently in the night to feed and with the frustration that your baby often takes two feeds and falls back asleep is in only to wake up in another hour for another meal, because maybe a bottle would stop all that.

What do I need?

Of course, you need the basic equipment, and that is the formula itself and the bottle and milk.

What formula?

If you are worried about which brand of formula to choose, ask your Health Visitor or GP about what is best for your baby. In most cases, babies are fed cow’s formula (cow’s milk fortified with the right levels of vitamins and minerals).

It is very easy to choose between brands, they all meet the necessary standards without exception, so you can give it to your baby with confidence. But if your baby is lactose-allergic, your HV or GP will probably recommend soy formula for her. If she is constipated before starting solid foods, she probably needs a formula with a higher fiber level.

After 6 months, the baby needs an iron-fortified formula to compensate for the loss of iron accumulated during pregnancy and consumed during the first six months. This is the main reason that cow’s milk should not be given to babies as a substitute for formula before 12 months of age.

What glasses?

You may be confused about the number of choices you are presented with when it comes to baby gear. This is probably a case of trial and error. Soon you will discard the bad choices and focus on the good ones.

Different bottles and bottles offer different levels of comfort to babies. Some babies may find a silicone bra harder to handle than a latex one. However, before you choose latex sweets, you should check with your doctor if there is a possibility that your child is allergic to latex.

You may also find that your baby gets less gas from a narrow neck bottle where flow and suction are better controlled. For more information on colic, please click here.

How to prepare a formula meal?

The best way to do it is to follow the formula manufacturer’s directions shown on the can. Please make sure you use exactly the prescribed amount of powder and water, otherwise it can make your child sick and cause kidney problems.

It is also recommended that you boil the water only once so that the water does not become soft.

Does my child need to drink more water?

It is recommended that formula-fed babies drink plenty of water between meals after one month.

It’s good to encourage water intake anyway, so don’t introduce anything new when baby starts solids.

What else?

o a sterilizer if you don’t plan to boil your equipment, this can be an electric steam sterilizer or a microwave sterilizer. If you choose a microwave, note that often introducing latex gloves to microwaves will

o damage them after a while;

o bottle brush for washing bottles and bottles;

o a heating bottle;

o Car windshield heating;

o an insulated bottle bag;

o a dust diffuser, especially useful on the road or during the night;

There is no need for a cooler bag, as today, health authorities recommend that formula be prepared fresh, the water not properly prepared, and kept cold (in the refrigerator or in a cooler bag) until feeding time. Research has shown that bacteria can grow in water within hours and can multiply by the millions when milk is heated and fed to a baby.

Therefore, it is recommended to boil fresh water, leave it for 30 minutes and prepare the formula.

Formula cartridges are especially useful if you’re on the go and boiling fresh water is difficult. They are made in cartons of 200 or 500 ml, ready and ready to drink.

If you are going on vacation and have doubts about the water quality in that area, cartridges are probably the best choice.

However, in all cases without exception, please make sure that the water that is fed to the baby is always pre-boiled.

For how long?

It is recommended to give babies a sippy cup or a white cup after 6 months to wean the bottle. Prolonged use of toothpaste is proven to cause tooth decay.

When the baby has the first tooth, he should be used to using the first stage white cup and when he is 12-14 months old, it is recommended that he use only the white cup. It is recommended that milk be given to babies only in a cup and not in a feeding bottle.

However, some children find it difficult to give up their bottles. If your baby is still drinking from a bottle after 14 months, take a step and don’t panic. If you constantly encourage her to use the white cup, she will soon pick it up.

The best way to do this is to offer the cup as often as you can and keep the bottle only for mealtimes (three times a day). Also try feeding her water from a bottle and water from a bowl, as she will be happier with plain water.

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