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Selecting a Childcare Center That Will Provide a Safe and Healthy Environment For Children

Choosing a child care center is one of the most important decisions a working parent will make to help ensure the health, safety, and overall well-being of their child while they are away from them. Thousands of children are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries that occur in child care centers or foster homes other than those cases of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, some of those children lost their lives.

There are steps that can be taken to help ensure that a child is properly cared for while a parent is at work. The first question a parent should ask is whether the childcare center or childcare home has an open door policy. If the answer is no, that provider should not be selected. Next, parents should ask the potential provider if they are licensed by the child care licensing department to operate a child care center or home and if the certification is current.

Check if staff are trained on bloodborne pathogens. With diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B, etc., and antibiotic-resistant strains of various infections, make sure that child care workers wear plastic gloves when changing diapers and providing first aid, and that gloves and clothing should be disposed of in a separate waste container. labeled body fluids’. All trash must have plastic bags inside and lockable lids. All trash must be removed at the end of each day.

Parents should not be afraid to ask to see the license and the most recent inspection date. Find out how many infants, toddlers and older children have been licensed and how many children are currently being cared for. Make sure the employee has passed a background check by the local police department and state investigative agency. Health and Human Service agencies and local police departments often submit a request for a background check on behalf of a parent for a nominal fee.

Parents should also find out if childcare workers are trained on child abuse and neglect and state reporting requirements for suspected child abuse. With the increasing number of cases of domestic violence and abductions by non-custodial parents and other caregivers, parents should know whether the doors are locked during the hours the center is open for business and how the child care provider ensures that only approved people are picked up. adopt a child and if they have a form that can be signed that states who can and cannot adopt a child?

Other educational staff should be trained in positive discipline, nutrition, child development, how to prepare and store food, food allergies and foodborne illnesses, and food storage and handling, etc. CPR, other CPR, choking, and care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers by a local American Red Cross, hospital, or other person or agency whose training staff is certified. Make sure there is enough staff to care for the number of children in the center or private childcare home.

Walk through the daycare center or home, including the outdoor play areas, and the kitchen where meals are prepared. Make sure that cleaning supplies and other hazardous materials are stored in containers with tight lids and that spray bottles are turned off and everything is kept in a locked cabinet out of the reach of children, and that surfaces are clean. Many accidents in child care centers occur when children accidentally come into contact with toxic materials because someone forgot to store cleaning supplies properly or failed to put them back in a locked cabinet.

To ensure their child’s safety, parents should ensure that tables are cleaned after meals with hot soapy water and other cleaning materials that may be more toxic only for cleaning tables, cabinets and bathrooms after child care center or home is used. closed for the day and followed by a second cleansing with warm water only. Also look around and make sure that electrical outlets have safety catches so that children don’t plug things into the sockets and get shocks.

Outdoor playgrounds should have equipment that is an appropriate height for young children to reduce the risk of injury from falling. See that there is plenty of space between pieces of equipment, that the play area is completely enclosed with a lockable door and that there are no pieces, tangled wires, etc. that children could injure.

Find out if staff go out with children to supervise and monitor their safety and comfort. If possible, outdoor playgrounds should have a thick layer of wood chips or soft rubber under the equipment to soften the fall. (Wooden sticks or rubber bands are helpful but not necessary as they can be an expensive purchase, especially for a private child care home). Larger childcare centers should separate playground equipment and items such as trikes used by older children from equipment for children under five.

A fire and evacuation plan, a floor plan and emergency contact numbers should be posted on a wall or bulletin board where it can be easily seen if needed. Depending on the area of ​​the country where the parent lives, the provider must have a plan for tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Ask the staff if the children are talked to about what to do if there is a fire on the premises and if fire drills are conducted regularly.

How a child’s care provider administers medication is important to the health of all children. Parents should ask the provider how they store medications that need to be refrigerated, whether there is a first aid kit that includes ipecac, and whether the medication is stored in a locked cabinet or box out of the reach of children. Ask to see the dates on first aid supplies and where medicine is stored.

Parents should try and plan for their child’s medication to be administered at home so that there is no risk due to the medicines prescribed to the children. Of course, if a child has a medical condition like diabetes or asthma, it will not be possible. Make sure the child care provider stores each child’s medication in a separate zip-lock bag with the child’s name on the bag as an extra precaution. Parents should also check if a provider sends a child allergic to medications, foods, etc. where other parents cannot see the children’s names while making sure staff have easy access to the list.

With the increase in unsafe toys and in light of the recent recalls of hundreds of toys made overseas due to lead paint, choking hazards, etc., parents should ask their child care provider if they have a current and updated list of recalled products such as there is an appearance. remember not to buy potentially dangerous baby toys and other products, including baby formula. If the provider does not have a list, parents can ask them to get one as a list can be downloaded and printed from the internet.

Security doors should be installed tightly in front of stairways, kitchen and laundry doors, basements, porches, utility areas, or other open spaces. Make sure basement doors have safety locks that are high enough that children cannot reach them and that there are child safety locks on cabinets, refrigerators, oven doors and microwaves. Check to make sure the cords are attached, so there is no potential for dangling.

For infants, child care providers must have cribs with a safety seal of certification, slats no more than two to three eighths of an inch apart, and mattresses that fit snugly. Ask providers how babies are placed in a crib to sleep, and make sure they are placed on their back without a pillow or pillow.

Once a child care center or home has been selected and a child is ready, parents should be sensitive to any changes in their child’s behavior. If the child is afraid of the provider, staff, or going to the child care center, parents follow up by asking their child questions and by scheduling a meeting with the center or home operator to discuss the concerns. If a child continues to be fearful, cries or screams and becomes attached to a parent or other caregiver, parents may want to consider finding a home or other child care center.

Parents can never do too much to ensure that their child, or the child of a friend or spouse, will be raised in a safe and healthy childcare environment. These guidelines will help in choosing the best provider and help the parent to be less stressed at work. A checklist can be created to help review the childcare setting the child will be exposed to.

As an early childhood education consultant, I sometimes had to inspect a child care center or a private child care home. The guidelines mentioned in this article are what I have looked into and trained for. A parent can never be too careful when choosing childcare.

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