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Is Water Filtration As Important As Air Purifiers? Number 2 on the "Top 10 Health List"

If you’re thinking about improving your health or the health of your family or even the health of your pets, Water Filters should be on your ‘Top 10 Health Choices’ list.

The Importance of Water

Of course, water is the most important substance that humans consume in their lives (besides air). For this reason, water should be considered as food and two liters should be consumed every day. As an alien said on a Star Trek episode, “…You’re ugly sacks of mostly water…”. Your body is 60-70% water and uses it in thousands of ways every day to keep you healthy and well. Water is often taken for granted, but problems with modern environmental pollution, associated with population growth, have made water quality a major concern in recent decades.

What is good water?

  • Without all chemicals and pollution
  • Correct pH – 7.3 to 7.8
  • High in healthy minerals
  • Fewer unwanted solid minerals that can give you kidney stones
  • Structured molecular shape
  • clean “well water”.

Why Drink Filtered Water?

It is estimated that more than 90% of well water bodies are contaminated with industrial chemicals. There are currently over 100 different pharmaceutical drugs in measurable quantities in our municipal water and the government has admitted that our current water treatment facilities are not designed to remove these drugs. There are other concerns about heavy metals, agricultural runoff, excess fluoride and excess chlorine. All of these ‘real’ concerns have led to more and more people going to the grocery store to buy filtered water. You might think that buying ‘pure water’ would be easy, but filtering water is really a ‘catch 22’. Most filters either remove too much or not enough.

Six Options

  1. Carbon Filter: This would include Britta filters, filter attachments such as PUR, some under sink filters and filters in your fridge dispenser. For the most part, they will keep all the mineral content intact and will remove 99.9% of chlorine. However, these filters will not remove all chemicals or pesticides.
  2. Reverse Osmosis (RO): This is now the “gold standard” for home filtration because it removes the most contaminants. It is the only system that will remove most fluorides, heavy metals, pesticides, industrial toxins and agricultural runoff. When you use a quality RO device, you are left with ‘pure water’. However, you have removed almost all minerals, both good and bad. In some cases, this causes a significant drop in pH, which means that the water becomes more acidic. If you started with tap water of 6.8 pH, it can become 5.8 pH when purified with RO. The body cannot absorb the acidic water completely, and it causes mineral deficiency. New research is emerging that shows that drinking pure RO water can cause the body to lose important minerals over time. This can be especially problematic for growing children, pets, women and the elderly.
  3. Water distribution: These devices use high-energy metal plates to split water into acidic and alkaline forms. Then the alkaline water is used for drinking. Acidic water is used for other things such as cleaning or washing dishes. Most will also use some type of carbon filter.
  4. Distillation: If you haven’t seen the 1980’s memorabilia before, it’s easy Do not drink distilled water because it is completely DEAD. 100% of minerals are missing. Unlike RO filtration, the distillation process does not release petrochemicals.
  5. Spring: It’s a mixed bag. Some companies are very good and some are very bad. Reports show that some companies fill their bottles with city tap water and call it “Spring Water”. This certainly gives you an idea of ​​the “Buyer Beware” factor in buying bottled water. You should only trust reputable companies that have been third party tested and source verified. In fact, there are several sources that produce pure and healthy natural water. Many known spring waters must be filtered and/or ozonated prior to bottling due to soil aquifer contamination.
  6. Artesian: The only type that meets all the requirements listed for “Good Water” is Artesian Water. True artesian water is completely pure, naturally pH balanced and made by mother earth. It comes to the surface without impurities and is ready to drink without any necessary filtering. Artesian wells are very rare. Three artesian companies come to mind. Fiji’s bottled water comes from an artesian spring in the Fiji Islands. There is also an artesian spring in Wisconsin that is bottled by the Great Glacier; However, unlike Fiji’s bottled water, at the moment Big Ice still uses 5 gallons of #7 (polycarbonate plastic) for its delivered water. Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that mimics the action of the human hormone estrogen, can leach from polycarbonate plastic. There are many studies that link BPA to cancer, altered immune function, impaired learning, hyperactivity, increased prostate size, etc. show (more in another article). The third company I am aware of is Artesian Fresh which has a distributor called Elite H2O located in Savage, MN. They will deliver 5 gallon containers that are BPA free and labeled with the #1 Safer Value (PETE).

Two Important Factors – Commonly Unknown

ONE. What is Water Structure?

This describes the shape of the molecules or groups that make up water molecules when they sit side by side. The more “structured” your water is, the smaller the clusters. Unfiltered water, especially hard water or water that has gone through RO, may contain groups of 50 to 1000 molecules. Highly structured water usually takes a hexagonal shape, meaning that the water molecules come in small groups of 6 to 12 molecules. The smaller the group, the better because only highly concentrated water can enter your cells.

B. Water Beer

The important aspects of clean drinking water are not complete without talking about “Water Beer”. In short, water molecules receive an electromagnetic pulse from everything they come into contact with. This works by the same mechanism as the homeopathic formula. If an ingredient on a homeopathic remedy reads: Calcium 50X, it means that there is not one atom of calcium in the formula, but the ‘memory’ of calcium is at the level of 50X. It is the memory vibration of calcium that helps the body. Unfortunately, even after the nasty chemicals have been removed from your drinking water, a remember some of them still exist and now, no one knows the effect of these memories. New research on artesian water in Europe has shown that as it travels through underground rivers, the earth’s geomagnetic frequencies erase any memory in the water and leave it completely clear.

In brief:

Since we are all ‘…bags of dirt that are mostly water..’ and since it is the most important substance you will consume on a daily basis as long as you, your family and your pets are alive, it would be good if you think – what kind of water are you going to drink, huh?

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