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Why Do We Should Legalize Drugs

When I was studying Law in University many years ago… Criminal Law Professor Mr. Díez Ripolles gave a lecture on drug legalization. We are talking about the end of the 80s. Time passes but the debate on this question is more alive than ever, especially when more and more countries are interested. Legalization of drugsas in Canada (April 2017) and Uruguay (December 2013) which have legalized. marijuana. Finally, the sale and consumption of the product has been allowed.

10 reasons for legalizing drugs

1º.- Organized crime will be attacked in one of its main structures

According to Friedman Milton, illegality encourages criminalization because there is no free competition, but there are rules imposed by cartels. Customers have to go through the hoops of these groups, they are not free to shop where they want. Prices go up at will without control. In short, the legalization of drugs “will almost keep them out.”

2.- Food will be less. Contrary to what one might think, there are studies done in the Netherlands that show it Cannabis use has decreased. The Netherlands is one of the first countries to legalize this article.

3.- The price of the fight against organized crime is very high. If we add police corruption, we add another strong reason to this legalization of medicine.

4.- The health of the people will win, because the control will make the drugs safer and in this way many deaths will be avoided. You can find more in the European report on drugs. Diseases such as hepatitis and HIV will be greatly reduced.

5.- Court cases will be reduced and other cases will be prevented. Also, reduce the index of related crimes, according to the 2017 report of Spain on drugs.

6.- More security in many countries.

7.- Education. In the same way that we are educated about the effects of alcohol, the legalization of marijuana, for example, will help us to unimpeded information about the inconveniences of consuming them, as well as the benefits.

8.- Legalization will reduce the price of drugs, reduce the costs of production and mediation that have been introduced due to the ban. That is, many people who are addicted to these substances have to steal or engage in prostitution to pay off the Set Cartels.

9.- No fundamental rights such as freedom of communication, residence, etc.

10.- Citizens understand that there are no criminals behind drugs, but in many cases there are sick people who have made a big mistake.

Countries that have legalized the drug

A) The Netherlands is the country that started the marijuana trade, as well as many other social initiatives. There, ya wealth and ownership Marijuana is criminalized even though cultivation appears to have been approved by Congress since 2017. There are places where this drug is sold, called ‘Cafes’, which have been designated since the 1976 Opium Act to sell these products (five grams per person over 18) and this activity they are allowed.

B) Uruguay. The law says that only Uruguayans can grow marijuana at home and it can only be found in 30 pharmacies in the country that are ready for sale, at 1.30 dollars (1.13 euros) per gram, much cheaper and better than the black market. to buy. Buyers will simply swipe a device at the pharmacy. The machine will recognize them as users and check that they have not exceeded the legal limit of 10 grams per week. It’s a formula to control her by guaranteeing her anonymity – the pharmacist doesn’t know her name – as well as keeping strangers out. As of 2017, it is possible to obtain a maximum of 40 grams of marijuana per month in some pharmacies in the country with a concentration between 2 and 4% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component of cannabis. The central government regulates the licensing of cultivation and its sale, but although the mafias that once dominated it have greatly reduced its activity, some financial institutions have threatened to stop doing business with pharmacies if they continue this service. The international organizations’ statements have surrounded the whole process with uncertainty.

c) Despite the historical association between marijuana and Jamaica, possession in that country until 2015 is subject to heavy penalties. But three years ago (in 2016), the birthplace of reggae and the Caribbean island of enviable beaches, criminalized the possession of small amounts. for both tourists and residents.

e) The United States (USA) has certain autonomy in each North American state, so they have in recent years allowed the regulated distribution of marijuana for non-medical use. With the recent legalization of this substance for recreational purposes in California (for cultivation, consumption, and trade) as well as the states of Colorado, Washington, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, and Massachusetts.

f) According to Wikipedia: “In 2001, Portugal became the second country in the European Union after Spain to abolish criminal penalties for possession of drugs for private and personal use, and users must take drugs instead of prison. As one of the senior officials of the Ministry of Health explained, “The problem is to suppress the disease, but not the patients, the Portuguese state is against drugs, so its consumption is not prohibited, but we are against drugs. Therefore, after being rehabilitated, they can return to normal life without being detained and most importantly, without any proof that they have been detained, which is important, for example, to find a job. For example, a person is arrested by the police. The number of drugs that do not exceed a certain level is taken to a monitoring commission attached to the Ministry of Health, which if necessary will send him to a detoxification center, but without a record or a legal file. The number of drugs will be referred to the court. .

Drug legalization in Spain

Now Podemos and Ciudadanos (Both Political Parties) are protesting for legalization with the clear opposition of PP (Another Political Party). The fact is that the law in Spain is already starting many positive decisions in favor of possession for consumption, despite the setback for the Cannabis Clubs with the last sentence of 2015 of the Supreme Court that condemned the president, secretary and treasurer. club while they were preparing partner cases

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