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Internet Marketing is a Nightmare Without These 3 Things!

The question that everyone wants to know is; “Can I Make a Six Figure Income with an Internet Marketing Business?”. Well, the answer is YES if you follow these three (3) basic elements of mind, connect with the right Company, market yourself as an expert.

The first and most important component of perfection is your awareness and education. It is the glue that holds it all together. Without awareness you will never achieve the financial freedom you desire. This is perhaps the most critical of all. Many of us are not programmed to succeed. Based on our past experiences, we have these defeatist attitudes. Our subconscious thoughts have made us who we grew up believing we are, and sometimes we get caught. We need to set goals that are bigger than ourselves and reach for the stars. You need to focus on what your goals are, create a plan on what strategies are needed to achieve your goals and implement the plan. A clear written plan is the best way to stay on track. Before you go to sleep, write a daily action plan every night so that the subconscious mind can take on the task and form a strategy.

The Right Company

The second component is the Company; and seven (7) key elements that every entrepreneur should know before he decides to start an internet business;

A. Does the company have unique products or services? Is the product in demand? As the economy continues to soften, we have many companies out there claiming that their products or services are the best. I will recommend a product that is unique and cannot be purchased at your local store. If someone can buy a product at a lower price they will buy it.

B. Does the company have a profitable marketing plan, with generous upfront fees or strong late fees called residuals or both? The traditional approach is a “line” model where many sponsors on your upline are on his (her) frontline. This is an older style of marketing plan and the lines tend not to be deep. Another is called a “binary” model where the incentive is to run your lines deep to promote teamwork. It usually takes a long time to actually see money in these types of programs. Another type of marketing plan is called “Top Tier”, these tend to have an upfront cost with a lower cost throughout the monthly membership cycle. The nice part about this marketing plan is that your commission on each sale is reasonable, and with some practice, your income can be really big.

C. One of the most difficult aspects of any Internet Marketing is “disruption”. Is the replay system easy? Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. If the system does not bridge the skill or experience level of each member, “collapse” occurs. This is an important element because if you can’t train others to replicate what you’re doing, your internet business simply won’t grow and you’ll spend most of your time trying to position yourself instead of growing your business. protect “Operating systems” create repetition, (is that a word?). A person or business without a system is doomed to failure. You need a system that will help people help themselves. As a result, the people they help will help others and so on and so forth. The systems do the “heavy lifting” for you and work 24/7.

D. What does Corporate Governance look like? Are they experienced? Do they continue to reinvest in the company? The Internet is amazingly new. Google for example is only ten (10) years old and has 1.5 billion searches per day and is still evolving to meet customer needs. With those changes, you’ll want a company that can continue to thrive in the face of change. You are constantly learning in this environment. If the marketing platform changes, you must also be informed and adapt.

E. Does the Company have plans for global expansion? This one is self-explanatory. You need an ever-expanding market with new products or services.

F. Is he the personality of the Company? Do they support the community? Are they good corporate citizens? There is a lot of money being generated in this industry and it’s nice to know if the core group leaders are coming back to create a legacy for themselves and those less fortunate. True leaders in this industry have such lofty goals that they maintain their motivation when money is no longer their driving force.

G. How will you receive support and training? These things can range from back-office training to videos, webinars, and live conferences. These things are very important to your continued growth and development especially if you are not a rock scholar. Most internet marketers are self-made entrepreneurs, we build everything from wedding websites to blogs, videos to SEO landing pages ourselves. The learning curve is steep for most people, so you’ll need a lot of back-office training that can be reviewed over and over again. You need to access this information when you need it, even if it’s 2 AM.

You need to position yourself as a Leader
Our third party markets itself as an expert. Ok, so you just started your new home business and you’re not making $5 million a month in sales like 90% of the skateboard set. Well, we can start from the beginning like them. This business is based on your ability to market and build a team. This industry is notorious for wild income claims and what most of these guys won’t tell you is; they brought half of their discount with them from a previous venture and so they can make these amazing income claims. If truth be told, these guys had to work really hard to get where they are today and they would be the first to tell you that. You need to enjoy the journey of building your team and create real value for your bottom line once you get there. Remember we are in a marathon not a sprint.

Let’s face it, people don’t buy people from business. They want someone (you) to help them on their journey to get them where they want to go. You also have to understand that it’s not about you, it’s about them. You need to be “your own success story”. Build your brand and be personal proof in systems you believe work. Start your own blog, create a video and constantly invest in your education and dominate the site with your content. Leaders are students.

Anyone who advertises on the web knows what the term “pay per click” (PPC) means. When a customer types in a request for information, and the search engines believe that your story is relevant to what the reader is looking for, they “click” on your ad and that click is the sound of Google’s cash register. But don’t dare to use (PPC) unless you have deep pockets and a personal website. This strategy can be very expensive until you learn the techniques. Google will permanently disable your account. The alternative to carving out Google’s niche is “natural search” or “content search” ie your story. Remember that you have a story, it’s unique and it’s an important story. Share your story and use your life experiences to demonstrate your ability to be a leader.

Once again, the most important element to your success in your new Internet business venture is your mindset. Feed your mind every day with rich experiences and education, which will pay big dividends in the long run. If you keep your mind healthy your internet business will follow.

You are in the Right Place
If you are looking for a business that can create unlimited income potential, time freedom and a sense of accomplishment when you help others succeed, you are in the right place. There are no get-rich-quick schemes with a legitimate Internet business and awareness, education and persistence are your golden tools that will build the foundation for continued success in your new Internet business.

I’ll See You At The Top!

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