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When Science Kills Hope

I never dreamed of flying in space. I never wanted to travel faster than the speed of light. I am not impressed by the sight of UFOs or the prospect of meeting aliens. I am not interested in changing the genomes of any of my offspring. I don’t care if I die or die. I’m writing this on a decent computer, but I’m not sure if I enjoy my computer more than the effect of a freshly sharpened pen on crisp white paper, or the feeling of making my way. flipping through the soft pages of a mammoth encyclopedia, or enjoying recording your favorite songs from the radio onto cassette tape or watching a classic film on a VHS bought at a car boot sale. The truth is, progress is ambiguous, it is not always 100% good and as it creates the new it will destroy the old. We may one day enjoy the thrill of a new self-driving car, but we’ll certainly look back fondly on the thrill of driving ourselves. Although we are excited about technological change, we miss many things that technological change eliminates.

Development is a two-way street. What science promises with one hand, it takes away with the other. A cure for one thing may create a condition for another. All medicines have side effects. All medical treatment is a balancing act between evils, as the current pandemic has clearly demonstrated. Which is fine as long as the patient’s best interest remains paramount. However, when medical treatment is offered over money, it raises ethical dilemmas. And since science and private money now seem to always go hand in hand, it’s a good time to ask: will patient interests take second place to corporate priorities? The recent boom in New Tech wealth is not good for the masses. While Bezos says his customers always come first, it’s only until he wins them over and the competition is eliminated that profit returns to the pole position. Profitability and GDP growth are modern foundations to hope: the hope of wealth, the hope of new things, the hope that one day science will save us.

There is some evidence that technological change is being used for the public good, but it is more likely that it is being used as a springboard for ultra rich. Just when we had the possibility of free mobile communication and free access to the internet, unscrupulous billionaires intervened and turned these things into a model for making outrageous profits. When a riot occurs, this may be the first thing we ask “Who can we save?” but this is fast tracked “How much can we pay??” The year of Covid has proven that we are less interested in saving big business than saving lives. As we unravel the mysteries of the known universe, businesses hear cash registers ringing. That would be good and bad if interest is used to reduce debt. national, or to improve public services, or to save endangered species, but there is little or no evidence of this.

How does this affect our spirit, our human nature, the experience of life in general? I believe that the effect is negative. We are back to that point in civilization when people thought that by building a tower high enough in the clouds, they would get a glimpse of heaven. The Tower of Babel was the result of vain ambition, not the desire to enrich the masses, and its ultimate failure set back science for centuries. This raises the specter of an inverse relationship between money and morality.

Our modern Babel is a space rocket for billionaires who are keenly looking for new thrills and, let me not be surprised, pushing new boundaries is a laudable goal. We all wonder about weightlessness and the flatness of the earth and Branson will satisfy that curiosity, at least for some. While some of us are sitting on the back of the sofa looking for £175,000 to pay for a ticket, millions of others are not worried about insignificance and the dirt on the ground, but about food and clothing and getting their children a good education. wondering which is still beyond the ability of even the most skilled politicians. While climate change is wreaking havoc on Earth’s civilizations, Musk’s plans to build settlements on Mars have been met with excitement; After all, what good is a house on Mars when affordable housing on Earth is still scarce? Is science becoming an elitist pursuit, designing products for the few while crushing hope for the many? To take this to the extreme, consider a group of scientists, funded by billionaires, discovering a formula for eternal life: who will benefit? Will the formula be sent to everyone in the world? Or, more likely, how many of us would be on the way if one day we had to rely on space rockets to escape our toxic planet (poisoned by bad business choices)? There are a thousand other scenarios – self-driving cars, domestic robots, genetic modification – who will be able to acquire these technologies?

A true paradise must be all or none, for otherwise it is a solitary paradise. God’s only salvation is for everyone. The only escape rocket we need is guided by Jesus. The Bible tells us this “Hope in the Lord will renew our strength” (Isaiah 4:31) and “God of hope will fill us with joy and peace” (Romans 15:13). There is nothing to say that we cannot use knowledge and money to help us along the way, because knowledge comes from God (Psalm 111:2), as does wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18), but knowledge it comes from the hands of God. and hijacked by vested financial interests is not only wrong, but dangerous.

Here is the problem in an existential nutshell: as much as science everything is important but nothing is.

Everything is important to science because everything that can be seen is important to science, but there is nothing because there is nothing beyond matter. Matters and money are intertwined and have formed a new article of faith between them: that nothing outside of money matters. Thus, our hopes for peace and happiness are based on the acquisition of things in which we find short-term satisfaction, while the real question of the general well-being of our species (and its ultimate eternal salvation) is set as unrealistic, unattainable. . legendary too.

In God’s faith, the opposite is true. Nothing matters but everything makes sense.

Nothing solid matters to the religious mind, whether it is the earth’s collapse or the arrival of ETs, because matter is nothing to the religious mind; it’s dust But everything makes sense to the religious mind because we know that beyond our mortal life there is eternal peace before God, which gives hope to all. Therefore, faith in God restores hope and is, in fact, the only real basis for hope. Those who believe in nothing else will eventually be disappointed.

So how does faith in God hope? If I am a parent who cannot provide shoes for my children but know that God is with me, not having shoes does not matter anymore. I explain to my children that running barefoot through the streets can make them more connected to the world, to fully enjoy creation and to find greater meaning in their lives. The sun, the stars, the moon, remain elusive, but that’s okay because the elusive flourishes in art, in romance, and in dreams, all of which make life beautiful. Meanwhile, the combination of science and money leads to an insatiable desire to build capital and accumulate luxuries for endless bank balances. But the vain dreams of owning a superyacht, a racing car, or even a space rocket, will only satisfy the physical senses for a short story before being discarded with all the other expendable toys of the future. Meanwhile, kids who walk barefoot feel cheated if their trainers aren’t designed.

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