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Baseball Hitting Drills That Really Work

I’ve been using baseball batting lessons since I was a kid to improve myself as a hitter. That was a long time ago. I had something that maybe not everyone has, the benefit of great coaching. From my dad in little league through high school and American Legion Baseball and then in the Minor League.

Generally, little league coaches are well-intentioned parents whose kids are on the team. But maybe they don’t know what makes a good actor. You need to know the proper mechanics of a good baseball pitch before you can practice them. Otherwise, you will do the wrong mechanism.

Rocky Balboa vs The Russian

Remember in the movie Rocky 4 when Rocky was training to fight the Russian? There was Russian training on all the high tech equipment and what was Rocky doing? He was dragging a sledge full of rocks through the snow and splitting firewood! The point is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in any kind of expensive training aids.

Here are some easy ways to learn to hit the baseball that will not only improve your pitching, but also cost less. And most of them you can do yourself.

Muscle memory

I quickly learned about muscle memory. A quick example of muscle memory is tying your shoes. Try this step. See how fast you can tie your shoes. You do it without really thinking about it. Because you’ve done it so many times that your brain and muscles almost do it for you. It’s muscle memory.

I still play in what is called Men’s Major League Baseball. It’s a league for us oldies who still want to play but aren’t struggling with the younger guys anymore.

I’m not bragging when I say I’m one of the best hitters in the league.

But it’s not because I have more skills and abilities than anyone else. That’s why I practice good baseball pitching mechanics non-stop.

The goal is to train your body to swing properly without thinking about it so that during a game you can just focus on hitting the baseball. You can’t think about staying on balance, staying back, taking a short step, etc.

Practice the correct mechanisms over and over and Muscle Memory will take care of this for you.


Visualization is becoming a popular training aid. We were doing this 35 years ago. With all the baseball hitting lessons I did, visualization was used all the time. Another word that describes visualization is pretending. Visualize yourself hitting the line drives. Create your own scenarios and play them out in your mind while you practice baseball hitting.

Let’s say you have the numbers 3 and 1 and the crow is hanging a rabbit ball. See yourself, as you swing, swing the ball past the 375-foot mark in right-center field. This really helps with muscle memory and makes these drills more enjoyable.

Remains behind

If I had to reteach a young player, and I had the right shift, the first thing we would talk about would be the back. I have seen so many young people hit the ball while swinging. It’s like they can’t wait for the ball to get to them, so they go forward to kick the ball.

We were doing a simple tutorial in the little leagues that helped me learn to lay back. Our coach will set us up in our batting position. He told us to pretend there was a steel rod that went through our heads, through our bodies, and out of our butts. Then this steel rod was attached to the ground so that we could not move forward.

Then it will allow us to step and turn. The goal here is to step forward with the front foot, but don’t let your body move forward. When you do this move, think of your step as reaching for the desert. Now, for this trick to be effective, you must practice it several times a day. Especially if you have a history of pneumonia. Don’t step forward to hit the ball. Be patient and let baseball come to you.

You can add to this lesson by practicing self-discipline. Your head should be down on the baseball as you swing. Your body will follow your head. So if you stick your head out when you swing, your front arm will follow and open up too early which will completely screw up your leg.

Practice your balance with this drill. When you swing, you must be balanced. Don’t move so hard that you bump around the battery box.

Practice all these things with this money but take them one at a time. Don’t try to work on three things at the same time. Work on staying for a few swings, then focus on balance and so on.

The Dominant Eye

Even if we are not aware of it, we are all dominated by the eye. Try this.

Hold the index finger and thumb of your left hand and make a V. Do the same with the index finger and thumb of your right hand. Now put your two index fingers and two thumbs together to form a triangle. Select an object on the wall and look at it with the triangle. Next, close your right eye. Can you still see the object? If not, close your left eye. Can you see it now? The eye with which people can see something is your dominant eye. So when you place it in the box, make sure you see the glass with your dominant eye.

If you’re a right-handed hitter and you’re right-eye dominant, you may have to turn your head a little more to make sure you can see the wheel with your right eye.

Ball On A String

Here’s another cool trick you can do yourself. And you can do this all day long. Get a baseball and a pair of goggles. An eye socket is small and looks like a bulb at the bottom and has a spot at the top. Look for them at any hardware store for a few pennies.

Place the end of the screwdriver against the baseball and twist it as far as you can. If necessary, insert a screwdriver into the loop to help drive it in.

Grab some string and hang a baseball bat from the ceiling of your garage.

For my automatic door opener I hang mine from a hinge or drive a small nail into a basement joist and tie a wire to it.

Use enough string so that the ball is about thigh high. Throw the baseball away. When he comes back, punch him. Now, don’t turn off the sunlight with a full beam. Just hit it with a bat. Get in touch. Play with pepper.

This is a hand-eye coordination test. You are not so much interested in mechanics here. At first it may seem difficult to even communicate. But the longer you spend this money, the better off you will be. Focus on watching the bat hit the ball. Right click on the imaginary hole again.

You can add to this amount. I visited a good local sports store and found some small running and training balls. They look and feel exactly like a regulation-sized baseball but are smaller. Using this smaller ball will improve your hand eye coordination even more.

You can also replace your bat with a piece of wooden dowel from your local hardware store. Or use an old crochet hook. Make sure it is at least as long as your bat. If you have any, see some of them. Now with a smaller bat and a smaller ball you can really work on your hand, eye coordination.

After you get good at this move, change the height of the wing. Hang it higher or lower and keep practicing.

Super Pepper

When I was a kid, my brother and I used to play this game all the time. I think you all know what pepper is. One man with a bat and some fields. The fielders throw the ball into the wind and it returns the ball to the fields. Since it was just me and my brother, we did it a little differently. Stand about twenty meters apart. All you have to do to hit is to get the ball on the pitch. For the batter, the goal is to get a straight line drive back to the pitcher. Again, you don’t get the full movement. Just hit the ball on the grass.

What we put into this drill was to get the batter to hit the ball as fast as possible so that the pitcher could catch it on a line. If the ball is on the ground, over the pitcher’s head, or far enough away that he can’t catch it, the bat and the ball change positions.

At first this will be difficult. But you will do better. My brother and I practiced this exercise for hours and we had a blast doing it. It reached such a level that we seldom forgot.

This measure forces you to watch the ball and focus on making square contact. What happened to me was that in one game I would hit line drives to center and right center field. He is a great teacher.

Heavy bat

When I played American Legion Baseball we used wooden bats. During a game, I broke my favorite, Roberto Clemente, Louisville Slugger. My father opened the door with tape. Then he opened large holes in the barrel and filled it with lead. The leader made the bat very heavy. I would stand against the wall in our basement and put the shop light behind me so I could see my shadow on the wall. Then I would swing that heavy bat over and over again.

You can replace the lead with one of those heavy doughnuts. Practice your mechanics while swinging this heavy bat. Make sure you stay back. Find a ball in your mind and pretend you are hitting different pitches. Make a play of it and see yourself hitting the ball over the opposite field fence or knocking a ball out of the park.

One thing to focus on when making this payment is balance. A heavy rock will tend to throw you off balance. Don’t leave. Turn around normally but don’t move really hard. Make sure you maintain a good balance in your pursuit. What you will notice after doing this drill for a while is that your bat speed will increase significantly. And that’s what makes power. Move faster, not harder

Reverse Swing Drill

I read somewhere a long time ago that practicing your backstroke helps build Muscle Memory. The article I read said that Japanese players make this money all the time. So, bent on becoming the best hitter I could be, I reversed my swing so many times, that here it is almost 35 years later and I can still do it.

A good way to prepare for this lesson is to videotape your swing. Then watch yourself rocking back and forth, over and over until it’s in your head.

If you don’t have someone to video you, that’s fine. You can still make this money. I always did this drill in slow motion. Get into your stance. Go through your cycle slowly. At the end of your run, simply reverse the sequence until you return to your starting position. It’s like pressing the back button on your wrist.

This is a really fun workout to do and as I said, it helps build Muscle Memory.

Tennis Racket Drill

Here’s one that I’ll bet you can’t do. But once you master it, you will most likely be the player on your team who can do it.

I’m sure you’ve seen tennis players swinging the tennis ball up and down from their racket. Do this with bats and baseballs. This is a great eye coordination guide. I guarantee you won’t be able to do this at first. This drill will show you how good or bad your hand-eye coordination is.

After doing this for a few minutes every day, you will be surprised at your progress. This is easy to do with a tennis racket. It can’t be done with a round ball.

These are some of the exercises I used to do and still do. When I was a kid and decided baseball was what I was going to do for a living, I had these conversations almost until my arms fell off. These measures worked and worked dramatically. But it took me a long time to perfect my swing.

There will be times when you would rather watch TV or play video games. Go ahead, but then don’t expect to be the best hitter around. Your physical strength has something to do with it. But this exercise will make everyone better.

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