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Live Into Your Purpose and Vision: Three Essentials to Empower Your Life of Excellence

I am often asked what steps you need to take to truly become the person you want to be. Living our vision and purpose is not easy in this day and age where there is so much emphasis on just making the next dollar. Society often downplays happiness, excitement and purpose and focuses on safety, security and money. In reality, we can have it all – happiness, excitement, impact on the world and still make a good life and feel safe. We truly find happiness in a life where our careers don’t feel like work, where the tasks we complete feel like ordinary daily pleasures. Some find true happiness in raising a family and giving their children the best they have to offer; others seek a way of life where their career is a joy to pursue every day. Sometimes, we start a new path to follow our dreams and encounter obstacles in making it happen. So, what can you do to live in your purpose and vision even when you constantly hear ‘no’, don’t earn a steady income while building your vision or what I call the daily doubts in the head do you get kicked out? You and only you can live in your purpose and vision. You control your destiny through your choices and decisions.

Three key elements are needed to empower you to live in your purpose and vision:

1) Create an inner silence that empowers you to live your vision,

2) Every day as a new opportunity and

3) Believe in yourself.

While this formula seems simple, it requires constant practice and dedication.

Create an Inner Silence. How do we laser our energy and passion towards our goal? How do we create an inner silence that empowers us to focus and achieve our vision? Many have daily disciplines that maintain their inner self so that they can succeed in the world. Below is a list of some practices (by no means perfect) that may help you direct your energy toward your goal.

  • Pony
  • Visualization
  • Awa
  • learn
  • Yoga
  • Dua
  • Affirmations
  • Music
  • Writing / Journalism

While this list includes some of the many practices that help create inner silence, I emphasize that it’s not so much the practices you use but the discipline you have in maintaining them. Everyone is unique and different practices resonate with each of us, but it is the consistency of doing them and being with those practices daily and weekly that is far more important. Creating inner silence is a continuous and never-ending process. Do what you need to do to keep that peace and wholeness within yourself to bring it out into the world with your purpose and vision.

See Every Day as a New Opportunity. Do you ever feel like every day is the same? You get up at the same time, cook the same breakfast and go to the same job. You have a routine but you may also feel stuck. How do you avoid that feeling?

The basis of what we do may be the same but the opportunities are different every day. We need to see each day as a new opportunity – a gift to our lives. We must believe and intend that we are always looking for that new opportunity, that new chance to learn and grow. Below are some suggestions (though not perfect) about seeing every day as a new opportunity.

  • Before you start your day, set your intention about what you want to happen.
  • Create positive affirmations about your day ahead so you can live in those affirmations.
  • Practice Gratitude every day for the people you interact with and the situations you encounter. Every person and situation teaches us a life lesson.
  • If you encounter something in your day that you don’t like, reevaluate it. You have a choice in how you perceive feedback and every event in your day.
  • At the end of your day ask yourself, what did I learn today? Even negative relationships and situations can create positive lessons.

Seeing each day as a new opportunity allows us to move away from negative thoughts and practices and create a new, positive energy to start our day. Whether you’re in your dream career or a job you don’t like, you have the power to shift your energy and create your vision. Knowing that today is a new day transforms you to create and live in your purpose and vision.

Believe in You! The third part of living in our purpose and vision may be the most important of all, but it cannot be manifested without the help and support of the first two. When you hear the voices in your head or around you screaming that this is a stupid idea or why did you do that or do you really think you can make money doing this, STOP THEM! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

As I mentioned before, believing in yourself may be the most important thing in living your purpose and vision. If you go against the grain of how society believes you should act or be, then you will hear a lot of negative words that create fear. That fear makes you question your own direction and creates doubts in what you are doing. So how do you believe in yourself in the face of doubters?

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Maybe these people have similar visions or more importantly are really committed to their goals and vision.
  • Limit negative talk around. If you have people in your life who ask your way or tell you no, limit the time you spend with them or choose not to discuss your vision.
  • Stay positive. Pay attention to your speech throughout the day. This includes not only loud comments, but silent thoughts as well. You might be surprised how much self-talk actually happens and how much of it is negative. Once you recognize negative self-talk, you can stop and change it to positive, affirming thoughts.
  • Stay true to your journey! If we follow our path and vision, we must stay true to our journey. We will have ups and downs with periods of clarity and periods of uncertainty. When we are clear, we feel that nothing can stop us but when uncertainty arises, we start doubting our journey. Remember how we control answer to everything! When in doubt, this is an important time to be honest with yourself. Believe in yourself and you! Connecting with that inner stillness discussed earlier is absolutely essential at this point.
  • The mirror exercise. While reading about the Mirror Exercise in Jack Canfield’s book, Principles of Success, I promise to continue it once a day, in the morning or in the evening. You walk in front of the mirror, salute yourself, praise your achievements and the disciplines you have taken, and also praise yourself for the tests you have passed. Most of all, tell yourself how much you love yourself. Although this may sound silly, it is actually very powerful and creates a daily love relationship with you.

While these three basics seem so simple, they take constant work and discipline to make them habits in your life. Because of the world we live in, obstacles and setbacks will occur, so we must be intentional about creating the life we ​​want. Only you can decide if your goals and vision are worth the effort, dedication and discipline it takes to achieve them. Living in your purpose and vision is a choice you can make daily. Create disciplines, build habits and empower yourself to live in your purpose and vision.

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