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The Art of the Sale – Developing Website Content

There was a time in the province of Ontario, where you couldn’t show people drinking beer in a television commercial. In fact, you couldn’t even point to the glass; About the only thing you could display was the beer-related label. So advertisers had to focus on attractive young people having a good time. The beer was never seen, only implied.

You would think that this limitation would be a big obstacle to selling beer, but since advertisers had to sell psychological appeal instead of traditional attributes, they had to focus on the emotional point, thus showing the true value of the brand. do it consumers

The government of the day, in its puritanical stupidity, actually helped beer companies find better ways to sell more beer than they would have otherwise found left alone.

What is your psychological state?

The web is not that different; it’s not that there’s anything in particular you can’t show, there’s just a lot of things that, when shown as they are, just don’t capture the spirit of the product. Sandpaper is not about abrasive properties, it is about beautiful furniture or a new family room; board games aren’t about cardboard pieces, they’re a fun way to spend time with family and friends; and cosmetics are not about trendy colors, or this year’s botanical elixirs, they are simply about making yourself as attractive as possible.

This basic fact should be at the heart of any web content development initiative. Whatever you’re selling, a product, a service, or even an idea, it’s the psychological appeal and emotional appeal that will make or break your Web offering.

An Exercise in Creative Thinking

Take a piece of paper that is blank on both sides. On one side, write down all the features and benefits you typically sell to customers. On the other side of the paper, write down what psychological value or emotional benefit each of these traits actually represents.

Now you decide, which side of the paper makes for a stronger, more memorable presentation, the feature itself, or what the feature really means to your customers?

What business are you actually in?

The same exercise can be used for the company as a whole. On one side of the paper list all the things you do for customers, then on the other side list how these services or products actually affect the psychological framework or emotional well-being of your customers. For example, Michelin makes tires, but they’re really in the safety business: tire design, rubber compounds, and manufacturing techniques are all just things that make for a safe ride in the family car.

What is the purpose of your website?

Every company has a website, they have become as common and common as a phone book address or a business card.

Some companies spend a fortune on the latest cutting-edge Web technologies without thinking about what it’s all about. Other companies spend next to nothing because they don’t really know why they even need a website; they have one because everyone else does.

If your website is not targeted, you will never be able to develop appropriate content, and without appropriate content it does not matter what your website looks like, or what trendy development techniques you use.

Questions you should ask yourself are why do I have a website; What is the goal, and what do we hope to achieve? Only after you have answered these questions can you develop appropriate content for your website.

Sales are based on trust, not prices.

If you think that the only purpose a website should have is to sell things, then you will never develop a successful long-term Web business. Sites should not be treated as zero sum games where everything you win is offset by what someone else loses.

If you’re not a cheater, don’t act like one.

The other day I was looking for an expensive tool. I found a site that sold what we needed. It was your standard catalog site with little or no information about the company, what it stood for, or who was responsible for what.

When I saw the very low prices they were charging, sirens started going off in my head. The first thing I did was look for an address but there wasn’t one listed, then I tried to call but was on hold for about ten minutes, finally I did a search on the company, and what I found was amazing. . This company had as bad a reputation as I’ve ever heard of.

You better understand why people buy.

A website is a communication vehicle, and communication means more than images, prices and an order button. If sales is what you’re after, you better understand why people buy specific products and services from specific vendors.

Increased sales are the result of investing in building strong business relationships. Your website can help you do that by spreading knowledge, building trust, establishing personality, and attracting emotional and psychological value: all the ingredients you need to give your company a competitive advantage.

What do visitors remember about you?

If your website is designed for the sole purpose of selling visitors without any other connection to your company, chances are, you will only get a small percentage of website traffic. Realizing that the sales-to-traffic ratio is small, you have surely spent a lot of time and money to attract as many visitors as possible. So, for every visitor who leaves without making a purchase, you’ve suffered a net loss from your marketing investment.

But if you adopt a more liberal attitude towards your marketing objective. Instead of ignoring and perhaps even alienating those who don’t buy, let’s say you give them something to remember, something to try, something to bring them back to when they’re ready to buy. That way, you’ve maximized your investment in generating website traffic, and you’ve given yourself an opportunity to ultimately capitalize on their interest and interest in your website.

How do you turn your website into a memorable experience?

There is often a reluctance on the part of business owners to invest in things that cannot be directly linked to their bottom line, but failing to achieve extensive marketing results as an indirect sales tool will ultimately cripple sales efforts.

There is no secret scientific formula, or computer model that will make your business successful; the only understanding that sales is a function of trust, understanding and acceptance of the psychological and emotional value of what you are selling. Build your website content and presentation around these factors and you will maximize the return on your investment in attracting an interested audience.

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