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Men Who Spend Luxuriously With Women But Are Paupers Away From Them

A friend had gone to his girlfriend’s place in Nairobi last weekend while the rest of us were heading to the beach for a team building meeting. On Monday morning as we were shaking hands to leave for a day of rest before starting work again the next day, he called one of us to mention an urgent matter he wanted to discuss with him. So the friend asked me to stay with him for a long time while he was waiting for him to go to the city from his girlfriend’s house. When he came and asked what was the matter, he made a rude and shy smile and pulled it away from me. and started begging him to give him some money to go home.

Unfortunately his friend didn’t have any money and instead advised him to try if I could help him. Since I didn’t have any money, we chatted on a nearby street at a nearby ATM, my friend told him a bit about how he spent the ten thousand that the employer gave us in just two days.

When I jokingly consoled that men spend blindly in front of the women they love, his desperation found a way and began to empty his heart.

He lamented that he was convinced that his future wife, who is from a clan famous for witchcraft, uses powerful drugs to blind him in order to spend cheaply with her, just to make him poor. leave I joked that he should dump her for a better girl who won’t leave him, but he contradicted himself and said that it might be a problem because he once had another girl from central Kenya and that he had the same financial constraints before.

Another colleague suggested that there was nothing wrong with this, saying that our friend was simply not caught up in this web because he knows friends who spend all their money on entertaining the ladies and don’t go home with a bag. the salt that their wife asked for. or half a kg of sugar. Sometimes they also find themselves without money to return to their places, and start begging money from foreigners, saying that they have been attacked by kidnappers or that they have been robbed.

Finally it becomes clear that many men have many financial difficulties while with their female lovers, it is not just a problem unique to my colleague at work.

Hassan, a shopkeeper on Mombasa road in Nairobi admits to having suffered from this problem as a teenager and boasts that he fought it wisely by ensuring that he always carried the right amount of money that he thought he needed. he does when he was with his girlfriend. He says that although he was often embarrassed when he told his girlfriend that he had no more money, he spared the embarrassment of buying her expensive gifts and asking his friends when he returned to work. . .

In fact, he admits that it helped him love his girlfriend better that he finally decided to marry her. He says that at first he felt that the lady was using jewelry on him and thus he did not feel completely free when he was with her. When he finally got control of his spending, he discovered that it was his own problem and loved her more until last year when they exchanged vows in a colorful wedding at the Nairobi Arboretum. He was also surprised how the lady corrected her behavior and stopped asking for gifts and goodies.

For Kamaliza, a popular mason around the town of Mwingi, Kenya, women are best described as demons. He recalls a time when he left home to pay school fees for his son who was in third grade at the time. He says he decided to spend the night in a local town and cool off his bowels a bit before starting to pay his school fees in the morning. He recounts his ordeal with a sleazy girl, who deflated his wits and robbed him of the seven thousand he asked for as a fee. He recounts his embarrassment the next morning as he roamed the city looking for a neighbor who worked as a conductor to help him get home, instead of going to school to clear his son’s school fees. When asked by a fellow mason if she tricked him into taking more than enough beer and then stole it, he denies it and says that he spent the money himself, he wasn’t really drunk because he just picked up three bottles of Alsopps.

According to him, this was the hardest lesson of his life. Because when he finally found a trace of his neighbor, he told him that he could stay in his house until he looked for his money, on the grounds that he was broke and not yet a month old. He recalls how he slept on the floor in the ‘boys’ house’ for a whole week when he was a rich man and had a luxurious house at home. After catching the brother and returning home, he lied to his wife that he was caught and arrested by the patrolling police on the way to pay the school fees. To cover this up, he borrowed money from another man who was building a house for him and sent a cousin to pay for his son to be sent home as this would make him lose his wife’s trust.

He says that from that day on, he swore to himself that he would never work with any woman except his wife. Nzomo, a linguistics graduate from Moi University, recalls a time when he was on the verge of dropping out of school, the result of a romantic relationship with a classmate. The young man, who now works as a PR officer with a well-known church foundation, says that only receiving Christ helped him regain his courage after he hit what he calls a rock edge.

One Sunday morning, when the end of the semester exams were starting the next morning, he sadly realized that he had a fee balance and would not be able to get the exam card for sitting the next day’s paper, trying to convince the dean. He had failed at school the entire previous week and he now faced the disaster of losing an entire school year.

His parents paid all the school fees he asked for and also got a loan from the Higher Education Loans Board. He felt completely cornered and felt that what he was calling his absence was inevitable.

He is glad that he embraced bold and swift measures and somehow maneuvered the damning situation. He called his girlfriend and when she called, he introduced her as the girl’s daughter and himself as Lucifer. Before she could ask him what the matter was, he declared without hesitation that the matter was over and that he had accepted Jesus as his personal savior.

He quickly dressed and joined other believers in the service of Christian unity, after the sermon and the evangelist asked him if there was anyone who wanted to break the yoke of sin and accept Jesus Christ, he said that he was.

At the priest’s request, he walked towards the pulpit crying. After a few short prayers followed by the sound of thunder, the passionate preacher, to deny the evil one and accept the surrender of his heavy burden to the son of man, tearfully announced to the congregation that he had lost both his parents. A year ago, he had a terrible traffic accident, and it was because of the scale of the fee of twenty thousand that he did not face the exam. The officers of the Christian union, after a short discussion, asked the rest of the church to give generously to the orphans, the president passionately philosophizing that anyone who helps the orphans is helping God himself. They collected a total of sixteen thousand; the rest was provided from the treasury of the union. He barely escaped the nightmare!

Despite working as a taxi driver in Kenya for more than ten years, he has no family, not even a built structure called a house at home. He tearfully complains that the women conspired to milk him to the grave. The man who swears by his dental formula that women and devils are birds of a feather is Ulomola for you. He recalls that in 2009, when he was hospitalized for three months, the total bill was 159,000, but he could not raise one percent of the cost. The grief of well-wishers and relatives who participated in the fundraiser organized by his elderly mother.

By saying this, tears flowed easily from his eyes, he realized that women have become a circle for him that he can’t do anything about. He cries when he realizes for the first time that he never bought his mother’s dress, not even a handkerchief, but spent thousands on other women’s clothes.

If you think that the above has suffered a great disgrace, then you have probably never heard of the travails of Musyoka, the irrepressible young man who sold all his acres of land and turned to the love of his life. Within four months, all 300,000 pounds had been disposed of and the mother of one called her tribe to report that someone had gone to her house and refused to leave, and could they help her escape?

Yet the middle-aged man is alive and can at least tell his story while hoping against hope for a chance to hit the jackpot one day. It is better. One Musyoki, people tell you, once had a talented lover from Central Kenya, and the duo seemed bound in unbreakable bonds of love until the regrettable events of 1987.

She persuaded him to write a will, because death was not stupid, nor was it love, and he never knew the hour or the minute. After he wrote that in the event of his untimely death, he could give all his millions to his mistress, he hired the woman and before sunset all the wealth was in her name.

On this premise, any young man who appears to be madly in love with a woman is labeled as the “Musyoki of 1987!”

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